Thrunite TH20 HeadlampΒ 

I use a headlamp A LOT. They’re worth their weight in gold for most forms of mechanical and automotive work, and a lot of maintenance and carpentry too.  

Dimly lit places where you need both hands free abound in most of the work, and play that I do.

It’s also dark 1/2 to 3/4 of the day for a good 6 months out of the year here.  I never go anywhere without a flashlight year round. But in the winter I never go without a headlamp as well.  I really do get that much use from one in general,  and I’ve found that 9 out of 10 emergencies/mishaps/adventures happen in the dark. 

 I decided after my moose hunting trip this year that I needed a newer, brighter headlamp.  The one I have works great, and has for about 10 years now. It’s bright enough and has taken anything I’ve thrown at it. 

But compared to what the other guys were using, it’s a candle to a locomotive!   LEDs have progressed a lot in the last decade, and even then this light is the older style bubble LED lamps.  

On the highest mode out of three, it’s a good 50 lumens at the most.  Enough for general work in pitch black, but at dusk it leaves a little to be desired. And sometimes more light is simply better in the deepest dark. 

So, I did some digging, research, and browsing but didn’t really get anywhere.  

Figured I’d post a thread @ the edc community forum soon, and ask for recamendations.   

I never got that far. 

In one guys thread a couple weeks later, he posted his new headlamp.  Two friends started asking questions about it, both also looking for something new. Within a few days they’d ordered theirs.   They both loved them. 

3 glowing reviews, and a feature set I liked, I couldn’t go wrong, I went ahead and ordered it!

Box contents;

With my older Browning light;

The specs on the Thrunite TH20;

Firely mode 0.3 lumen

Infinity low; 1.6 lumens

Infinity high; 230 lumens

Turbo high on an alkaline or Ni-MH AA; 250 lumens

Turbo high on an lithium ion 14500 rechargeable “AA”; 520 lumens (!)

The light is aluminum housed, and runs on a single AA cell, or a rechargeable 14500 cell. 

Now, you might be asking “what’s infinity mode?”  Put simply, the light doesn’t have previously set brightness levels for normal use. It has one mode, and an infinite adjustment within it.  Lowest is 1.6 lum, highest is 230. 

 Press and hold the switch and it slowly ramps up through the range, simply stop at the level of light you want!

Operation is simple. 

From Off, long press to get the firefly 0.3 lum mode. Regular press to turn off.

Also from Off, regular press goes to infinity mode, and the memory puts it at the last used brightness (so you don’t have to remember adjust every time). 

Long press in infinity mode ramps up till you stop. Next long press ramps down, and alternates every press.   Regular press to turn it off.

Fast double click from any mode gets Turbo. Double click from turbo gets you SOS flash. Regular press to turn off.

I really like the infinite adjuster! I can get just the light I want, and it’s easy to go up or down.  Sometimes preset modes are either too bright or too dim, depending on where you are, what reflects the light etc. This I can adjust easily,  up or down as needed. 

I gained some durability with aluminum over plastic (although the plastic has never been any trouble even in rough use, and extreme temperatures).  

It turns out just slightly heavier than the other light, being AA and metal, but the other is 3 AAAs which are the same or more bulk, and it was bigger overall.. It evens out very well between them. 

The Browning has a pad on the back for against the head, while the TH20 is rubber mounted, no pad, but just as comfortable.  

The Browning has 3 click set angle adjustments. The TH20 is an infinite angle, set simply by rotating it in the rubber holder. 

The Browning has a very “cool” light output, an blue tint.  A tint that bothered me at first, but I got used to it, hadn’t really noticed it for years.    The TH20 comes in either a warm, or cool tint emiter, your choice. I chose the warmer, more yellow, natural light tint, since I prefer not to have the blue tint whenever possible. 

One big gain is the change to one battery. AAAs are easy to find in general,  but if your scrounging them in an emergency finding three of them can be a pain. Most devices that take them only run two.   

Finding a single AA on the other hand is relatively easy! They are more common, and like AAAs, most devices run on two of them. 

Lots of subtle differences,  but all gains.

I have the infinity mode set at about the same light level, or a little brighter than high on the Browning, which was my most used mode. I’d guess around 75 or 85 lumens… It’s a distinctive jump to Turbo, but dimmer than 100 lum.   

I’m running it on an Energizer Ni-MH rechargeable AA cell, the same voltage as a alkaline AA. So my turbo is only 250 lumens. I don’t yet have a 14500 cell to use, to get the 500+lumen turbo mode.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased.  An excellent light, especially for its cost. I’d have paid a lot more for the quality, build, and features. This is only a $30 light! 


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EDC mid Sept. to mid Oct. ’17

Misc pocket dump pic I’ve taken.

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Mud anyone?Β 

So, for the record, Yes, I do ride the thing, not just build stuff on it! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Had to go out and test the new mud flap, and make up for my Saturday(had planned a day of riding,  but ended up going to help some friends with a few things instead).

The new rear mud flap works great, just as well as the stock one on the other side, which really is pretty good!

On the other hand, the front tires throw a LOT up past the sides of the fenders. Especially at full bore in deep muck! Front fenders need fender flares, or mud flap extensions… something.  

But, had a lot of fun, even if it was Messy! πŸ˜‰

really amazes me what this thing Will go through!  Most reviews from when these wheelers came out have them as underpowered for their size/weight. 

But I’ve found it to have a LOT of power! Specs compared it has more bottom end power than the old Bayou 300s, and 400s, and those would crawl through almost anything as long as you had ground clearance to do it… This one’s the same, I’ve yet to completely bog the wheels down to where they won’t turn!

This was after the first big mud hole I found that I couldn’t get through.. Couldn’t go through it forward, got high centered, then couldn’t back out. Had to rock it and crank the steering around a lot to get traction for a slow 4′ backwards before it wouldnt go any more.

 Still had great traction foreward, did that routine 3 times, before I drove it up over the ruts sideways, with a 4 point turn across the ruts, and back out the way I came.. So I wasn’t ever really “stuck” . 

Guess I should have zipped that revolver all the way in… 

stopped to see a friend close by for a while, then I tried that hole again on the way home… Straddled the ruts this time and powered right through. 

This is about 1/4 mile firther down that trail. REALLY stuck this time, high centered and deeper ruts so I couldnt rock it enough to grab traction and pull out.

What I’d just been through… 

For the most part burried, just barely over the floor boards, 3/4? Way up the tires. 

After I finally let the wheel spin stop, I almost couldn’t get them to turn again! Stuff was thick and gloppy, had great suction to it. BUT I did say almost! Motor is torquey! (The front locker doesn’t hurt! πŸ˜‰ )

After I winched it out. 

And you thought the front of it was muddy in the pics up top from the first spot! Ha! 

Made the 3 hours I spent earlier in the day re-wiring the winches with new contactors, a new switch, really routing wires etc. All worth it!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ (more on the wiring job later!)
It’s actually funny, I’ve had the front winch on it over a year, year and a half, and I’ve never used it. Get the rear one on less than a month ago, and I already had use of it. πŸ˜†

Of course, if it wasn’t for having just fixed both winches, and knowing I had them to get me out, I’d have never been on that trail trying my luck at those boggy areas. πŸ™‚



I’ll have to go try that spot again sometime soon, when it isn’t late(was 930ish pm) and raining… When I can try it a few times in a row. 

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Slow day of fenders.

Twisted my bad hip after work Thursday,  but sitting around resting it was driving me stir crazy today, so I took on a slow evening project.

The mother of all angle grinders (for scale, it’s laying on a 2″x12″!) helped me cut down and fit trailer fenders tonight. 

Old school, 40+, maybe 50+ year old Black and Decker that was my Dads. Back when they made good tools in the USA, all metal bodied tools too! 
No, I don’t remember, if I ever knew, what the angle iron frame bolted to it was for… First time I’ve had it out in the 5 years I’ve owned it, and Dad hadn’t used it for probably 15 or 20 years before that.. 

Took about 8″ off both ends of these suckers. Well, 4″ off, and made 4″ into new flanges to bolt through… Fender was a solid foot above the tires before. 

Lots better now, I left suspension clearance, and some extra in case anyone ever wants bigger tires on it. 

 No, I know, the fender ain’t centered on the wheel… Need another plank to change one out and center a shorter opening around the wheel. 

Then I’ll adjust the fender placement over a little and mount them to the underside of the decking, lowering ’em a little, but cleaning up the look. 

 Don’t need it perfect now, just on there;  FYI for anyone else wanting to built a homemade flat bed trailer in Alaska, if the wheels/tires come above the deck, fenders are required. 

Had it in to get a title for it early in the week and found that out. Thus fast fender mounts now, so I can get it back in for the title again on Monday.

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ATV rear rack multi mount system.

Have a few items I want to be able to mount off the rear rack. So, I came up with a twin square channel receiver setup. 

Arctic Cat has something like this stock, a small square tube receiver setup on their racks, that takes modular accessories. I don’t know how similar mine is, I’ve never seen the AC system(can’t find any decent pics online), just read about it after I started.

I was going to mount these on top of the rack for one item to attach to,  then realized I could make a modular mount. 

 1.25″ steel tube. 

Then read about the Arctic Cat system and found out its below the rack… Well duh! That way you don’t lose use of the flat rack! Would not add lumps under my bags either. 


Ran out of bolts long enough, a lone chunk of all-thread in my hardware bins saved the day.

Mounted, two u-bolts, and a center mounted bolt on one end.  That bolt is 4″ up from the end, a compromise on Mount strength, and giving room for inserts. 

A piece of the 1″ square steel tube that slip fits inside.

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Couple more days carry..

Church edc from last Sunday. Didn’t go anywhere today it was too cold and snowy, so I’ll finally post last week’s pocket dump. 😆 

See the subtle difference from Monday’s carry for ice fishing? 😎 

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New sight for my Remington Model 25

Got a great deal on a couple NOS(New Old Stock) Williams 5D rear peep rifle sights. This project is the adapting of one of them to a rifle it wasn’t designed for. 
The sight I got is a #141, made for a Remington 14 or 141, which are basically, 99% the same exact receiver shape as the Model 25, just a tad bigger.

The rights top piece has a curve under it to fit the top and back of the receivers, the side mount plate a clearance cut out to clear the swell on the grip frame behind the receiver.. And all of it fits the 25 almost flawlessly.

I just had to pick an exact position, figuring for receiver clearance at lowest setting(wanted it to Not sit on top of it at the lowest setting for protection from excessive recoil vibration(never mind the thing being bolted to the receiver lol) ) I also set it so that just off the lowest setting was in line with where I had the buck horn set… Which was dead on at 15 to 20 yards, probably my minimum/standard range or close to it.. I also made sure to get it level with the receiver top to get the aperture vertical so I don’t look through it at an angle.

Pick spot, Having a spare receiver for fitting things sure is handy!

Scribe guide lines on the gun,

Sharpen my blunted center punch(boy howdy that lathe is handy!)

Punch hole(little off center but who cares when you making up where it goes, as you go to begin with πŸ˜‰ )

Couldn’t find exactly the right drill, so I went a touch bigger, and did a test on some 1095 bar I have.

Perfect! (Hole is only .007″ bigger)

To get the second hole in the right place, I drilled lightly through the sight base hole, at full screw hole dia, then used that divot to center the right drill. I still missed by a few thou, but the play in hole size and screw diameters on the mount made it fine… πŸ˜€

Anyway, it’s on there and looks great, if I do say so myself! 


( man that pic was a total PITA to take! Your eye will automatically center the post in the sight, but the camera won’t! Paaaaiiin to get it all aligned and the focus right, then not move it when you tap the screen to take it. Oi. Lol )
Just need to find time to get to the range and sight it in. Hopefully less than the year that went by the last time I wanted to shoot it!

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Finally got me a Tilley!

​Got me a long time want late last month; a Tilley hat! I’ve wanted one of theirs for probably a decade! Maybe longer. 

I could just never justify the cost… Over $80 for a hat was just a bit much. Ironically, even after I got my Stetson several years ago, and that was $150, I still couldn’t go $80 for a hat! 

Maybe cause it was cloth, and not a more premium material(the Stetson for instance is a felt made from buffalo fur!) I Dunno. 

All I do know is that my trusty ball cap hasn’t been cutting it in the sun this yeare. Especially since I seem more sensitive to the sun since last year,  and am burning this year.(got a pretty good sun burn on the rafting trip last month- a first for me, I’ve never sun burnt before in my life). 

I knew I needed a wide brim hat, but cooler and lighter than the Stetson.(it’s jet black and Hot) 
l also I knew I wanted air flow(mesh in the crown).

AND I also had recently seen the Tilley display at our Sportsmans Warehouse.  πŸ˜Ž

Had a choice there between a LTM6 Airflow with the narrow mesh in the crown, and this one, the LTM8 Airflow with the full mesh crown, both in my size(sort of; it was a bit looser than I’m used to, but the next size down seemed like I’d be too snug). 

Hate, or at least really disliked the stampede/tie down strings so they went away into the hidden pocket fast, and then away completely. Honestly, I figured might never need them, since I put fancy stampede strings on my Stetson after I got it, and 4 years later had never used them, and converted them to a hat band. That was 3.5 years ago! 

Now, since I’ve had it, I’ve almost lost the Tilley from my head twice in high winds! But then again, those winds would have almost taken the Stetson too, so my chances are still pretty good to not need the wind cord.

But, anyway;

 it’s so Extremely cool and light out in the sun! As far as heat goes, it is warm yes like any hat is warmer than a bare head, but compared to other hats it is about average in still air. But in any moving air? Man, that mesh is great! It cools you fast and easy, even more so than it would be without the hat since with it your shaded too!  

After I got used to it, and how it sits, and this type of fit(I was a little self conscious of it, could feel it a lot from that alone at first), it now disapears when I wear it, so might weight I can’t feel it at all! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸŽ©

Me wearing it on a particularly hot dat here a couple weeks ago(upper 90Fs!) I was Hot, but a lot less so than the Stetson would be, and cooler, more protected than the ball cap. I was deffinetally sold at this point. πŸ‘

We’ve not only had extreme hot weather in the last month(100F ambient, and 120F in the sun at times) but also abslute drenching endless pouring rain. While I’ve not had it soaked from hours out in the rain yet, I have had it Wet, and I gotta say it takes the rain in stride right along with the heat!

Its quickly become my favorite hat, and I’m wearimy it daily! 

Even as a good light shade for relaxing. 😁😎✌

It has some bonuses (some uniquely Tilley) too;

First off, I want to mention, these are made in Canada. Not exactly made in USA, but still domestically made in the brand’s country, instead of over seas(read as Asian) contracting. Granted Asia makes some good products, and I generally couldn’t care less where things are made, but its still nice to see things Not contracted out, regardless of where to! 

Now, some other features, some things you get with a Tilley; 

Guarenteed for life not to wear out. If it ever wears out, they replace it.

Insured against loss(for any reason, all perils!) for 2 years from original purchase, giving 50% off the price of a replacement! 

A layer of foam in the crown ensures that the hat floats!

Certified UPF 50+ , the maximum ratting given. 

Hidden pocket in the crown.

(Following picture blatantly stolen from http://www.Tilley.com)


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