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New knife! ( Schmachtenberg Bros. Germany)

New knife!


Well, new to me… this knife hasn’t been new for a few years.

Just look at the character in that bone!


Medium sleeve board pattern, two blades, oppsing on a single spring, kind of a half whittler or large pen knife. The small pen blade is mostly intact, used and sharpened(and is sharp! Both bladed are.).


The main blade is snapped off. And either it was snapped early in its life snd not used much after, or this knife never was used much… Whats left of the main blade is almost full height or close to it.
Knives of this age tend to be sharpened to 1/4 of their original blade profiles even if broke off.
Its rusty and grimy inside, I cleaned lint and some dried plant fibers out of it.. Been laying somewhere a while.
But the action is good, its not rusted up, just dry. Walks and talks.
Interestingly, the first 2 blade knife I’ve ever seen with a half stop on one blade but not the other. Pen has it, main doesn’t.


It actually. might not habe been new for 133 years. Or maybe just 81 years. Schmachtenberg Bros. Germany , 1887-1939.


I need to re-look at it, clean the tangs. If it doesn’t actually say Germany on it, it could be into the earlier half of its age… From what little info I could gleam online.

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USB upgrade thingy.

New little doodad.


Old phone was micro USB.
Got a nifty 64GB thumb drive a few months ago, regular big USB for computer(or in my case, my tablet has a big USB port) on one end, micro on the other.


Before that I had moved my archive of photos off of my phone, and tablet, to micro SD cards. Which are a pain to change, and go through if looking for something. Not to mention easy to lose. Unloaded 4 of those onto half the little drive.

Anyway. The new phone is USB C.

The new doodad is female microUSB to male USB C.


Works great, new phone likes the drive with no transfer issues.

Got two of them, gonna add one to my go-kit, either jacket or bag, in case I need to use an older cord with the phone.

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Strange Case tang stamp. (mini copperlock)

Never realized this knife was like this, or if I did I didn’t realize how odd it is. My Mom’s mini copperlock that I got her about ~13 years ago. I borrowed it from her and carried it most of last week.


Any of my other single bade Case knives have the brand/year stamp on one side of the blade, model # on the other (Multi blade knives put it on different blades.)

This is the only one I’ve ever seen with it all nested together on one side.


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A Sunday EDC, after 5 years.

Was looking through some old pics of mine, and realized that May of 2015 and 2020 are identical for dates/day of week.

The 17th was a Sunday in both years.
So, Sunday carry Exactly 5 years apart;



This would be one of my last pocket dumps with the flip phone, since within the month, and as I recall not long after my birthday, I went and got the Galaxy S5.

Also one of my last photos taken with a “real” camera, not a phone.

Looks like no watch since I think I had converted that pocket watch to a pill case by then, but maybe not. Nook as E-Bible.

No ring since that fall is when I made my moonglow and acrylic rings.

Didn’t start carrying hanks till the next year I think, or at least winter of 15/16.

IIRC I hadn’t started consistent Sunday CCW then.

Before I started color coordinating.



This one is a bit odd, since this last year I had started a distinctively lighter/minimal carry for Sundays… Which this isn’t. Its kinda 1/2 and half.

This sunday was the first church since Convid19/pandemic/shutdown. (Alaska is now on “reopen” orders, with gatherings, events etc allowed again.) I couldnt find my go to church bible, so used my phone. Phone is now an S8 as of this month so these pics skip the S5 entirely, even though it lasted almost the entire 5 years.

No notebook or pen since I stopped them a couple months ago. Haven’t worn my dog tags for a while either since weekdays I have the neck knife.

Metal ring I made before or ironically in 2015(from an AK quarter), since I have recently broke the acrylics.

New watch, and a general blue theme which matched my wardrobe for the day, blue denim, T and Hawaii-ish/islands shirt.

Haven’t used the buffalo money clip for about a year, although I still have it. Got these light weight card case wallets especially for light church carry, and they became every day use.

Same style of knife, traditional. One a stockman, one a muskrat which is a stockman frame.

Same exact flashlight, and the multitool too!

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A fleece for spring.

*Note; This was supposed to post in mid March…

At Christmas a buddys kids got me a $25 gift card to Sportsmans Warehouse. Took till mid Feb for me to have time to go browse.

Would you tou believe I walked around for an hour and a half before I found anything I wanted enough to get for $25 off?
Must be slipping if the ole adventurer can’t find anything to get in an outdoors store! Lol
My buddy later joked that its because i already own everything… ha.
I finally settled on a new fleece jacket. Can NEVER have too many jackets. And arctic fleece is a gift from God. I have several vests, my winter work pants are lined in it, etc.
I even have one jacket in it that I got on a closeout at Cabelas a couple years ago. But its white/cream colored. Its warm, and fits great, but the color meant it got relegated to basically Sundays only wear. And I do wear it a LOT. It’s a dire emergency if I do any, let alone dirty and messy, work on a Sunday… Otherwise I knew it’d be stained up Fast.
The ones they had at Sportsmans are made by Columbia, and as I recall they came in a heathery khaki, and a deep grey. I went with the grey. Figured it could be lightly worked in, and wouldnt show the average, odd oil spot or dirt smudge once in a while, for a long time.
But all that aside, I ended up with it for two amazing reasons. It was on clearance, being marked down once from $65 to $35. Then again to $29. So with the gift card, I paid $4 for it!
The second, is that they actually had it in 3xl, and it fit me. Just a bit snug across the shoulders, and belly, but I figured I’m losing belly girth in spring anyway and the shoulders would stretch. (Both have happened! )
Now, I’ve never had anything from Columbia for two reasons. One, all I’d ever seen was really expensive. And two, it never came bigger than xl, maybe 2xl anyway.
Come to find out they do 3xl and 4xl, and also a line of Tall up to 3xl. Huh! Wish this one was the tall 3xl, its a touch short, but not bad, and that inproves as I lose more girth anyway.
Its been basically all I’ve worn since getting it, barring really cold days, or windy days I’ve grabbed something heavier. And Really messy work days, where I’ve avoided anything still “clean”.
The size offset from the Columbia 3xl to the 4xl of the Cabelas is actually fantastic, they nest and layer PERFECTLY. I actually did some pretty cold days (-20F) with that combo over a long sleeve shirt, or dress shirt and a T, and was almost too warm. Like I said, ya gotta love arctic fleece!

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Magnetic USB Charge Cords.

I first saw these last winter sometime, I think around November.

Took me till January to decide “why not?” and try it.

A little background;

I use my phone as my only internet device at home, and e-book reader too. Holding it is fine, but invariably after a while, you end up resting the end of the phone on a surface. The end with the charge port. That about half the day (or longer on a 5 year old device on its 4th battery) has a cord plugged into it… You bend the cord over. A lot. Too much.

Aftera while it breaks the thin wires in the cord.

I was going through about 1 good flexy braided cord every 2 months.

So, I figured a 90deg ended cord was a good idea. But most had the 90deg end aiming the cord left… which meant for the 3 places where I sit(or lay) the most, the cord would still make a bend or loop, 180 deg, to get to where it needs to goe. Not only does that eat up cord length, but its another place that can wear out.

Then I saw these. 90deg. End. 360deg rotation. Fast “plug in” (get the phone within 6″ of the cord end and it jumps to the phone! Great for one handed while driving!!), braided cord cover. LED that shows it has power.

I got a 3 pack. 3 cords, 3 micro usb ends.

And there is the other great feature; You can get Micro usb, Lightning, Usb C tips that go into the phone– and they snap in, staying put.

And use just 1 cord for any and all devices!

Recently with my new phone, I needed a USB C end. Ordered 1 more cord and that tip, which are whats shown here. My other 3 cords are bright red.

Now, I did end up damaging the end on the one cord I use the most, to charge you now have to press the cord into its magnetic tip slightly. Loosened a wire. But it took 3 months to do it!

The set of 3cords (3ft. Each) w/ tips was $16. The single set was $8.

$5 to $8 every 3 months IF I ruin them is plenty cheap enough. Much better than monthly as before!

My only real gripe, and its a minor one, is the LED indicator end. In a dark room, you can read by it! Hell, it does a passable job as a night light in a dark (15’x15′) room! Its just a little annoying as a bed side charge/reading cord.

I’m keeping one cord in the truck, one in the den, and one at the bedside. And currently I use them for 4 devices! An old phone thats media and gps in the truck, another old phone that’s media and internet at home, a tablet, and my EDC phone.

I’m intending to get more of the inserts/tips to do 3 or 4 other items, like Bluetooth speakers, and headphones, etc.

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Adventure Hanx, 1.0.

Something new this week, a new hank;

But I didn’t exactly buy it.

This is version 1.0 of the Ak-Adventure hank. 😀

I’ve had the quarters of material for a couple years(like, 3 or 4), about 6 prints on 100% cotton, that I got to do my own hanks. Just never get around to it.

Took them with me last weekend for a house/dog sitting gig I did for some friends for 4 days. Figured if the dogs would quiet down (Ha!) one evening, I’d sit down and hand sew some hanks.

Didn’t work.

So, having some time to kill last evening, I sat down and did one. A little fiddly at first, but I’ve been doing more and more sewing of light leathers, and compared to that fabric is dead easy. Took about 45 min. start to finish. Not fast, but not bad. Its actually fun and really, really relaxing.

Sewed face to face, left about 1″ unsewn, and turned it… should have taken a pic of that process! Feeding a double layer of 11″ square through a 1″ open seam is…. entertaining… 😉

Where I closed that 1″ seam isn’t perfect, but it worked ok. It’ll get better. 🙂

Turned corners came out great;

Its the same size, more or less as the PhoenixHanx I have, @ 10.5″ Sq. I ended up at 10″ Sq. Hers are the size I’m used to, folded half, then thirds is the way I carry, so I wanted to mirror them for that same carry.

This would be easier and faster if I could ever get my Moms’ sewing machine moved and set up where I can use it, but then again even those things have a learning curve. And as I said, this is relaxing. So I think I’ll stick with doing them by hand for a bit. 🙂

Thinking about what I want for a true AK Adventure hank. Like maybe a micro fibre towel(think msr or seat to summit camping towels) on one side, and arctic fleece or heavy flannel on the other…

Super absorbent, soft and warm, cushy.

or fleece and denim. Soft for face etc, rougher side for greasy hands (old jeans make great shop rags, takes some texture to get grease off sometimes. )

Also like the idea of an XL version, like bandanna instead of hank sized, terry cloth towel on one side and the micro fibre camping towel on the other, a perfect Hitchhiker’s guide hank;Do you know where your towel is? 😉

(If you don’t get that reference, Google The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the books, not the movie, and towels. 😀 Fantastic books, well worth the read, in my opinion, if you like classic, contemporary sci-fi. )

The Hitchhiker’s towel, snd tgevapplied concept, is a lot of how I apply carrying a hank. After all, it is basically a mini towel.

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Little key addition, little tool fix.

Just some misc. EDC stuff from this last week.
Been collecting keys to other peoples houses lately, for things like house sitting, checking on places/people etc. But it’s a pain keeping track of separate small key sets.
So I added a permanent unused/empty S-biner to my keys. Doesn’t add really any bulk when empty, but any day I need another houses keys I can clip them in, and know they’re safe.


Strategically placed between other items to keep it from catching anything in my pocket or in the truck. And placing any kets I add where they don’t tangle with the keys I use the most.
Annnd, found out if you grip extremely hard with this little SwissTech tool, you can bend the handles at the rotary joint. Don’t even remember now what I was working on, but I did apply a LOT of pressure. All I could as I recall.


They bent in far enough that they wouldn’t clear the jaws to fold up again.

So, bent back out… which took some considerable force.

Problem there though, is that the back and forth flex loosened the joints, and they were a friction joint that kept them roated up. And staying up is what keeps the tool closed, and compact too.

Plus the way I carry it is a ring trapped in the locked closed jaws… no good if the handles flop down and let the jaws open.

Tried pressing thd joints in a vice, but the two handle pieces were still tight to each other. Ended up simple putting a cone ended expanding punch on the hollow rivet end and whacking it… Actually over did it the first time, had to loosen again, and reset again.


Angle of the handles is still a little tighter to the jaws than it started, but it’ll just stay closed better. Better a bit too tight than flopping around!

Next time I need that much torque, I’ll go get bigger pliers! Not like I’d be far from any since this is in-the-house edc anyway.

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