Higher Work?

Got really really tired of everything being too low to work on, even sitting down…

 I do have a hydraulic motorcycle/atv lift, but it goes under the frame only, isn’t really stable for this type of work. 

I’ve also done stuff with it on my wheel ramps before, about 9″ of lift, but that’s still a PITA at times. 

Thus, my redneck Alaskan ATV lift.

My two old truck boxes (one a Rubbermaid chest, I wasn’t sure if it would take it, but it seems to not care about the weight! ), some scrap 2×12, and voila 16″ of lift! 

Front box being wider turned out great, didn’t plan it, but it’s enough to straddle and sit on, or stand on if needed.

Should have took pics of the first try getting it up there… Used my wheel ramps and one turned over after the front wheels when up… Was awkward getting it off at an angle with no ramp under one side. Lol. 

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Here’s hoping the epoxy holds!

  I’ve done this trick about 3 times now, on three different vehicles. Taught to me by an old friend who’d done it several times himself. 

Leaking radiator tank? Go get some Devcon 2 ton epoxy, and seal it up. Stuff sticks great, and has a great heat tolerance.  

Couldn’t get the Devcon this time,  so I got good old JB Weld.  Famously good stick, and package said a 500°F rating…  

We shall see!

The engine; 

(early 90s Subaru)

The leak;

(Yes, that’s a plastic tank.  Man, do I miss the old aluminum or copper tanks! )

The fix (still wet/uncured);

Might take a little trim sanding to clear the radiator cap, but I think it’ll work. 

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Fixed ATV tail bags.

When I put the gun boot bracket on my 4 wheeler, the rear bag wouldn’t cleat it/go back on. 

I figured I’d just trim the right side compartment off of it. 2/3 bags is better than no bags! 😉 
I lucked out though, ended with 3 bags anyway! I figured I’d end with 4 walls and a lid cut off, basically useless. Turns out the compartments have a attached bottom separate from the base bottom sewn to all of them.   Got one loose bag for elsewhere now! 

Cut the compartment off the top, trimmed the foam back even with the rest. 

Then folded the base corner up to clear the brackets better, and seam sealed all the cut areas. 

Yes, that’s Gorilla Tape I used for seam sealer. Redneck, but it works! 

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A first since the 80s!

A current trailer plug on my truck!

Been spliced into twice before, but no added plug on it now, and I don’t remember the factory one being hooked up either. 

I didn’t want to cut into the old splices since they’re solid and transferring power past them, and cutting them out runs me short on harness length… I’m lazy. Someday I’ll clean them up.  I added a splice where I could. 

Temporary mount till I find my die grinder, and can open up the hole in the bumper (why on earth do these plugs have to be 2″ in diameter!??!) Hole was from the small factory plug, that wasn’t hooked up. 

Proof is in the pudding they say… this time it’s in the trailer! 

MacGyver would be proud… lol. How to hold the brake to check tail lights by yourself.

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Sugru to the rescue!

My more permanent fix for the ATV ignition switch nut that I ruined; Sugru!

For those that don’t know, Sugru is a moldable glue… Think a cross between super glue and silly putty. Or like a really thick moldable silicone RTV/gasket maker.

It’s a silicone putty or dough that comes in a packet, form it however you need and in 24 hours it cures to become a rubber. Sticks to almost anything, waterproof, electrically insulated, good to 265°F and -45°F, holds a fair amount of weight, and comes in about 15 colors! (And I just found out you can mix it to blend infinite colors- wish I’d known that before I did this fix, I could have matched the green fenders closer!)


A fellow on got me one of their home hacks starter kits for the secret santa gift exchange this last December.

A great idea to get me, since I tend to improvise and MacGyver things a lot…

But amazingly, it’s taken me this long to find a use for it! (The stuff takes 24 hours to set up, and I either need a Now fix, or If I have 24 hours,  I can use a stronger, more traditional adheasive.. )  But this ti.e, a more traditional adhesive wouldn’t have held/set fast enough, nor would the automotive standard, RTV silicone gasket maker.  And super glue wouldn’t be strong enough…

As I said, a perfect place for Sugru, and I even had green to (almost) match the fenders! Used a whole pouch, to get a good “bead” diameter on it, for hold and a smooth look.

My theory is since it’s rubber, to take it off the next time, I can run a razor blade between the Sugru and the fender.

Then make a cut, say 1/8″ wide out of the ring, and peel it off the switch.. Then to reapply it, simple place it on the switch (it will have the threads molded into the inner curve for hold) and re sugru the gap I cut out, back together.

Even if its really stuck to the switch (it probably is!) And I have to cut it away from it, I’ll still have a rubber ring that can be reapplied with silicone RTV, or more Sugru. ☺

I will have to re label the off/on, since the wiring tension on the switch meant it wouldn’t stay rotated(and actually wouldn’t let it turn completely thete)to the right place.  But that’s a simple fix, if I can find our label maker… If not, I’ll make a stencil and air brush it on; still simple.  😎

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Channeling my inner MacGyver again.

There wad Only one casualty to the wiring project… The nut for the ignition switch wouldn’t budge to get it out of the fenders. At All. 😩:?😬

I had to Dremel notches in it, and take it off in pieces… but that left me with no nut to reinstall with…

It’s about a 1.125″ threaded shaft, and probably metric thread. I have a LOT of hardware on hand but nothing like that.

Macgyver would be proud! ;)😎  Biggest section of the old nut, and a tripled up rubber band works pretty solid for now, until I can get a more permanent solution. 😆


Yeah, its jerryrigged and redneck bush Alaskan, but it works! 😉

Gonna work for a while too, since the hardware store I hit (Lowe’s ) didn’t have anything bigger than 5/8″, or a rate 3/4″ nut… (Really?)

I’ll think of something… eventually. ;)😎

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MacGyver would be proud!

Redneck, macgyver, improvisation…  Got tired of my right boot being Covered in 2″ of mud after every ride, so I made a replacement for the missing mud flap between the rear fender and the right floorboard on the ‘wheeler. Out of an old GM floor mat. 😆 zipties Rule! 😎✌👊


Didn’t drill any holes in the fender or floorboard either, just the new flap, so it’s all original, IF I ever manage to get the stock part. 👍

#Usex my Queen cutlery edcforums moonglow stockman to make the mud flap. Sucker was tougher than it looked, almost 3/16″ thick, had to sorta saw it while push cutting. But mud and all, over a foot of cutting and the D2 steel blade was still razor sharp! 👍👍


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EDCForums secret santa 2015 package!

Finally was able to go get my secret santa package thats been sitting at the post office since the 23rd…

Someone ordered me a cool little home hacks kit from Sugru!


I’ve wanted to try this stuff for a while now, just never got around to ordering any.

For those that don’t know, sugru is a moldable glue. Think silly putty with a permanent bond.  Its a rubber putty like compound in a sealed packet. Open it, mold it to what ever you need, and it sets up in 24 hours, turning into a silicone rubber.  It sticks to almost anything, wood, metal, plasitcs etc, is electrically insulated(says 24V max for safety), will withstand 356F and -58F, dishwasher proof, UV resistant… 

Only downside is it has a shelf life of 13 months from the date it was made, and the packets have an experation date marked on them. These say Jan 2017. Also says you can store it in the fridge to extend that life. Which is great, means it doesn’t mind the cold, and I can store a packet or to in the truck/ my work tools!  (need to find out how cold it can be to setup/cure)

Whats in the box is a idea/project booklet, and a small rounded Altoids like tin of goodies.







It has a couple lego plates, a couple magnets, some rubber bands, a washer, toothpick, and FIVE packets of sugru, in different colors! (I think the misc small stuff was soposed to be pressed into/held by the cardboard pieces so thats what they’re there for).

And in the bottom of the box is two tenis balls and a small roll of white masking tape.



So, the general concept of this kit is for home repairs and improvements or “hacks”. The book has some cool ideas, that I might post more about later(gonna try a couple).  Why tennis balls you ask?  Good question! One of those project ideas is a shoe holder… You glue the two tennis balls to a flat wall surface, and then hang the shoes by their heel/shaft area, over the balls! Brilliant, really.  

MacGyver would have Loved this! And I certainly do too!


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