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Poor mans custom plastic parts.

Sooo… What do you do if you need fancy custom fit plastic parts but don’t have a 3D printer?

You dig out a glue gun and some dusty Lego plates!

Needed a hinged lid to close in one half of a Kobalt bit driver case. Voila;

Used a hinged bit holder insert that I didn’t need as the hinge, built up a riser and door, and a stop/latch block. Hot glued the riser/door to the hinge and the stop in the other end. Magnet and a stacked nut/washer for right height glued in for safety latch.

brown stripe because I couldn’t find another black 2×16.

Where it opens to/sits on its own.

where I can hold it open to;

This little recess here;

Fits this little latching nub on the other half off the case;

Now I have closed in socket storage;

Clears everything on the opposite side

Magnetic latch;

Latch might get a re-design.. Will see how it holds up.

More on the kit itself later. Its a companion setup for a specific power tool in a specific application. Need to finish figuring out what sockets I want in it, and collect them, along with a couple other drivers.

This kinda rough, and a bit of a redneck hack. But it works! And thats what counts to me. 🙂

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Again… 😉

Last fall I lost my faithful friend, my jw_knives Bandicoot 2.5 ti… Within a few weeks, I had secured another one off the BST at edc forums . A week later,  I found the first one!  About a month ago, I lost one again…
(Yes, I apparently need to work on how I carry them! )

Was seriously considering g trying to locate another one again, to still have a backup… then;

Found it again last night!

  These things are SO handy to have! Gotta tell ya, if you do ANYTHING hands on in your life… like, living in any way 😉 you should really look into a pocket pry bar of some kind, and I can’t recommend j woytaz knives enough, especially these bandicoots in titanium.

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Shortened ratchet tin kit

So, after my last post about the Altoids tin being too short, one friend requested that I finish the welding on my shortened truck bed project before tacking sectioning and wemding up a longer Altoids tin… Thats funny, but even more so if you know that that was my first though about 15 seconds after realizing the tin was too short…  “I wonder if I can cut up two and weld one back together longer….”
Serriously, thats exactly what I thought.

Another close friend sugested I cut off the ratchet… which I had already done when he suggested it…

You guys are getting to know me too well!


So anyway,

the Leatherman bit drive extension fit in the tin fine;





Just had to decide which ratchet to cut down…. If I ruined one it wouldn’t be much loss, I don’t carry either anymore anyway since I got the TengTools ratchet and bits from a friend in Norway…  but I didn’t want to lose the end driver function of either of them..  The Victorinox ratchet was less loss, since to reverse its drive you have to flip it over, and bits tend to push straight through it if you bear down on them… But both of those points are also applicable to Not wanting it in the tin to carry! The Topeak ratchet would be the good choice, since it has a reversing lever, and a stop collar that doesn’t let the bits all the way through…

But to cut off the Rocket ratchet short enough looses the end driver…. A minor to medium loss for actual driving, but  Huge of being able to put the extension on the end for handle leverage!




And it really is amazing, after you shorten one of these things, how much grip and leverage you lose by cutting just 1/2” to 3/4” off of a 3” or 3.5” tool!


I decided to cut the Teng Tools Ratchet… Its the slimmest, shortest, and already didn’t have a end that could be extended for leverage… In the year I’ve had that sucker, I have NEVER needed the 8mm socket on its back end… Heck, I can’t remember the last time I needed a 8mm driver at all! 




Cutting it off was easy… Drilling it for a hole to still be able to keychain carry it later was another story altogether… It at a HSS drill bit, a diamond grit dremel burr, and started to round off the end of my solid carbide burr!! Core of ths sucker is HARD! I’ll finish that later after I can aneal it a bit softer on the end.






The  bit holder is the edge cut off of a larger one for one of my previous kits… Had no reason to keep it at the time, but thought it might come in handy if I ever needed super slim bit storage… I was right! Just had to cut one space off the end for it to fit.




I then ground the 1/4” hex angles onto the handle end of the ratchet. Like on the flat 1’8” thick leatherman bits, as long as the width and angles are the same as a 1/4” bit, it doesn’t need to be full thickness, it still engages the driver perfectly…. Now has a handle extension!







Cut down a Leather man bit holder card to fit;






But I could only get the Leatherman card AND the red bit ral in if I left out the extension…




At this juncture I wondered if it would all go into one of the Camel Snus tins…

It does if I do away with the red bit rail and drop those bits in loose.  This actually packs great!  I had avoided loose bit holders in the past since its easy to spill them while working, but this tin is so low, flat, and stable, I thinink it will be OK. Its also wide mouthed and flat enough to be only about one layer deep of bits, so getting out what I want without having to purposefully dump it to find a bit should be easy too.

In this configuration, as tight as the tin closes, I can drop it from 2′ to 2.5′ feet onto a concrete floor without it popping open! From 3′ it starts to pop open 90% of the time.. Also dents the tin edges pretty good….






I can even get sockets into it! Here is 9/32”, 1/4” 3/8” and 12mm…. Also realized if I nest the sockets in each other, and the bits inside them, it packs down tighter, gets more in.




I can even add in my micro 4xx bit driver adaptor, and have room for several of its double ended bits… running the kits capability down to T4, or 00 phillips!




Now I just need to evaluate what EXACT bits I actually use regularly, and what ones I use rarely but often enough to carry just in case. Same with some small sockets.


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Leatherman extension bit depth




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Misc. 7-4-14



A start to a tool kit for any future “carry on only” air travel I do;



Copper beads found homes;

A key chain fob for a friend for his birthday



And the small one found its way onto my copper swirl scaled RAT2. 😉





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Pocket Ratchet; Hex Bit-Driver Kit #1, and #1 V2.0

I’ve re-engineered my Bit Kit, to be a stand alone item to carry. I was having a hard time finding a good sheath/pouch to use. When I discovered that I could nest two Victorinox bit holders together to hold bits and wrenches solid together, it sparked the idea to carry it all without a sheath.


The centrally located 1/4” hex bit friction fits snugly into both bars, and holds them together.


The holders only carry 10 bits, and doubled up still only 10 as one side forms a cover.
But offsetting it because the 1/4” socket drive adaptor won’t fit into the cover bar, provides room to leave a bit in each wrench, giving 12 spaces.

I chose to leave a 3/16” flat driver in the ratchet, and a #2 Phillips in the L-wrench. They are honestly the two most used fasteners I come across, and this is fast and easy, no need to retrieve and place a bit when needed. If anything I just swap them between the wrenches depending on what drive style I need.

Now, the next point was that 12 bits is rather limited options, but many more gets rather heavy. Thus, I added the double ended Leatherman bits that provide twice the options in the same general space.

But, the Leatherman bits are a 1/8” flat profile version of 1/4” hex bits… SO, in the larger bits, the driver tip itself is not full profile in one direction, and in turn less contact area to the fastener, and a weaker driver. For drivers smaller that the 1/8” thickness, you get full profile, and full drive contact.

What I am doing is mixing the smaller drivers in Leatherman bits, with larger drivers in full profile 1/4” hex bits. A couple of the bits I don’t actually need in that full 1/4” drive, (for instance the 1/8” hex bit) but I ran out of Leatherman bit card spaces, and had left over full size spaces, so I opted to fill them with useful bits.

Finish by epoxying the Leatherman bit card in place on the bit bar that hold the bits, being careful to clear the wrenches, and not hinder the flex of the clips holding the wrenches.

The big problem I had though, was needing to carry the extensions. They are great because they provide clearance of work surfaces for your fingers to get a full grip of the wrenches. Not to mention reaching into holes/tight spaces.

Also, the Leatherman extension is obviously made to drive the Leatherman bits, and holds them much better than the wrenches alone, or the Victorinox Extension.

Why carry both extensions? Because the Leatherman one being able to hold the flat bits is a deeper socket, and while it does hold full profile bits OK, I prefer the shallower hold of the Vic bar for clearing in smaller spaces. Also it obviously gives twice the extended reach to have both.

The easy solution is that the Vic extension fits in the holder clips on the Vic bit bar. But another whole bit bar to carry the extension is too bulky(and doing so would tempt me to carry another 10 bits and run the weight to high!) And that only solved it for the one, the LM extension is too big of a dia to fit the Vic bit bar clips.

I needed to have the clips, with clips to fit the Leatherman bar too, and attached to the main bars to keep it all ones solid item to carry, without adding much bulk.

The solution was to get two more Vic bit bars, and cut them down to remove the bit storage and make short simple holder clips for the extensions. Then I lathed the Leatherman extension dia down to match the Vic, and epoxied the mounts to the main bit bars.

List of included drivers/tools;

  • Victorinox ratchet
  • Victorinox L wrench
  • Leatherman extension
  • Vic extension
  • Custom 1/4″ hex wobbler (see pics below, and slightly more details Here)

In full profile 1/4″ hex bits;

  • 1/4″ hex to 1/4″ square socket drive adaptor
  • 1/4″ hex bit

  • 1/8″ hex bit
  • T10 security
  • T15 security
  • T8 security
  • PH #0
  • PH #2
  • PH #3
  • 3/16″ flat

  • R2

  • Victorinox Micro flat driver/eyeglass screwdriver

And the Leatherman bits provide;

  • 1/4″ hex (redundant, but its on the 6mm bits opposite end)
  • 6mm Hex
  • 7/32″ hex

  • 3/16″ hex
  • 5/32″ hex

  • 9/64″ hex
  • 5mm hex
  • 4mm hex
  • 3mm hex
  • 2.5mm hex
  • T20
  • T25
  • T27
  • T30
  • R1
  • R2
  • 1/8″ flat

  • 3/32″ flat
  • 3/16″ flat

  • # 2 PH

Edit; Verson 2.0 with Topeak Ratchet;

Build details at bottom of this page.

And the rest of the details are the same as originally built;

Bottom(doesn’t technically have a top or bottom, but I keep considering the side with the extensions on it the top, or front…)


And opened for bit access. The central 1/4” hex bit fits snug into both halves, and holds them together.

The other side, open.

Here is a close up of the trimmed down holder bars, and the epoxy line. Also the turned down Leatherman extension In BO/SS 2–tone.

Here is the custom wobbler extension stored, it fits onto the end of the Vic extension, and I epoxied a small magnet to the bit bar to keep the tail from flopping around. (sorry for blurry pic), and a couple pics of the wobbler itself, as used.




Plus, an add on kit I have for for this,

A nut driver/socket kit. I’ve wanted to carry the nut drivers for a while, and now I can dedicate the Vic ratchet to them, in their own little kit to drop in a jacket or bag pocket.  Gave a use for the original modded bit rail too. :)


Much more versatile than the other way I’ve been carrying these;


Topeak ratchet mount details;

I had already found the Topeak ratchet to be much more useful after just a week of having it, so I def wanted it on the kit. Problem being it is a significantly smaller handle Dia, so it won’t fit the Vic clips.  Luckily I had bought spare Vic bit rails, so I just had to attach the clips from the Topeak case to one.

Used my spare utility knife and the wingman I keep in the den to cut it from the case and pry the rivets from its ends. Some careful testing to make sure I get the ratchet to clear everthing else, and a few drops of super glue later; I glued it on the wrong side! It would have been in the way of the Leatherman bit.. Ugh! 


So, a razor blade, and lots of careful wedging/prying and it finally came off… prooves the glue is good!  So, re-glued on the proper side;




So, getting my compliments of bits before, was one bit kept on the ratchet, but thankfully with a empty space under it… so I lose one of the instantly available bits, but can still carry it.   But the way it sits there isn’t room for a big dia. bit. Thankfully, one of the bits I recently swapped to, fits in perfectly; the Vic eyeglass screwdriver. (got rid of the 2nd/spare #2 phillips in favor of this bit)


Turns out I shoulda left the clip on the other side, to be able to put the extension on with the big end toward the L wrench curved end, to make the whole package more streamlined.. like so;



But as is, like that the head doesn’t fit in to the plastic rails deeper contour for that head. Might flip sides again later. Might not. Will see how it goes.

And, a general update i had done to the kit before this, was to move the bits to being holded in the opposite rail. Where they were in the other side, gripping them to remove them easily was blocked by the Leatherman bit card.


Just playing around, dual ratchets anyone? :)


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Stacking pen screw driver


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LM bits, and drive extensions in new Thumbprint bit driver

New Thumbprint keychain driver holds Leatherman bits well for length, but they are loose and fall right out;






Leatherman extension fits good, seats all the way in. No retension if you just push it in, but if you twist it slightly as it goes in, it grips in the rubbery case and stays… shake it though and it will fall out, so a no-go for carry, but would be OK in use.   I am thinking about glueing a micro magnet into the holder for holding LM buts and extensions in place. Maybe. Dunno yet.







Vic extension works ok too, but no retension at all, just fall out, and doesn’t seat deep enough to catch a magnet if I added one.




Forgot to post this a couple weeks ago, keychain bit driver I “made” from the bit holder out of a Leatherman Surge, and a MUT long driver bit;



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