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A bright idea?

Or a hot idea perhaps. 

A fiery one at any rate.

So, I’ve been using the match safe and matches for a few weeks before this, partly because it was fun and works fine. But mostly because I ran out of butane, And lighter fluid.   

And I’m miserably broke. So no fuel of either type was forthcoming anytime soon.  

 I’d been using the liquid fuel lighter inserts most of the summer, and winter, because I ran out of butane in the mid summer.  And just happened to get a free can of Zippo lighter fluid when we cleaned the previous tenant’s  “trash” out of one of the houses we worked on. πŸ˜€ 

@ $10+ a can, I’d given up buying the lighter fluid a couple years ago in favor of butane inserts.  But the butane isn’t exactly cheap.. 

Anyway, I got to thinking about what else I could run a Zippo on. I’ve never done it, but Dad had told me years ago that they will run on gasoline,  and diesel(and probably kerosene) if you can stand the smell.  

I wondered this winter if my Zippo hand warmer would run on Heet, or Iso Heet  alcohol. Never got around to trying it.  The general concensus on the interned is that the lighters will run on the alcohol,  but not great, and it evaporates out of them a Lot faster. 

Next couple days, if I find I still have a bottle of it kicking around, I’ll try it in a lighter and see how it does. 

I also wondered if I could use the can of white gas I have… but that’s pretty volatile stuff, didn’t want to blow up a lighter! Or me. πŸ˜‰ 

Little research though, and, turns out white gas is a fancy name for what is basically 99% naphtha.  Interesting! 

Id always known that lighter fluid is basically 99% naptha. 


My Ford Zippo is now running one Coleman stove fuel(white gas)! 

Burns the same, and the exhaust, smell is the same. 

The kicker here is that I have almost a full gallon can that I bought almost a decade ago for my Coleman multifuel stove!

 At the time that gallon can was a horrific  $10.  What I’d pay now for a maybe ~ 16oz bottle of lighter fluid!   Hate to think what the gallon of white gas costs now!! 

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Friday the 13th EDC.Β 

My carry for a possible snowstorm, and a birthday party some friends threw for my Mom. 

I apparently felt a little Blue yesterday πŸ˜‰ I need a blue 550 bracelet, multitool, and flashlight to round it out… lol. 

  • Pheonix Hanx (formerly HeartHanks) blue stained glass “take me to church” hank. 
  • Case Cutlery Navy blue Muskrat. 
  • Bullet  Space Pen.
  • Leatherman Wingman. 
  • Cerelean blue diamond plate Zippo. 
  • vintage Marlboro moneyclip.
  • AMW 550/leather bracelet.
  • Jetbeam BC10.
  • Seiko “5” automatic.
  • Custom copper tags/AMW tag & beads.
  • Write Notepads & Co. Royal Blue limited edition notebook.
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A square ZippoΒ 

​Ever seen one of these?

 Regular, standard Zippo on the left (vintage steel cased from 1952 actually) 

Slim zippo center (vintage from 1985) 

And, a custom cut down I did several years ago.  These kept popping up online at the time, supposedly something that was “theatre art”; items made by deployed soldiers. From the vietnam war era, done to make them smaller to carry.. I call BS on that one! No way a soldier in the field ever did this mod, unless he was on a base with a machine shop handy! 

 I simply liked the square,  balanced look, so I had to make one.  Shortening the case is pretty easy. Shortening the insert is interesting…The real pain is re mounting the hinge, and getting the lid to body fit gapless and snug, without binding. 

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Lighter to Vesta, #2

Couple years ago I did this project with a brass Zippo case, making a vesta out of it(a Vesta is a old fashioned match case/match safe).  Works good too, if I do say so myself. Lately, I’d been going through some gear, and was loking at this gorgeous silver(real Silver, or at least Silver plated) lighter that my mother gave me a few years ago.

 I always loved this lighter, its one I remember her having as long as I could remember, and she said she got it from a boyfriend she had once.. Since she met and married my dad in the early 60s, this lighter is older than that, and that makes this a pretty long lived lighter.  

Its not a Zippo, and actually its not marked at all, in any way… Who knows, it could even be a one off, hand made item..(although I doubt it, since there is a guy on the forums that has one just about identical to it, but I don’t know how old his is.)  Its a bit wider than a Slim Zippo; a Zippo insert doesn’t fit tightly.

Anyway, I love it but since the butane inserts for slim lighters are so hard to get stateside, and I don’t use a lighter often enough to justify wasting money on liquid lighter fluid that evaporates in a short time, I’ve not used it. It was on the shelf with the brass converted Vesta, and I’d been looking at vintage, and older styles of gear, and it clicked; Make a match safe out of it too! It even has the look of a Vesta, since a Lot of those were tall, slim and done in fancy silver, with carving and scroll work.

Its a simple mod, the same way I did the brass one, just cut the bottom off on a Zippo insert, invert, and epoxy into the case at the right height to clear the lid closing, but high enough to give good friction fit to hold the lid shut.






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A new flame…

Or, a new flame source.

About two years ago, I lost, thankfully for just a few days, my 1951 Zippo. When I was sure it was gone, I started browsing, and ordered a new one. A cerulean blue iced over diamond plate.  The dealer got back to me and said they made an error and were sold out. Naturally I had other wants from browsing, so I dropped down to my second choice, the emerald green iced over clover leaves in the same style.  I love the sucker, its been I think my most carried lighter since.  

But, as they say, variety is the spice of life;  I finally got around to re-ordering the blue over diamond plate. πŸ˜€











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5.26.15s’ Carry, and a new lighter.

First day in a while that anything has changed.  Also the first “day off” I’ve had in about 9 days, where I haven’t had to work/run/be someplace etc… Actually got to rest a little, so light carry for today.   (I swear I’m going to have to get a “real” job just so I can slow down and get some real rest!!!)




New lighter came today, one of my birthday presents to myself. Looks like a Zippo but it ain’t, its a knock off.  A knock off allowed me a design that I liked, instead of settling for something that I only sorta like on a Zippo.

Nice solid built lighter, especially for about $10. A little squarer than a Zippo, and a touch thicker… About two touches πŸ˜‰ taller. Inside insert is bigger too, I had to shim my Thunderbird butane insert in with some cardstock. A little play in the lid when closed, but it still opens and closes securely, and even Zippos have that play after the first decade anyway…



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A gift; new watch and some goodies!

So, last week  “FL Woods Bum” on EDCF made me an offer I couldn’t refuse; to give me his now unwanted/unused Seiko 5! Prompted by my comment of interest in them in the “if you had $50” thread…  

I LOVE the people on this forum! SO much love, friendship, and generosity!

Today I get this box, about the size of a small shoe box in the mail.

(and how he got USPS Priority to go from FL to AK from Fri to Mon is beyond me!)

Thought, “OK thats a big box for a watch… he said he put in some extras, but it can’t be that big, maybe this is from someone else…”

Nope, right box! FLWB is just one heck of a cool guy, sent me SO MUCH cool stuff he needed a big box!

My sweet new watch(plus two extra bands!);





And all the nifty extras; 


Upon opening;
“Woweee, a Mora!” (my EXACT words!)

Believe it or not, but I’ve never had a Mora…
Years on several outdoor and camping forums, plus Kochanskis’ “Bushcraft” is pretty much my outdoors Bible, and I even made a few scandi knives when I was making blades, but I never got around to just getting a Mora. (OK, I do have a small Frosts laminated carbon carving knife that is the same style, but still technically not a Mora. )

So, right now, for the rest of my evening outside doing some projects, I now have a sweet watch on my wrist, and a cool knife on my bely, with a mini bic hanging from it!


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