Public Service Anouncement; The vise was invented for a reason.

Carbide carving burrs are SHARP. Especially brand new ones.

And they react, cut, skitter, skip and and move in ways not akin to the Old wornout burr your used to using.


And that instant, that split second where it skips, and you think you should at least be wearing gloves, is also the very last instant before the split second where you try to make hamburger out of the thumb and forefinger of the hand holding what your working on… Thus, the remembrance that vises were invented for a reason. To save our fingers from holding things arounddangerous instruments(among oter grand holdings).


Wicked looking little bugger isn’t it?

Just think what that’d feel like hitting your thumb while spinning at 10,000 RPMs…





You know how a clean slicing cut from a super sharp blade can amazingly not be felt, evenif deep? because its is such a fineclean cut?  Compare that to a grinding mulching cutters entry… Not to mention the pads of your fingers, and especially the thumb have 100s of times more nerves for dexterity and grip, compared to almost anywhere else on the body…   YES, it hurt!! πŸ˜‰    


So, if you have one, a vise that is, and your going to be using sharp or fast instruments or especially tools with both traits; USE IT!!  πŸ˜‰

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