Flaming Hot Key Chain!

A ‘32 Ford Hot Wheels plus a big split ring equals a new key chain for a spare key for my truck–Which I need to get, right now only one key exists for it..



No mods to the car were needed, with no side windows in it, I just had to thread the ring through!

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Spring time catch up.

Been a while. It’s either been a lot going on with no time to post, or I’ve been sick as hell(flu, twice through, laid out for 3 weeks, then almost gone, got too cold working, relapsed, and now running into 6 weeks total) and literally Nothing going on to post about. 

Anyway, here is a random slew of pics from the last couple months.

Moon and Venus.

My first day out snowshoeing.

Recent knives used and the books I was reading that week.(for a forum thread)

Dads stainless handle Sabre jack knife that lives in the den, which is currently the reloading room.

Case hobo and an Alaskan cookbook

225 grain LWN (long wide nose) hard cast .41 caliber bullets I ordered from GTBullets.  100 lubed and sized for $13, even with $6 shipping, it’s almost cheaper than I could cast my own.. And is considering I can’t afford the mould right now! 😉  

Cleaning up an old Schrade USA stockman, a 8OT , that a friend gave me last summer.

Knives and guns, notable pairs, (for a forum thread )

My Beretta. 45, that I’ve now amazingly had for 10.5 years! And the custom Andy Sharpe coffin fighter that it’s come to live with. I rarely ever carry one without the other.

My Mom’s Liberty Mustang .22 and Dad’s Case peanut.

Most sentimental pairing; my Ruger Security Six 357 mag. Which has belonged to both my older brothers,  and my Dad before me. With Dad’s Western brand hunting knife. 

New stuff, second week of March, my takes from the EDCC ( passaround box.

Old style finned bomb shaped beads are a fad right now, had some shop time so I tried one. LOTS of work to get the rounded nose, and fins. Had to freehand the cutters on the curve, and lots of file work off the lathe. Too time intensive to make many of them, but I might still..

A slew of pocket dumps, in mostly cronological order, late Jan. to now. 

On my knees in a sniw bank digging out firewood at 0F or 10F. Something like that. Proof that I wear my guns working, they’re not babied. (Much.. 😉 )

Simple day last week, hour or two after dark working on firewood. Headlamp and the bluetooth speaker did constant duty… I zip the speaker into a mid layer pocket, hit Google Play, usually Springsteen,  and have music wherever I am while working. 

Yesterday’s carry, 3-15-17, an outside day. been cooped up sick, wanted to get out and work for a while, puttered around with a few projects (most of which involved shoveling snow!). 

Cousins. Both old used and worn, but great Schrade USA stockmans. Large 8OT, and medium 34OT. 

My Titanium Eng1nerd Prangler  (mash up of key dangler and pry bar) is getting some great coppery brass colored wear stripes in its anodizing. The things that swing and rub on it are brass and it sort of burnished onto the area as it rubs. 

And, more of 3-15-17… got the sled out for a bit.And found out how out of practice I am… Was stuck a total of three times! Oi.  Thankfully all within ~100 yards max from the house! God is good to me!

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Knife of the day, 1-21-17

Haven’t done a knife post for a while. 

One of my favorite carrys, the venerable peanut, the knife that cuts 10x above its size. This one is Carhartt branded, by Case Cutlery.

 I rarely carry Just a peanut anymore, prefering a larger grip, usually around a 3 1/2″ or 3 5/8″ knife, not only longer than the peanuts 2 7/8″ but wider, easier to handle. But a peanut is still usually all the blade I’d ever need. One of these was at one time the only knife I carried for a little over a year straight. 
I don’t usually like the burnt bone or stag look, but this one I do. It fits Carhartts’ style well, as does the no nonsense satin bolsters and as ground blade finish. Lanyard ring hole added by me. 

Usually when I carry a peanut, it’s watch pocket carry under a Zippo. In this case on a pocket watch chain clipped off to a belt loop with a nite-ize key biner, and it rides over the top of the lighter.

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2016, EDC in review… Part 1.

So… 2016 EDC in review.. not much changed or updated this year, the standards that worked so well for 2015 held over. 

My ongoing search for the perfect pocket knife continued, but I’ll update on that a little later, part 2. ☺ 

But I only had two real changes, or new concepts, both great, this year.

First, my discovery of designer hanks. What at first was a curiousity, that I thought was great, but too expensive,  became a trend, and a small collection (up to about 15 now!) 

Here is most of the family, 4 or 5 missing, a few are scattered to places they’re semi permanently dedicated to- one in the shop, one in my tackle box, one in my range bag, and one in the secret pocket in my Tilley. 

All of those are from HeartHanks, except one, the plaid in the top row is from EDC Gentleman, new this last week.(great quality, I’ll be having more from them! ) And my two From SkarHanks areally in my range bag, and tackle box.

The other really cool and useful item I got this year is my ti Prangler, that a few of the outcasts at forums (still not 100% sure who!) Gifted me! 

It’s never been used as a pry bar, but it’s Always on my keys, and always hanging them if I have them on me. Really has streamlined, eased and revolutionized my key carry!

Above talking about my headlamp, I started to say it was my most carried and used item, but had to stop… This dangler might just be it. But I don’t always carry my keys, so it’s hard to quantify which one really is used more. 

Anyway, those are the big changes, and additions for 2016, both being good, nei, great ones. 😎

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Only new EDC item lately;

And its not really EDC, more of random work or play carry… And half of it isn’t really new.. The key is new to me, but the keychain I made from a leftover scrap of moose antler a couple months ago. Just didn’t have a use for it till now.  Its for the new quad/wheeler.


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LM bits, and drive extensions in new Thumbprint bit driver

New Thumbprint keychain driver holds Leatherman bits well for length, but they are loose and fall right out;






Leatherman extension fits good, seats all the way in. No retension if you just push it in, but if you twist it slightly as it goes in, it grips in the rubbery case and stays… shake it though and it will fall out, so a no-go for carry, but would be OK in use.   I am thinking about glueing a micro magnet into the holder for holding LM buts and extensions in place. Maybe. Dunno yet.







Vic extension works ok too, but no retension at all, just fall out, and doesn’t seat deep enough to catch a magnet if I added one.




Forgot to post this a couple weeks ago, keychain bit driver I “made” from the bit holder out of a Leatherman Surge, and a MUT long driver bit;



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Todays carry, and new pocket clip for Vic Spirit.


SRM 735 and Amherst Cutlery semi custom Canoe (high grade 420 and real Ivory)


Got my Nite-Ie HipClip in, thanks to Powerring for turning me onto these things with the one he put on his Rebar, I just had to try it on the Spirit.


Set on the pliers pivot end, ans far up as I could go and be comfortable with it clearing the pivot rivet head. Put on this end so gravity keeps the tool closed, not pulls on it to open… A pet peeve of mine with the Wave clip, is that if your real active the tool handles come open since they have it on the oposite end as the pliers pivot… The spirti is a tighter closing tool, but I still felt better about it being on this end than the other.


Thicker than I thought it would be… I might re-bend/re-tension it some to grip my belt tighter… Will give it some time and see how I like it.


Gripable for pliers use;




Tucks into my palm for most tool usage;




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Watch chain end danglers, necklace knives, and EDC for Aug. 16th.



Made my Gerber EAB into a emergency backup or just light weight carry knife necklace With dog tag ball chain run through paracord, and an S biner.


Then I was thinking what would be lighter(since that thing actually is pretty heavy around your neck.  Remembered the Gerber Paraframe mini that Kertap75 gave me.. AHA! super light and light saber sharp.. not OHO, but for this carry method, its not exactly a fast draw anyway ;)(although I can un clip them one handed!)  

 Needed a micro clasp to attach the knife, and am all out of the fishing lure clips/swivels that I have been using for this kinda thing…. Finally found a similar small clasp, almost a lobster clasp, on the end of a watch chain; Perfect! Short, low profile, and provides a attachment that’s oriented the right way.


And then, made a keychain dangler clip from the other end of the watch chain.(had thought of this before, but didn’t want to cut up a good watch chain when i wasn’t sure how I liked danglers in the first place… I have since decided I like the method of carrying keys.


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