Motorcyclist/Bikers; Tire Pressure!

Hey guys/gals, just a heads up type thought; go check your tire pressure!

Last week I got ready to go for a ride, and did what I always do, always have; get on bike, and rolling forward hit the front brake hard; front shock compresses,  and weight hits front tire hard. Watch front tire, and if it deflects/bulges, I check air pressure.  

I started that years ago with dirt bikes, and then my Rebel 250 street bike…

As i recall, several pounds low and they’d show it.  Apparently the tires on my V-Star are a lot stiffer of a side wall!

As I said, I did that test this last week and had the tire flatten a little.  So I checked them. 

Rear was 10 psi! 

Front wouldn’t read at all!!


Zilch. Nada. 

So, I’ve been ridding on basically FLAT TIRES. Thankfully God is gracious, and it hasn’t killed me!

Aired them up, and the bike rolls better by hand than it has in a LONG time. Now when I clutch to shift while moving, it will roll faster, where before it would slow/drag.  (Be interesting to see how much this improves my gas milage!)

Talk about stiff side wall tires! Run flat is an understatement!  Apparently they’re just so stiff my little test has never really worked on this bike.

Lesson learned. I’ll now gauge check pressure every month, and seasonally when the bike comes out of storage(yeah, should have been doing that anyway).

Can you imagine a tire run too low suddenly shifting or rolling sideways on the rim at highway speed? 



Or for instance, a couple weeks before this, a moose ran out in front of me. I locked front and rear brakes and slid 20ish feet in a basically straight line at 60mph (didn’t know I could do that!). 

If the tire had flattened then, or rolled sideways? 

Option on hitting moose; bad enough…

Tire coming off rim binding up the wheel and cartwheeling me and the bike through the moose; uhuh…



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Parts make the world spin…

Among other things that spin. I’ll just leave these here; 

Currently trying to find a new one that I can afford. Actually, afford to ship is more accurate. 

The pivot wear;


(Bonus points awarded if you can tell me what it is 😉😎😈 )

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Gum tin improved.

The Camel snus tin I’ve been using for my gum has been working great. With the seal in it, it’s water tight, at least keeping out sweat or any other moisture I get in my pockets. 

And it’s durable, even though its dented some from being pressed in the pocjet, the gum isn’t crushed or mangled. 

My only problem was the snus advertisement that it was.  

I don’t particularly care what other people do, and I try not to care what people think of what I do. But, I don’t want to be seen as possibly using snus. Or just seen as doing something that I don’t do, regardless of what… 

 So I dug out a can of paint. Was going to use basic black, but found this small can of Krylon that I had. It was an almost exact match to the blue my truck used to be. 

Truck hasn’t been that color for 5.5 years, didn’t need to keep it anymore, so might as well, right? 🙂 


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Most carried,  most used item.

Most of you will remember that my most used carry item is a flashlight, far exceeding all others, even a knife. 

Not surprising since it’s dark a LOT here in the winter, which is basically 7 months of the year, (3 hours and 40 min of daylight yesterday!) And add to that my work always has datk, dim, shadowed, odd little nooks and cranies to see into… and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, I seem to need more light in general these days. 

Anyway, I need to fess up.
There is an item I religiously carry everyday in the fall through spring, basically once I gain a jacket to easily carry it, which coincides with Dark nights… 


I’ve had that headlines for about 8 years now, and love it! I’d say it’s maybe 100 lumens on high with all three leds going. Not a lot, but it’s enough in the pitch black outside. 

I’ve worn it working construction, doing yard work, shoveling, plowing, daily my Dane tasks like hauling groceries in, or getting firewood in. (Every evening for the past two weeks in fact!) It’s been worn snowmobiling, atving, hiking. It’s been used when I’m broke down, stuck. Or when others are broke down or stuck… It’s even been a room light during power outages. From fall 60F to record setting -65F it’s taken it all

It really is a life saver, worth it’s weight in gold. 

One of the greatest Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten. Mom got it for me that year after I asked for one. I wanted a Petzl, that’s what was available locally, so figured I’d get it… She ordered this from our favorite outfitter, Cabelas. I had deffinate reservations about the brand and led style, fjgured it a cheap off the wall item with a brand name slapped on it, would be dim and useless. Boy was I wrong! 

Before I got it that Christmas, I figured I wouldn’t be getting one, so bought myself the Petzl… 

I’ve used the Petzl maybe 4 times! The Browning is brighter, better modes. Ironically, mom ended up with the other one thus last winter when we had the big power outages.

It’s been basically bullet proof for the 8 years, still looks and works as new.

For most of the year, it’s, if not my most carried, most used item, it’s in the top two!

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Court house carry.

Had to drop off some paperwork at the local courts on Friday… I hate going placed with security checks.. 
Such a PITA to make sure your not carrying anything that won’t pass… And you feel like such a fool doing the “EDC Macarena” (90s flashback anyone? ); Which is the process of patting yourself down, checking every pocket 4 times over, for knives, guns, baseball bats, scissors,  or any tools… etc.  Ugh.  

Anyone that’s ever lost a pocket knife or lighter to TSA at the airport when you don’t have time to go back to your car, or Noone close by to hand it off to, knows what I’m talking about… Such a drag. 

You do realize if the let Everyone with a firearm into these places, they’d be safer than with no one with a firearm? 

Erg. Nope, not starting that rant Here. I start and I’ll go on for days. Neverending that sentence. 


I even left stuff I normally carry home, and didn’t wear my big coat, to avoid forgetting I had things on me.

 All of that, and I actually did forget I had my flashlight(it’s not pocketed, I belt loop clip it). Found it half way from the car to the door.. Given how cold and snowing it was, and I was so close, I figured what the heck, try it. 

Amazed me actually,  it went through fine. Amazing because at 370 lumens on high, and that’s not rare in good lights these days, even in broad daylight, at less than 15 or 20 feet, this sucker Will blind you. But I’m not argueing! 😉 😎

Here is what the rest of the days carry was, adding back my Victorinox multi, Case folder, and vintage 1985 slim Zippo.  

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost.🌄 One of my favorite Tolkein quotes from the poem of Strider, in Lord Of The Rings.. I identify with the line and the concept, since I tend to ‘wander’ through life, with little pre planned or ‘normal’, direction. 😎


Am making a series of copper tags, to be available soon. This is the first, prototyping a “battle worn” finishing process… Like it had survived the battle of the five armies, or at least a few skirmishes with Orcs. 😉 I like it! Turned out good I think.

This one is not available, it’s mine, but others will follow soon! ✌

It’s a somewhat long but fun process; cutting old water pipe to length, splitting, flattening, then cutting to size and smoothing edges, drilling. Then stamping, re flatening, texturing in various ways, and progressive levels, and repeats, inter mixed with chemical and heat coloring…

It’s fun and somewhat random, get to play around with what ya get, making each one unique.

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EDC update and concepts from this last week.

Atving, hiking, bush bumming, and also round the homestead and town too, over the last several days.




Its very, very, VERY rare anymore for me to wear a gun when not in the woods.

But I get lax on carrying a gun in the woods in the winter with snowmobiling,  since the bears are sleeping, and the moose/wolves etc tend to hear you coming and avoid you… And it’s too much trouble to carry in the back woods for 2 legged vermin; they’re few and far between out there.

So sometimes in the spring it takes me a little bit to transition back to remembering to take a gun.

Little over a week ago I was out for a ATV ride, that took me through the edges of fairly remote wilderness that is just behind our ridge.  Ridding along looking into the valley on one side of the trail, I caught movement in my periferal vision on the other side of the trail: a large mass of brown in motion…

I naturally slowed down, and did a fast “about face” type look that way, but nothing was there, nor visible as far as I could see off the trail that way (quite a ways actually, but my experiences with game seeming to magically disappear into thin air; their ability to hide and blend in, tells me there still might have been something there). 

First thought I had was “damn! I’m not wearing a gun!!”    I should have been… large oversight on my part, especially considering I had planned to be in that area before leaving the house.. 😳 Whoops!

No idea what the big brown movement I saw was. From its size and color, it could have easily been a moose or grizzly bear. Or it could have just been the edges of my periferal vision blurring the brush too… Only God knows.

But at any rate, it was a good reminder for me to start going armed in the back country again.

So anyway, every day out since, even just around the neighborhood or out in the back woods, I’ve worn my Beretta Stampede in .45Colt.  It’s a little on the weaker side when it comes to brown bears/grizzlies,  but I don’t carry or use this gun much, and I felt like doing so for a while… I figure 6 holes of Any caliber in anything I encounter is still a world better than No holes.. ;)😆


After another one of those trips out mid week, I suddenly realized what else my carry was missing this week. When sylvanbowyer on Instagram liked(thanks!) the previous days edc post… All my woods time, atv or not, a trail to follow back out or not, I should have a compass on me! Thus, yesterday’s carry included my Trunord compass in the sweet case Slvanbowyer made for it. Even got used once when I was curious of my exact direction. 👍😎

Also discovered one evening that the face of the Trunord is GITD (glow in the dark )


(A comment to my buddy Weston; if I had a pic for every day, you would note, that other than adding the compass, my cary didn’t change for the week! 😆 )

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Almost ten years, still going strong!

My trusty silver dollar holster from simply rugged holsters.


Little scuffed and worn, but still going strong!(10 years even this fall/Dec. At the latest- I bought the revolver that October, right after the AK PFD permanent fund dividends hit, ordering the holster custom made soon after, and I *think* I received it in Dec, just before Christmas,  or early Jan. ’07 just after the holiday rush. Something like that.)

When new you could invert it and shake the crap outa it, and not drop the gun… Now you only get one good shake, (partly my fault, from modifying the fit/molding by using it for my Ruger Security Six off and on for a few years; it was originally molded for the standard Colt SAA/Peacemaker shape). But straight gravity only, no shake, still won’t drop the gun from it!

Still fantastically secure with belt tension on it too, for either gun, the Ruger or the Beretta.  Originally ordered with the extra cross draw hole, so I could carry it left hand draw SOB(small of the back), but now it spends it’s time right side strong side pull, along the way i learned how un comfortable SOB of a full size gun can be…

It probably has at least a few hundred miles on it from hiking, snowmobiling, atving, hunting, and boating the Alaskan backcountry. and some time as city concealed carry too. 

I had it on 16 hours straight Saturday, and it was comfortable and secure all day, both concealed and carried open, in trucks, woods walking, and around town.

One day last summer I had it on for 10 miles of hiking, No trails, up some slopes you wouldn’t think mountain goats could climb,  across them, down them, woods, swamp, tundra… Creek crossings and ponds too.. It kept my Ruger 357 comfortably secure and in easy reach the whole hike.

Here she is concealed, the “pancake” profile hidding the gun well.


As you can see though, that shirt is a touch too short to conceal it 100%, so, by AK CCW laws, it was illegal worn that way. (AK carry laws require either 100% concealment,  or 100% “open” visible carry… ANYthing in between is out. So, I open carried for the time I was in town that day.  

It’s actually strange,
I’ve Never been 100% comfortable carrying a gun out of the woods/in towns etc… Was always self conscious and jumpy… it’s one reason I stopped carrying (for a few years in my early 20s I coNcealed carried almosy all the time), either concealed or not…

But, all day wearing it open Saturday I didn’t give it a second thought, and it didn’t bug me. I was conscious it was there yes, but not “self conscious” or nervous…  I never worried about comment on it, or about bothering anyone either. That’s odd for me and open carry.

(Honestly its not likely in this town to ever get negative feedback on a gun, even if I did care to wonder about it… So many people here are registered CCW permit holders it’s not even funny; iIt’s like 80% of the state population…

And the permit is Not required,  so ya gotta figure at least half of the other 20%  is like me, and carries without it.  I’ve actually noticed that open carry is getting rather common too- more than I used to see anyway. )

Amyway, just found it interesting, the change in my own mental reactions and comfort when wearing a gun in social situations/populated areas. Will I start carrying all the time again? I highly doubt it. It will probably stay a random “when I feel like it” thing.

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