Bear Damascus trapper part 4

Test fitting handle material;


Played with the idea of colored spacers;(actually intended to do the yellow ones and see you they looked cut to shape but then forgot later durring fitting!)



After about a decade waiting todo this project, just holding this material for this knife, I finally cut it for the first time..




Fitting as best I could to the bolsters.


This took lots of sanding, and adjusting the sanding angle in two dimensions… And filling and squaring the bolsters as much as I could.


Layout fluid on the scales, super glue to tack in place, drill holes, and scribe outline for cutting to shape;




Getting there;




Drilling these scale holes was interesting, since the top facing side is not flat or square to the liners or bolsters… And all the holes need to be swuare and true to the frame and each other. Enter creatinve pinning and clamping…  Drill from the back side with liner as hole guide, as true as you can get it for the first side, then pin and layer, and do the same for the second, using the first as a guide;





After drilling each side from the back, then re drill from the facing side, with liner square to the table, to make sure the holes are square to the liners.. If your lucky(or just good 😉 ) you only have a 1 or 2 degree difference and all you get is a little added clearance in pin fitting, no actual material removal… I was Lucky. 😉




To be continued, once again…

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