Recovered slugs.

Recovered bullets from shooting Saturday. 

On the right a 210 grain JHP, or what’s left of it, from my 41mag. On the left, a, as I recall, 240 grain JHP from a 44mag. Might be a 220 though  (a friend’s gun/ammo). .

Both went into a heavy dell computer case, and through a DVD drive sideways, and stopped against the inside of the steel case(denting it deep), @ about 25 yards. 

 The 41 mushroomed out to 0.725″ average, 0.800″ on one axis… The 44 went to 0.600″ average. 

The 41 lost a lot of mass though. I need to weigh them both when I get a chance. 

The other smaller one is the lead core from a crappy russian TulAnmo surplus .308win that had 165 grain JSPs in them… It went clear through the computer tower, possibly through a hard drive or DVD drive, and a couple inches into a wet punky cottonwood log. Not much left of it, jacket totally gone, Really stripped the lead off too.  But it did manage to mushroom to about 0.40″

The 41 was my Ruger Blackhawk, the 44 a friend’s Ruger Redhawk, and the 308 another friends Rock River Arms M16 A4. 

What we were shooting at, after all was said and done;

One of these trips I need to take along a truck bed full of old phone books and newspapers, some cans of water and do the boxes of wet newspaper concept. Along with my cronograph, do some more serious velocity and expansion comparisons. 

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Spring time catch up.

Been a while. It’s either been a lot going on with no time to post, or I’ve been sick as hell(flu, twice through, laid out for 3 weeks, then almost gone, got too cold working, relapsed, and now running into 6 weeks total) and literally Nothing going on to post about. 

Anyway, here is a random slew of pics from the last couple months.

Moon and Venus.

My first day out snowshoeing.

Recent knives used and the books I was reading that week.(for a forum thread)

Dads stainless handle Sabre jack knife that lives in the den, which is currently the reloading room.

Case hobo and an Alaskan cookbook

225 grain LWN (long wide nose) hard cast .41 caliber bullets I ordered from GTBullets.  100 lubed and sized for $13, even with $6 shipping, it’s almost cheaper than I could cast my own.. And is considering I can’t afford the mould right now! 😉  

Cleaning up an old Schrade USA stockman, a 8OT , that a friend gave me last summer.

Knives and guns, notable pairs, (for a forum thread )

My Beretta. 45, that I’ve now amazingly had for 10.5 years! And the custom Andy Sharpe coffin fighter that it’s come to live with. I rarely ever carry one without the other.

My Mom’s Liberty Mustang .22 and Dad’s Case peanut.

Most sentimental pairing; my Ruger Security Six 357 mag. Which has belonged to both my older brothers,  and my Dad before me. With Dad’s Western brand hunting knife. 

New stuff, second week of March, my takes from the EDCC ( passaround box.

Old style finned bomb shaped beads are a fad right now, had some shop time so I tried one. LOTS of work to get the rounded nose, and fins. Had to freehand the cutters on the curve, and lots of file work off the lathe. Too time intensive to make many of them, but I might still..

A slew of pocket dumps, in mostly cronological order, late Jan. to now. 

On my knees in a sniw bank digging out firewood at 0F or 10F. Something like that. Proof that I wear my guns working, they’re not babied. (Much.. 😉 )

Simple day last week, hour or two after dark working on firewood. Headlamp and the bluetooth speaker did constant duty… I zip the speaker into a mid layer pocket, hit Google Play, usually Springsteen,  and have music wherever I am while working. 

Yesterday’s carry, 3-15-17, an outside day. been cooped up sick, wanted to get out and work for a while, puttered around with a few projects (most of which involved shoveling snow!). 

Cousins. Both old used and worn, but great Schrade USA stockmans. Large 8OT, and medium 34OT. 

My Titanium Eng1nerd Prangler  (mash up of key dangler and pry bar) is getting some great coppery brass colored wear stripes in its anodizing. The things that swing and rub on it are brass and it sort of burnished onto the area as it rubs. 

And, more of 3-15-17… got the sled out for a bit.And found out how out of practice I am… Was stuck a total of three times! Oi.  Thankfully all within ~100 yards max from the house! God is good to me!

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200 grain bullets at 2000 fps in 30-30WCF

I was recently telling a friend about this loading I did a few years back (few? Eeek! It’s been 9 years ago! ), where I developed a fast and heavy 30-30 load for moose hunting.  Was thinking about it again today, and realized that, as far as I remember,  it’s never been posted here. Figured I should put it here, at least for archiving purposes.

This was originally developed, and posted durring this conversation;

Anyone interested in this really should go and read all of that thread, there is A lot of good information there,  and some more of my thinking and learning before developing this loading data,  is there in that conversation.

I hope you can follow this, its perfectly clear in my thoughts and the notes I took as I went along, but I had a heck of a time structuring it for reading at the time…

I got to adding and subtracting and extrapulating data one afternoon in early 2007, and this was the result.

The powder that I had, the (IMR)4064, I had decided was too fast for this aplication. Got some (IMR)4320 from a friend. From the data I have, it’s soposed to be slower. Slower, but comparable;

All Starting data used is from my Speer #13 manual.

Between the two powders, same velocity (within+/- 90fps), same charge, same bullet in the 300 savage, Aplied for both 170 and 200 bullets . Meaning that the powders were comparably in presure/velocity gained, one just gets there slower.

2 grains powder decrease for every 10 grains bullet increase, in both 4064 and 4320 for the 300 savage.

The same 2 to 10 ratio decrease/increase is also used for the 30-30 with the 4064, it just stops giving you data when it gets to 170grn bullets.

SO, I started with a 28grn (rounded from 27.5 for even numbers..) starting load for the 170 in the 30-30, and subtracted 6 grains of powder for the weight increase to 200 grandma of bullet. Subtracted 2 more grains for good luck/good measure.

Thats a load of 20 grains of 4320.

Components being; once fired, full lenth sized Federal brass(from power shok) CCI Magnum primers. Nosler partition soft point blunt nose 200 grain bullets.(weighed at 200.5 grns)

Now, these bullets are a bit pointier than I’d like in a tube mag, so I lightly taped the exposed lead tips with a hammer(2.5# shord sledge.  ) Just upset the curve and made flat noses out of them.

Also, with the seating depth that is needed, the case comes well above the crimp groove. Luckily, where it crimps is just a hair before the tip taper starts. Heavy crimp aplied, it actualy started to slightly indent into the jacket…

Loaded 2 rounds, prayed, and fired them. was like a .22LR from my marlin mod60. No recoil. Acurate at 12 yards..  NO high presure signs.(flattened primers, primers bulging into rim around them, hard extraction…)

I proceeded to load 5 more rounds, each with an increase of 2.5 grains;

22.5 grains; No difernce to the 20, slightly more kick, but not much. acurate at 50 yds.

25 grains; , No pressure signs, recoil like a 22Mag rifle… acurate at 50 yds.

27.5 grains, Slightly flatter primers.Kick like my plinking round of 28grns 4064, with the 170. acurate at 50 yds.

30 grains, No primer or pressure sign change. still extracts good. kick like federal power shock with 170s. Still quite acurate.

32.5 grains, same as 30 above, slight more kick. Yes, still acurate.

Acurate meaning they went where I aimed them, within 2″ +/- (off hand, standing, at pop cans/wood chunks…. or I would post a target pic)

I was extremely happy with finding a low enough starting point, especialy for fudged and adapted data from one powder to another, and from a diferent cartridge.

I didn’t blow up the gun. 

Happy that I ran it up to a recoil and sound that feels healthy, with no visual, or felt problems. 

I had then stopped at this point, until my chrony arrived, for actual velocity, partly to know, and partly for a better educated guess as to the pressure.

Besides that, when it gets to 37.5 grains, I would have run out of case and had a compressed powder charge. I wasn’t sure if that is something that is doable or not…. (hadn’t then read about compressing smokeless charges-and, if I have since, I’ve forgotten itd)

factory 165grn Federal round, 200grn bullet used, and 170 grn cast I usualy load. Seating depth comparison to factory round. Deep ain’t it?


Original tip, and flattened;


From left to right, progression of flatening(or lack there of) of primers, from 22.5 to 32.5 garins.


Recovered bullet from first shot with 20 grains, at ~12 to 15 yards(angled into a 2″x6″) Too bad I didn’t recover anything from the 50yds shots.


Later when my crony arrived,  I did fire several rounds through it, and as I recall, at around 27 grains, it hit 2000 fps.

At this time, that is from memory… I can’t find my notes now that have the recorded velocity data. I do know for sure that they hit 2000 fps, and did so before 30 grains of powder. I think it was at 27, but I’m only 90% sure.

I never did get to hunt with the load, and bullets and powder being expensive in this size, I never did any more range work with it… I remember I had it accurate at 100 yards, but that’s about all.

I was told at the time, that by the time a primer flattens in the 30-30, that you are WELL beyond max pressures. I depends on your definition of flat or not, whether mine ever were…

An acquaintance on a reloading forum ran a verry similar load through pressure test equipment some time after I did this, and it tested well out of the max range for my rifle.

But internet data, is, well, internet data… Use and trust at your own risk!  I wouldn’t trust pressure readings without seeing them for myself, or seeing them properly documented.

  BUT at the same time, if you give that guy any benefit of the doubt at all, then my data is NOT safe.  And the Same rules, both ways, apply to using my data… 😉 Again, use and trust at your own risk! 

Meaning, it works and shoots in my gun, and it didn’t blow up…. But I DO NOT recamend or condone it’s use in any other gun.  Use my data at your own risk, I am Not responsible for what happens with your loads in your gun(s).
I have the data, and trust it to be used sparingly in my rifle, and wouldn’t have a problem loading them again, to sight in with, and then hunt with a few rounds… But the possibilities of being unsafe are still there enough to keep me from doing it Often. 

It was a fun project, and I have the outcome I was shooting for, it’s nice to know, generally, that the velocity I wanted with the projectiles I wanted, Are possible to achieve.  but given other guns and cartridges I now have,  I have no need to use it.

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Got some .410 shells for shooting a buddies single shot on Saturday… Thinking about re cutting the hulls and wildcating a few down to 45 colt length.

Yeah, so, we don’t have snakes, and the 3″ barrel on that revolver ain’t gonna throw the shot enough for birds or game… So why? you ask;

Why not, I say. 😉 should be a fun load to work out. (I did actually find a few sources of load data online; it’s been done.)

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