A first since the 80s!

A current trailer plug on my truck!

Been spliced into twice before, but no added plug on it now, and I don’t remember the factory one being hooked up either. 

I didn’t want to cut into the old splices since they’re solid and transferring power past them, and cutting them out runs me short on harness length… I’m lazy. Someday I’ll clean them up.  I added a splice where I could. 

Temporary mount till I find my die grinder, and can open up the hole in the bumper (why on earth do these plugs have to be 2″ in diameter!??!) Hole was from the small factory plug, that wasn’t hooked up. 

Proof is in the pudding they say… this time it’s in the trailer! 

MacGyver would be proud… lol. How to hold the brake to check tail lights by yourself.

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Sugru to the rescue!

My more permanent fix for the ATV ignition switch nut that I ruined; Sugru!

For those that don’t know, Sugru is a moldable glue… Think a cross between super glue and silly putty. Or like a really thick moldable silicone RTV/gasket maker.

It’s a silicone putty or dough that comes in a packet, form it however you need and in 24 hours it cures to become a rubber. Sticks to almost anything, waterproof, electrically insulated, good to 265°F and -45°F, holds a fair amount of weight, and comes in about 15 colors! (And I just found out you can mix it to blend infinite colors- wish I’d known that before I did this fix, I could have matched the green fenders closer!)


A fellow on got me one of their home hacks starter kits for the secret santa gift exchange this last December.

A great idea to get me, since I tend to improvise and MacGyver things a lot…

But amazingly, it’s taken me this long to find a use for it! (The stuff takes 24 hours to set up, and I either need a Now fix, or If I have 24 hours,  I can use a stronger, more traditional adheasive.. )  But this ti.e, a more traditional adhesive wouldn’t have held/set fast enough, nor would the automotive standard, RTV silicone gasket maker.  And super glue wouldn’t be strong enough…

As I said, a perfect place for Sugru, and I even had green to (almost) match the fenders! Used a whole pouch, to get a good “bead” diameter on it, for hold and a smooth look.

My theory is since it’s rubber, to take it off the next time, I can run a razor blade between the Sugru and the fender.

Then make a cut, say 1/8″ wide out of the ring, and peel it off the switch.. Then to reapply it, simple place it on the switch (it will have the threads molded into the inner curve for hold) and re sugru the gap I cut out, back together.

Even if its really stuck to the switch (it probably is!) And I have to cut it away from it, I’ll still have a rubber ring that can be reapplied with silicone RTV, or more Sugru. ☺

I will have to re label the off/on, since the wiring tension on the switch meant it wouldn’t stay rotated(and actually wouldn’t let it turn completely thete)to the right place.  But that’s a simple fix, if I can find our label maker… If not, I’ll make a stencil and air brush it on; still simple.  😎

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Channeling my inner MacGyver again.

There wad Only one casualty to the wiring project… The nut for the ignition switch wouldn’t budge to get it out of the fenders. At All. 😩:?😬

I had to Dremel notches in it, and take it off in pieces… but that left me with no nut to reinstall with…

It’s about a 1.125″ threaded shaft, and probably metric thread. I have a LOT of hardware on hand but nothing like that.

Macgyver would be proud! ;)😎  Biggest section of the old nut, and a tripled up rubber band works pretty solid for now, until I can get a more permanent solution. 😆


Yeah, its jerryrigged and redneck bush Alaskan, but it works! 😉

Gonna work for a while too, since the hardware store I hit (Lowe’s ) didn’t have anything bigger than 5/8″, or a rate 3/4″ nut… (Really?)

I’ll think of something… eventually. ;)😎

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MacGyver would be proud!

Redneck, macgyver, improvisation…  Got tired of my right boot being Covered in 2″ of mud after every ride, so I made a replacement for the missing mud flap between the rear fender and the right floorboard on the ‘wheeler. Out of an old GM floor mat. 😆 zipties Rule! 😎✌👊


Didn’t drill any holes in the fender or floorboard either, just the new flap, so it’s all original, IF I ever manage to get the stock part. 👍

#Usex my Queen cutlery edcforums moonglow stockman to make the mud flap. Sucker was tougher than it looked, almost 3/16″ thick, had to sorta saw it while push cutting. But mud and all, over a foot of cutting and the D2 steel blade was still razor sharp! 👍👍


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EDCForums secret santa 2015 package!

Finally was able to go get my secret santa package thats been sitting at the post office since the 23rd…

Someone ordered me a cool little home hacks kit from Sugru!


I’ve wanted to try this stuff for a while now, just never got around to ordering any.

For those that don’t know, sugru is a moldable glue. Think silly putty with a permanent bond.  Its a rubber putty like compound in a sealed packet. Open it, mold it to what ever you need, and it sets up in 24 hours, turning into a silicone rubber.  It sticks to almost anything, wood, metal, plasitcs etc, is electrically insulated(says 24V max for safety), will withstand 356F and -58F, dishwasher proof, UV resistant… 

Only downside is it has a shelf life of 13 months from the date it was made, and the packets have an experation date marked on them. These say Jan 2017. Also says you can store it in the fridge to extend that life. Which is great, means it doesn’t mind the cold, and I can store a packet or to in the truck/ my work tools!  (need to find out how cold it can be to setup/cure)

Whats in the box is a idea/project booklet, and a small rounded Altoids like tin of goodies.







It has a couple lego plates, a couple magnets, some rubber bands, a washer, toothpick, and FIVE packets of sugru, in different colors! (I think the misc small stuff was soposed to be pressed into/held by the cardboard pieces so thats what they’re there for).

And in the bottom of the box is two tenis balls and a small roll of white masking tape.



So, the general concept of this kit is for home repairs and improvements or “hacks”. The book has some cool ideas, that I might post more about later(gonna try a couple).  Why tennis balls you ask?  Good question! One of those project ideas is a shoe holder… You glue the two tennis balls to a flat wall surface, and then hang the shoes by their heel/shaft area, over the balls! Brilliant, really.  

MacGyver would have Loved this! And I certainly do too!


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Had to Macgyver something today…

I used to have to improvise and Macgyver stuff together to get things done, and to fix stuff a LOT, but I havne’t had to for ages… Better quality projects and equiptment maybe? Maybe….

I go through at least one, if not two sets if wiper blades on this truck every winter… Always breaks in the same place, the little clamp onto the wiper arm…Why? I’d say because their plastic and Cheap…(quality… not price… Bloody thigs were expensive IMO) OR at least plastic, and not designed to be scrapped around in this much ice, snow and Cold… 

for stuff like this these days, I carry a roll of electrical tape(unlike duct tape, electrical tape actually flexes, and sticks to things at -10 to -40F and colder! I HATE Duct tape, especially in the winter…) and a roll of CSC(Compact Survival Cord… its thin string, thats made of braided pure Kevlar… Its string sized, maybe 1/8” dia but has a breaking strength of around 600 pounds :D)

I used to have a small tin with all kinds of stuff I carried, but stopped after a while of not needing it.

That tin would have been handy today if this had happended away fromt the shop… I had all the tools and hardware you could think of in the shop, EXCEPT the size bolt and nut I needed.. I doubted the electrical tape would stick to the WET parts(warm day, warmer widshield and wet snow anyway) And also doubted I could tie the CSC tight enough..

So I grabbed a couple rubber bands and a zip tie and improvised;




Band is run through the holes that a plastic friction pin is soposed to be in, then simply knotted over the top, with a pre load tension on the bands… And ran the zip tie through the tails/loops for a safety if the knot slipped. Perfect.

And it did work perfectly, held solid for all of my plowing; Since it was snowing off and on and plowing puts a powdery spray onto the windshield, the wiper got used quite a bit. Didn’t have any issues.


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Watch chain end danglers, necklace knives, and EDC for Aug. 16th.



Made my Gerber EAB into a emergency backup or just light weight carry knife necklace With dog tag ball chain run through paracord, and an S biner.


Then I was thinking what would be lighter(since that thing actually is pretty heavy around your neck.  Remembered the Gerber Paraframe mini that Kertap75 gave me.. AHA! super light and light saber sharp.. not OHO, but for this carry method, its not exactly a fast draw anyway ;)(although I can un clip them one handed!)  

 Needed a micro clasp to attach the knife, and am all out of the fishing lure clips/swivels that I have been using for this kinda thing…. Finally found a similar small clasp, almost a lobster clasp, on the end of a watch chain; Perfect! Short, low profile, and provides a attachment that’s oriented the right way.


And then, made a keychain dangler clip from the other end of the watch chain.(had thought of this before, but didn’t want to cut up a good watch chain when i wasn’t sure how I liked danglers in the first place… I have since decided I like the method of carrying keys.


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From Watch case to Pill case!

For while now I’ve carried a few of my prescription pain pills for when my arthritic hips start in bad, or I throw my back out etc… also some allergy pills, beano etc for other little daily ailments..

Anyway, I got tired of the little plastic carrier/box. They work perfectly fine, and are compact, but its just so class less/ugly. 😉 

Also, a few days ago, I was going through my watches and found a old $9.99 cheapie pocket watch that I never use anymore… small, metal, fancy design… has a closing lid with latch…  

So I gutted it. A perfect little box!

The only snag I hit is that when you remove the crown from the threaded shaft that goes into the movement for setting the time, there is nothing else holding the crown, and the latch button into the case.  The latch itself is integral to a flat spring mounted in the case, so all you need is something pushed into the hole in the case “neck” to press release it.   

I fooled with a few ideas to keep the stock crown and button, but couldn’t come up with any screws with the right (Tiny!) thread that were long enough.(and where I had to cut the threaded shaft from the movement during gutting didn’t leave anything useful)  

All I needed a shaft to go in and hit the spring, and a screw into the end if it, through the hole in the spring to hold it in place. So I had to find something  about 3/32” dia, with a threaded hole in one end and a screw, all about 1/2” long…

Enter, the parts bin, and voila, a 1/8” knife pivot!  Had to drill the case “neck” out a smidge to fit it, and also use one and a half pivot barrels cut down and screwed together end to end to be long enough.   But it works!

Some other time when I’m bored and feel like doing something tedious, I’ll chuck up some grass in the lathe and make a fancy button to go under the outer screw/over the barrel.











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