Surge Scissors on Wave.

I had previously thought it impossible to make this work. 

Its technically possible to do the Surge scissors, but it would take cutting then in half lengthwise, cutting out the required amount, and welding them back together(carefully so as to not ruin the edge area heat treat/temper)… Possible, and I have all the tools, but WAY too much work(even for me) when the Wingman and Vic scissors are so easy to get.


Hmm. Well…

Now that I look a little closer, I think Surge scissors would fit if you ground about 0.20″ off the tips, but that takes it from a short “0.90 set of cutting edges, to a even worse 0.70” long set… if you can live with that, it is as simple as carefully grinding them shorter till they will close in the Wave frame, and maybe trimming the plastic pad on the scissors handle to fit in the tool groove, and trimming the area between the pivot and the tool rest on the scissors tang area… You MIGHT have to wedge/spring the tool groove in the Wave frame open a tag more, to gain a little more thickness clearance.

I never did it this way because I wanted to have as long of a cutting area as possible, but now that I think about it, it should work fine.

I have a spare set of Surge scissors. Give me a few hours and I’ll try it, see if it will work.


OK, its Possible

But it was 2 hours of EXTREMELY careful grind, test, grind, test, file, test, file…. ETC.  :nah_disagree: :frantic:

You have to remove material from all 3 sides of the tang around the pivot hole on the scissors, and on 2 sides of the sepperate spring piece.

How much you remove from the scissors tang area where it stops against in the open position determines how much you have to file the liner lock lock face on the tang also…

How much you file from that side of the spring piece determines the spring strength in use. 

Its 3 places that have to be filed and fit at the same time…

OK, it can be done  in steps; Fit the scissors stop area first; and partially fit the spring stop area at the same time. Then fit the lock face. Then set the tension of the spring by re-fitting its stop surface… 

But its still back and forth fitting it with all parts in place, to make sure you don’t over file one area and mess up a ratio from one surface to another since they tension each other…  I started by fitting all three areas at once, but it got too tegious, so I ended up doing it in the sequence above.

One nice thing is you don’t have to fit the spring to the liner lock, it floats on the blade, giving a certain amount of buffer zone before you mess up… If they were solid together though, it would be a LOT easier.   That was the draw of doing Vic SAK scissors, the spring is integral, and its one less piece to fit. Both the Surge and Wingman scissors have the seperate floating spring piece.

I think the most I took off of one area on either part was 1/16″

3/64″ Maximum.   Its very little metal removed Very slowly between test fits.

It would close with the plastic handle pad in place, but it was pretty snug so I removed it.  That pad is the over travel stop for when the scissors close when folded, so the tips now pass each other in the stored possition.

Overall, its very time consuming, and a real P I T A to fit. But it will work!

When I did the Wingman scissors it was much the same, but not as bad in some ways, because they were from a similar sized tool, the dimensions were closer to begin with… Then again, with this there was more metal to work with, more needed to come off… 

This was I thing The hardest mod I’ve done, or, anyway, the most touchy/tegious to fit up, but I really enjoyed the challenge!















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