Plus one nib, 2.0!

My other new pen came in finally!


Took almost 1 month even to get here, but it made it!

This one is really, really, really expensive… $4.50. And it took $2.50 for shipping. lol.

It’s a Jinhao 996. Just couldn’t pass up a tiger print pen! Its really solid, nice and hefty, if not all metal its close to it. Feels like an F nib, smooth writer so far. Came with a piston converter in it too! I have a sample of Monteverde Cherry Danish in it to start.

Would Not feed from filling the converter separately, even after forcing ink all the way up through the feed… Un filled and filled with converter in the pen, through the nib/feed, and then its perfect, no issues at all.

I hate filling that way, tends to get too wet on the feed and you always end up dipping the grip section and getting messy. Hopefully now that its primed itll flow/fill the other way from now on.

My only slight complaint is that the cap doesn’t post very securely on the back of the pen. I have to press it on then twist s little for it to grip. Even then its not really secure, and takes verry little to come off. You cant shake it off, but any grip of the cap and it comes off.

It’ll be fine, it stays well enough for writting, but you can’t fidget with the pen much between sentences.

But anyway…



And with the Prefounte.


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Plus one nib.

And the pen that holds it!
My first new fountain pen in years, a Platinum Prefounte in “night sea” dark blue.



Came with a blue cartridge, but I got a piston converter with it (almost cost as much as the pen! Lol)


0.5mm nib supposedly, which to me would be an ‘Fine’ nib, but it writes like an ‘Medium’. Which is a pleasant surprise for me, I like the broader line. Pen is smooth writting, and comfortable. Nice in the pocket, cap is very secure for just a snap on. Been carying it clipped to the cover on my leather field notes cover that I got recently.

Cap has a rubber boot in it, that seals around the nib and feed, they claim 1 year of laying capped with no ink loss. Hopefully I won’t let it lay thst long although unfortunately I have done so with some of my pens before. But I will leave it a while at some point, look forward to seeing if it doesn’t dry out.

Filled it with a new ink sample, a silver, Diamine Snow Storm. I like it! I see a bottle in my future.


Ink and pen are a great combo so far for long slow writting, without the nib drying out. Took notes in church this last Sunday, and at times I had it uncapped for id say a good 5 to 7 minutes if not longer, without writting, and it didn’t dry up!

Carrying it with a very fitting notebook, the silver version of Field Notes group 11, with silver dot grid, and gilt edges.


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EDC, mid March, to mid April 2018

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Friday the 13th EDC. 

My carry for a possible snowstorm, and a birthday party some friends threw for my Mom. 

I apparently felt a little Blue yesterday 😉 I need a blue 550 bracelet, multitool, and flashlight to round it out… lol. 

  • Pheonix Hanx (formerly HeartHanks) blue stained glass “take me to church” hank. 
  • Case Cutlery Navy blue Muskrat. 
  • Bullet  Space Pen.
  • Leatherman Wingman. 
  • Cerelean blue diamond plate Zippo. 
  • vintage Marlboro moneyclip.
  • AMW 550/leather bracelet.
  • Jetbeam BC10.
  • Seiko “5” automatic.
  • Custom copper tags/AMW tag & beads.
  • Write Notepads & Co. Royal Blue limited edition notebook.
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Writting on the wall?

Or anywhere else I need to; Mail call today included a new pen I ordered a while back.

Wanted a second space pen, in a different color to rotate. I had found a great orange and ordered it.  Two weeks later when the tracking number still said “pre shipment info sent” I contacted them. (I was worried after one week but gave USPS and whatever the free shipping rate was the benefit of the doubt.)


They claim USPS probably lost it. I figure either that or They lost it after having the tracking number generated. Either way, they said they’d check on it, and slate another pen to be sent out. Within a couple hours I had a new tracking number. 3 days flat and I had it arrive! 

Great customer service! 

Eccept they sent a red one instead of the orange. I get the feeling they rush packed the replacement and someone made a mistake. 

Like an idiot I closed the ebay claim case when i got the package… Before I opened it. Will remember not to do that again, becasue you can only ever open one case per item. So technically I can’t complain further. If I actually had a problem again right now, I’d be SOL.

So technically I can’t complain further.  Don’t really want to though, I like the red just fine. I’ll go ahead and tell them they goofed again as a friendly FYI, but its fine and I’ll keep the red one.  I’m sure they’d probably offer to swap it, I just don;t wanna bother with it… Or wait for it. 🙂

I had debated getting the red one to begin with, so its a let down in a way, but not real far. 😎

Got a couple clips too. Man, those things fit tight on there! Not gonna worry too much about losing the pen if I ever clip one.(not likely I will, but I figured having the option would be nice). Pics made it slightly pink… Its not. Its like a candy apple red, but deffinetally a Red.






And, you know me, can’t ever leave anything alone for very long;







FOr two reasons… OK three… 1, I really can’t leave anything alone. 😉 2, The color combos break it up and I think are kinda classy. and 3, as you can see, the grip area on the red one is smooth, the chrome one grooved. I’ve thought the chrome one was a tad too smooth even with the grooves, so I don’t think I’ll like the red grip much. Time will tell, but I put together the one with the chrome grip to carry for a while.

Also, a couple differences, the O ring on the red one is a tad smaller, and the red cap has a rubber or plastic grip inside it(the blue bit inside on the top of the pic) that the pen “clicks” into. The chrome one doesn’t have that, its a smooth press in grip all the way. No issues with the red one setup like that… its just different. It does make it feel a bit odd swapping the caps around, but it does work OK.



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Field Notes for the year…

Or maybe for a few years actually!






I’m using 1 book in about 3 or 4 months… Or 3.5 to 4 per year. For the last year anyway.. So the 12 I just got, should last me 3 or 4 years.   Not that I’ll wait that long before ordering more, especially since new special edditions of Field notes come out 4 times per year(timed per the seasons), and I’ll no doubt like an edition or two in that time…  What I just orderd are the ones I was currious to try, and what I needed to re-organize, and set up my note taking/journaling etc system. for the new year.

 What I got was the current special edition, the Shenandoa;




They are thicke laminated covers, outer color in leaf colors of three trees in the Shanendoah valley, inner color is the fall color of those leaves. Three different trees, different color sets.   They are nice and sturdy as a result, not really much thicker covers, but a slot stiffer, and the book themselves are overall thicker than the other editions.

Done in graph paper;


Each back cover has info on that books inspiring tree;




Here they are pressed down next to the other editions, you can see the thickness differences;








I also got one set from a previous special eddition, the “State Fair” sets. They did sets for each USA state. I naturally got the set for Alaska. The cover colors are inspired by 1st, 2nd  and 3rd  place ribons, like given at fair events.




Also done in a graph paper.




The next set I got is from the “Expedition” edition, a special edition that has since become a standard offering.  The paper is make from a fancy melted extruded polypropolyne plasic… Its weater proof, almost tear proof, etc. Orange fronts, and black backs, with a sort of enbosed map of Antarctica on the covers.



These are done in a modern progression of graph paper, the dot grid;





The last set I got this time is a mixed paper style pack, from their standard production books, with regular brown covers. Its one each of lined, graph and plain paper.




ANd last but not least, I got a pack of their rubber bands… Or as they call them, “band of rubber, standard” or something like that. A heavy duty black rubber utility band, and soposedly sized to go around one Field Notes book.  




They are nice, but I’ve found them too tight to go around one book without buckling it…  Well, actually, on one NEW book, all but the Expedition edition, it will go around and lay flat. But any book broke in my use and carry, and the more flexible Expedition books buckle in;

Its OK on a new Alaska book, if your careful, it won’t buckle, and lays flat…



But on a used book from the Ambition set(winter edition 2014) it folds right over, the same as with a new Expedition book.




I can’t see using one with a book for long, since once the book breaks in, it will simply do that, and fold it up, making carry a problem.  They are even better on a Shanendoah book, since they are stiffer,  you don’t have to be careful of how you hold it on those, but I have no idea how much more flexible those will become with use.

I’ve put one band around a pack of three books. Trying to see if it lays like that for a few days, if it will take some stretch, or “set” and loosen up to better fit one book.


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A little light change up for Sunday…

IF I go anywhere today, this will be it… a few fun changes for the day.  The IF being that I’m Dead tired… can’t get any rest lately and its really wearing on me… At least one day to not have to go anywhere or work for anyone would be nice.







Knife is a Bear MGC trapper with carbon damascus blades, in custom moose antler scales, and custom stippling/texturing.(by me, once upon a time..)






















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Mail call…..

Mail call from the last two days;

Adventure Log notebooks by Word. and a chrome bullet Space Pen. 🙂






The notebooks are a friends fault, since he got me into Instagram, and thats where I saw them…. 😉 :p 

I figure an Adventurer has to have adventure logs, right? 😀

Good quality little 3.5″x5.5″ books, great build like Field Notes, maybe even a slightly better feel than FNs(lheavier paper and slightly heavier covers). Great heavy paper, and a cool layout too; They have 48 pages, and each page has places for date, location, conditions, companions, and notes. 

Their from a colaboration between Word. brand notebooks and some company I’ve never heard of called Bradley Mountain. I’m not sure if its a limited run… I hope not, I can see using a lot of these in the future. Then again at 3 for about $10, their also like FNs in economy; cheap enough that you can buy a LOT of the ones you like and have then ahead of time. 🙂 

They come in black, and yellow covers. I went with basic black, I thought the yellow was a bit too “outdoorsy” in the “Here I am!” trying to be visible sense…

The pen is the fault of whoever put a Apollo space pen in the EDCforums pass around box a couple years back… ;) :cool:   I loved that pen for the total of… what was it, a month? before it went MIA… :rolleyes:

Been meaning to get another Space Pen since, and finally got around to it. Wanted a green or blue Bullet, but funds are low right now so I settled for a basic chrome one.  Love it so far, its shiny and smooth but a good writing grip, and more compact to pocket than I thought it would be.

Good heft too. That was my only complaint on the Apollo model, which is half plastic built I found out, and is super light, almost the the “cheap feel” point. This one feels a lot more Solid.





And for those that don’t know about the wonders of the Space Pens; Its a special ink in a special pressurized cartridge, that will write upside down, or at any angle, under water, over grease, in zero gravity and from -30F to 150F. They were literally designed for and are/were used by NASA and in space.

Now, I do find it funny that the extreme cold rating that they are good to, the temp they apparently picked for as cold as you could need to write in for a extreme use pen, is, in fact 35 deg warmer than I have seen, and at least 25 deg warner than times I have needed a pen to work!  Leave it to the state of Alaska to one up the needs of NASA 😉

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