Bear Damascus trapper part 5

Getting there;








Got the holes counter bored… I swear this is the last time I do this with regular drills. Screw it, I know they’re bloody expensive(usually about $15 a piece!) but I’m gonna get the step drills for the standard hardware sizes and and bedone with it!






Also not shown here was the lathe processes of trimming the hardware. Those corby bolts are soposed to be 1/8” shaft, and 3/16” head. I had to take a few thousandths off the shaft to get them to fit in 1/8” pivot holes in the blade and spring.   I then later didn’t have a 3/16” bit..(I know, right??!?)  So I trimmed the heads tofit the next size smaller bit I had.  Then of cours the holes I drilled for the heads either wallowed smightly, or were off center slightly and had tobe wallowed on purpose to line up etc, thus the gaps around the bolts. Ah well. Like I said, step drills will be gotten!



Lots of thinning and shapping later;



Almost there!







At this point, I’m waiting for the COPPER hardware i ordered to arrive so I can use that in the bolsters, the pivot should disapear completely then.   Then its just assemble, set tension, cut down the bolts, and finish/final sand and polish.


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One thought on “Bear Damascus trapper part 5

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Great work! It is really shaping up! 🙂

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