A fleece for spring.

*Note; This was supposed to post in mid March…

At Christmas a buddys kids got me a $25 gift card to Sportsmans Warehouse. Took till mid Feb for me to have time to go browse.

Would you tou believe I walked around for an hour and a half before I found anything I wanted enough to get for $25 off?
Must be slipping if the ole adventurer can’t find anything to get in an outdoors store! Lol
My buddy later joked that its because i already own everything… ha.
I finally settled on a new fleece jacket. Can NEVER have too many jackets. And arctic fleece is a gift from God. I have several vests, my winter work pants are lined in it, etc.
I even have one jacket in it that I got on a closeout at Cabelas a couple years ago. But its white/cream colored. Its warm, and fits great, but the color meant it got relegated to basically Sundays only wear. And I do wear it a LOT. It’s a dire emergency if I do any, let alone dirty and messy, work on a Sunday… Otherwise I knew it’d be stained up Fast.
The ones they had at Sportsmans are made by Columbia, and as I recall they came in a heathery khaki, and a deep grey. I went with the grey. Figured it could be lightly worked in, and wouldnt show the average, odd oil spot or dirt smudge once in a while, for a long time.
But all that aside, I ended up with it for two amazing reasons. It was on clearance, being marked down once from $65 to $35. Then again to $29. So with the gift card, I paid $4 for it!
The second, is that they actually had it in 3xl, and it fit me. Just a bit snug across the shoulders, and belly, but I figured I’m losing belly girth in spring anyway and the shoulders would stretch. (Both have happened! )
Now, I’ve never had anything from Columbia for two reasons. One, all I’d ever seen was really expensive. And two, it never came bigger than xl, maybe 2xl anyway.
Come to find out they do 3xl and 4xl, and also a line of Tall up to 3xl. Huh! Wish this one was the tall 3xl, its a touch short, but not bad, and that inproves as I lose more girth anyway.
Its been basically all I’ve worn since getting it, barring really cold days, or windy days I’ve grabbed something heavier. And Really messy work days, where I’ve avoided anything still “clean”.
The size offset from the Columbia 3xl to the 4xl of the Cabelas is actually fantastic, they nest and layer PERFECTLY. I actually did some pretty cold days (-20F) with that combo over a long sleeve shirt, or dress shirt and a T, and was almost too warm. Like I said, ya gotta love arctic fleece!

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Adventure Hanx, 1.0.

Something new this week, a new hank;

But I didn’t exactly buy it.

This is version 1.0 of the Ak-Adventure hank. 😀

I’ve had the quarters of material for a couple years(like, 3 or 4), about 6 prints on 100% cotton, that I got to do my own hanks. Just never get around to it.

Took them with me last weekend for a house/dog sitting gig I did for some friends for 4 days. Figured if the dogs would quiet down (Ha!) one evening, I’d sit down and hand sew some hanks.

Didn’t work.

So, having some time to kill last evening, I sat down and did one. A little fiddly at first, but I’ve been doing more and more sewing of light leathers, and compared to that fabric is dead easy. Took about 45 min. start to finish. Not fast, but not bad. Its actually fun and really, really relaxing.

Sewed face to face, left about 1″ unsewn, and turned it… should have taken a pic of that process! Feeding a double layer of 11″ square through a 1″ open seam is…. entertaining… 😉

Where I closed that 1″ seam isn’t perfect, but it worked ok. It’ll get better. 🙂

Turned corners came out great;

Its the same size, more or less as the PhoenixHanx I have, @ 10.5″ Sq. I ended up at 10″ Sq. Hers are the size I’m used to, folded half, then thirds is the way I carry, so I wanted to mirror them for that same carry.

This would be easier and faster if I could ever get my Moms’ sewing machine moved and set up where I can use it, but then again even those things have a learning curve. And as I said, this is relaxing. So I think I’ll stick with doing them by hand for a bit. 🙂

Thinking about what I want for a true AK Adventure hank. Like maybe a micro fibre towel(think msr or seat to summit camping towels) on one side, and arctic fleece or heavy flannel on the other…

Super absorbent, soft and warm, cushy.

or fleece and denim. Soft for face etc, rougher side for greasy hands (old jeans make great shop rags, takes some texture to get grease off sometimes. )

Also like the idea of an XL version, like bandanna instead of hank sized, terry cloth towel on one side and the micro fibre camping towel on the other, a perfect Hitchhiker’s guide hank;Do you know where your towel is? 😉

(If you don’t get that reference, Google The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the books, not the movie, and towels. 😀 Fantastic books, well worth the read, in my opinion, if you like classic, contemporary sci-fi. )

The Hitchhiker’s towel, snd tgevapplied concept, is a lot of how I apply carrying a hank. After all, it is basically a mini towel.

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Last EDCs of 2019

Happy New Year!

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EDC mid Aug to end of Nov, 2018.

Got a little behind on posting these reports. Probably not many pics for this time span either…

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EDC Mid April, to Mid May 2018


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Bearcat Leather.

Decided I wanted to start using my Ruger Bearcat more, carry it hunting sometimes. Looked at the official Ruger holsters, and while a nice design, being straight draw, drop looped, I really tend to prefer a higher riding pancake style holster.

Looked around online, but didn’t find anything I really liked, nor anything I could afford.

A couple years ago I made a simple pancake holster for my Bersa Firestorm 380, thats worked out great, been the most comfortable gun/holster combo I’ve ever carried.

And, having the left overs from that leather in the shop… 😉

Since I liked the carry of the Bersa, I copied the shape, size, and carry cant (slightly forward/FBI style) exactly off that holster.

Only change I made was to add a “sweat shield” as they’re called, to the back top. Not really to shield the gun from me, but me from the gun; When you carry in cooler weather, without tucking a shirt in behind the gun, it can be a little cold against you! (The Bersa holster was originally made to be ambidextrous, to be worn on either side, thus it’s straight cut on the top front and back.)


Cut, front;

Some glue, yes I know thatd a wood glue… but wood and leather are both fibrous organic substance, the glue doesn’t know the difference!

“Clamped” for a bit;

Holes drilled;

Partially stitched test fit;

Checking where I might put a tension rivet, or a line of stitching closer to the gun.


I’ll trim/round the upper corners of the back shield aftercsome carry and use, as I decide how wide, abd high it needs to be.

I decided against the tension rivet or stiches, because honestly with the firm grip it has in such a deep coverage, I don’t think it is necessary. AND, withbthe holsters shape left generally open, I hoped that my Ruger MKII would also fit in it.

Again, deep coverage of the gun, so I decided against a safety strap. I can always add it later if it seems needed.

And yes, it turned out to fit the MKII almost as perfectly!

They’re not fancy, nor perfect, but they work, and that’s what’s important to me in basic field gear. 🙂

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Flaming Hot Key Chain!

A ‘32 Ford Hot Wheels plus a big split ring equals a new key chain for a spare key for my truck–Which I need to get, right now only one key exists for it..



No mods to the car were needed, with no side windows in it, I just had to thread the ring through!

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Goodbye old friend?

Well, if anyone sees this fella in the wild, corral him if he pleases… I managed to misplace him while out and about this last weekend. 😦

Hoping, if I can’t find him, and I doubt I could, –it happened somewhere in 3 days afield in a variety of places, I doubt he’s anywhere close to home– but I hope someone finds him, and even if i couldn’t, they could take possession, instead of his rusting away somewhere. 🙂

Now, what’s amazing, is I usually lose something on days where I’m on my back working… Under trucks, crawl spaces, etc. They slide from pockets then.

The day I’m sure I miss placed it(3.17.18), I was busy and working at church, but never that I can think of, in any place or position that I could have slipped anything out of a pocket.

Dont remember using it at all, where I could have left it laying either. Strange!

Checked one buddies pickup seats whom I’d rode with, and asked him to check his couch where I was a few minutes… Checked my truck. Nope.

Wouldn’t be so bad if I just knew where or how I lost it, even if I couldn’t get it back… It’s the unknown how, where, and why that’s the worst of it!

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