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Some recents pocket dumps. ( Jan 23-29 2017)

โ€‹ A sloooow Monday(1-23-17) trying desperately to swap from being up nights to a daytime schedule, I was up 30 plus hours that Friday into Saturday, then 22.5 hours Saturday through Sunday… Sunday night I crashed, and other than about 4 hours, spread over 3 different times, I slept 30 hours until 6am Tuesday.  Lol. One of those hours I was up around 1am, I went and got Monday’s mail… thus this pocket dump. โ˜บ

The week 23rd to 28th was Extremely busy, outside working everyday in some amazing weather- the week prior was a few days at -30F, -40F, -45F here, a friend had -66F. -So this week’s amazingness was 20sF ABOVE 0! It got up to 28F one day. I hate to say it but it was too warm for me to work, I kept over heating. (I was out in the -45 every day of it, and apparently got acclimatized.) 

Having said all that to say this… I was apparently too busy to take any pics. Lol. 

Sunday, the 29th, 

My older Eco Drive pilots chronograph that I don’t wear much anymore..

The ever trusty peanut.

My only actual Every day carry, or as close to it as I get, my copper tags. 


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Full EDC, 1-21-17

โ€‹Yesterday’s full edc pocket dump. Just average saturday adventure stuffs from a day out to a men’s prayer breakfast at church, and then running errands in town. Pretty nice day out, it’s warmed up to -20F 

  • Case cutlery Carhartt peanut
  • Jetbeam BC10 
  • Zippo lighter and hand warmer
  • Leatherman Wingman  mod (saw replacing knife)
  • HeartHanks, now PheonixHanx Zelda hank.
  • Field Notes Shanendoah redwood edition with added patch
  •   Blue bullet Space pen 
  • Vintage Marlboro money clip
  • Sparky tags, Aslan, and AMW copper tags. 
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First good snow of the season!ย 

My drive home Friday. Fun.😒 (actually it is in a way…;) ) 

Wed. Through Sat. We had a bit of a blizzard at times, and generally just steady snowfall.

 Some places there is just about 4″of fresh. Some places I’d swear I saw close to a foot of fresh. Most places I’d say got about 7″, most of it from mid day Thursday to mid day Fri. 

I ain’t complaining!! We NEED it! It’s been a horrendously Dry fall and winter so far here. This is at least 2 months late. 

Heck, we have MAYBE a foot Total in most places. 

(Yes, a first for this blog, a video!)

Short section of the drive up our road. So maybe I was a bit off about driving home in the snow..;)😂😇 I really do love it though!! โค👍โ„โ„โ›„

Sounded like this evening someone else plowed this. Hope they did, I was going to have to wait to do it on Monday, but I didn’t really want to fool with it And my driveway/yard in one day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Either way though, yall should see plowing pictures Monday or Tuesday. 😎

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ATV 2″ front receiver, and plow mount.

Wanted to modify my snow plow from my ridding mower to fit the Prairie 360. The plow mount got partly crushed in storage in the yard a few winters ago, so it hadn’t been used, and couldn’t be used anyway… No loss to cut up what was left of the mounting. 

But I wanted an easy, fat quick disconnect from the ATV, that also didn’t reduce my ground clearance like most factory mounts do.

  Good time to build the front receiver hitch that I’d thought would be handy anyway!
5 evenings work, 4 or 5 hours each, and two designs later; 

Bought a couple more U bolts than what I had (and the 2 U bolts were all I had to buy, the rest was already on hand!) And mounted;

The plate is welded at an angle to the receiver  tube, and sits flat on the frame tubes, which the u bolts go around. The tube is also butted against a frame cross bar at its rear, with a tab at the top sitting on the frame cross bar.  The front also bolts through a cross bar of the bumper.

Thus inward push is directly on the frame in two areas, and it’s protected from twisting up and down, and side to side.  It’s terribly over built, 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick plates and tube… Heavier than most truck hitch mounts. 

And, recessed in the stock front skid plate;

The plow mount uses a inner receiver piece, welded to the mount plate for the plow, which then bolts as it did with the tractor, to the plow pivot plate, which the plow angle bracket, and plow itself pins to.   Before, the plate and pivot would stay on the tractor,  and you understand pin it at the vertical joint. 

I have it so that stays pinned, and the  rear half of the mount will just pull from the 2″ receiver.  

One bonus I gain on this setup, is the plow mount plate receiver piece, is bolted to the plow plate… I can make anything I want to mount to that plate, just match the bolt pattern. Gives a send level of interchangeable mounts if I need it. 

I still need to add a vertical “tower” just in front of the vertical pivot, run up higher than the winch, with a pulley for the cable, to be the angle of lift force correct, and minimize winch strain.  

But it works pretty good!  It’s a little light on the plow, I’ll be adding a heavier cutting edge for durability and added weight (4′ of 1/8″x4″ steel plate). 

The power angle system I’m building for it will also add some weight, should dig in nice with that on it. (More details on that later! โ˜บ) 

As a side note, since it does look like a light setup, especially for our winters; I don’t figure to so all my plowing with it. 

I have a 3/4 ton truck and two heavy duty plows for my yard, driveway, and our road if needed.   But I also have areas around the yard, garage, etc that the truck doesn’t fit into, or where I can’t get it at an angle to push away from the buildings etc.   The ATV on the other hand will maneuver these areas.  

I plan to do those hard areas with the ATV, then in between big snowfalls where I’ll use the truck, I can maintain the walkways, and parking areas etc with the ATV. It’ll be easier for the light 3″ or 4″ max. snowfalls.  😎

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Tangle Lakes, Delta River rafting, part 1.

Just a few teaser views from a trip I  took last week. 4 days, 15th to the 18th, our church did a fishing/floating/fellowshiping raft trip through about 30 miles of tbe lower Tangle Lakes and Delta River.

4AM Sunrise against the ridge we were camped opposite of on Friday morning.


Looking into the same sunrise, as the sun started to clear the orher ridge, almost due north.


A daylight view looking north, along our upcoming route, from that camp;


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If you were an Alaskan tree right now

You’d be leaving, because of the rain we’re having. ๐Ÿ˜‰ :p


Trees are starting to leaf out ! Sunday, you could barely see any buds… it rained hard most of Monday, our first rain this year actually, and Bang! By Monday evening we had a green haze in the woods!

Rained off and on again today,  and they doubled in size, I swear!

Absolutely Unreal, to have the trees greening before April is over!

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