Blackhawk grips part 4.0

4th installment for this, first was leather grips, which I need to finish, second was a great block of birch burl, third the 1860 conversion. 
So.. I figured in the mean time, till I can find another 1860 grip frame set, I thought I should at least put some stock grips(came with oversize pachmyre presentation grips) on the stock grip frame and shoot it that way at least Once before changing it 😉 

I started to make a set of grips 6 months ago, and have the piece for wood grips, but haven’t had either a warm shop or the drive/desire to work on them when I have the time to work on anything… So I bought some “cheap”(in price, not quality) cherry wood grips from a guy called LS Grips , that I found on ebay. 

$38(shipped cost) is horrendous for something I can make myself in a couple hours… But then, I haven’t had a couple hours where I could do it.. lol,

 AND it really, really is a steal for after market wood Blackhawk grips.  

Will need some fine fitting in a couple spots. And they are unfinished, I’ll have to clear coat them but thery’re a 99% perfect fit. 

Guy does good work! If your in need of some simple, but well made grips , give the guy a look. (He had maple, and walnut too, and other composites, and for most of the Ruger grip sizes.)

They feel good! MUCH better than the bigger rubber it had on it, nice and slim. 


Not quite as comfy as the 1860, but it’s really close. Will see how it shoots.  I can always thin them out some if I need to. (Gonna shoot it as is before applying a finish for that reason– and I don’t want to wait for a finish to dry.. lol) 

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Grip tinkering.

Pietta 1860 navy grip frame test fit on a Ruger Blackhawk. 😎  Saw someone else do a 1860 grip on a Blackhawk, but wasn’t sure if my cap and ball revolver was true 1860 spec. Looks like it is. 

Backstrap is a great fit. 

 Trigger guard would need the front hole filled and mover about 3/8″, and the slot for the trigger widened.  
Then of course the back strap would need supports for the Ruger style mainspring and trigger spring fabricated and installed.    

Honestly probably take me less than an afternoon to do the full conversion.  🙂

Why would I want to? 

Because I have small hands and this grip is a a different profile, it’s a Lot more comfortable.

 Also, I want to eventually strip and brown this gun, and the brass would look Sweet!   And I like to tinker…. Can’t seem to leave Anything stock. Lol. 

Now all I gotta do is snag another 1860 grip frame set online (not using these since I’m not giving up the use of my Pietta!)

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What you can look at everyday and never see!
Been looking at buying some burl wood chunks for a project. But really hoping to find some Alaskan wood in the process, with no luck. 

Then I suddenly realized one of my Dad’s old clocks that doesn’t work anymore, hanging in the livingroom… I knew it was a burl but it’s been there for 20 years, broke for 10+ so I never “see” it or think of it.  

Figure what the heck, I’ll cut it up, save some $$. Got it down and find it marked birdseye birch from Kenai!!! 😮 PERFECT!! I’d never even heard of birch with that burl pattern either! Turns out to be SUPER rare. 

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Long range 22 plinker?

So, I haven’t gone Completely to peep sights… just on my hunting or field guns. 😉

But I didn’t want the scope that my buddy Swany gave me to go to waste, so I dug out a rail adaptor and some rings, put it on my Super Stock Marlin model 60.

This was my first 22, and actually my first gun, circa late 90s.

“Super Stock”, because it’s basically a standard rifle, just in a configuration Marlin never made, with some light tuning.  Based on a shooting class/style over at the rimfire cental forums, of which I was a member at the time.

A blued action on the black laminated stock was never sold by Marlin (at least at the time I built this, a decade ago). Action polished and tuned, bolt jeweled. Aluminum trigger guard from an older Glenfield 60 fitted. (stock is plastic on the later rifles)

I had to replace the stock after a mod failure, and went with the gorgeous laminate, but have never really carried or used the gun much since; these stocks are Heeeaaaavvyy…

The scope actually improves the feel and balance quite a bit! Amazingly since in my experience a a scope always ruins a rifles balance.

I’d done this, the scope on there,  to get some use from both, thinking of a dedicated 100+ yard plinker to play with at the range… I dunno now, with the balance improved, it might just see some field use. 😎 😀

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Got some .410 shells for shooting a buddies single shot on Saturday… Thinking about re cutting the hulls and wildcating a few down to 45 colt length.

Yeah, so, we don’t have snakes, and the 3″ barrel on that revolver ain’t gonna throw the shot enough for birds or game… So why? you ask;

Why not, I say. 😉 should be a fun load to work out. (I did actually find a few sources of load data online; it’s been done.)

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Yikes! Is that RUST??!?

Yes, that’s Rust in the forcing cone and first 1″ ish of the barrel on my Beretta Stampede in .45colt :o:oops::(


Apparently I need to oil the sucker a little better when put away.. (or check on it more often… haven’t had it out since last summer,  ain’t been fired in over a year. :oops::( )

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A new gun I’ve been playing with.

Well, not exactly new… It was Dads. I’ve had it for almost 4.5 years now, and it hadn’t been fired for 5 or 6 befor that.  It was always fun to shoot, its just slow and tegious to load(IMO, and was Dads feeling too), so we never did a lot with it. 

Took some doing for me to find load datta for it… you’d think after 160+ years for this particular gun alone, cap and ball load data would be easy to find online… Not really..

1851 Navy, brass framed .36 cal cap and ball by Pietta.



I have powder(Pyrodex= Can’t get “real” black locally) left over, and caps, lube etc from my, and Dads .50 percussion rifles, but didn’t have any balls for it. looked at a new box for it, $10 for 100… Uhhm! NO!

So much for the “easy” way out. 😉

I had to improvise a little to cast some, since my Lee lead pot is full of a wheel weight/range lead mix.. Too hard for a cap and ball revolver.  SO I dug out a MAPP torch, a small laddle, and the double cavity Lee mold, and went to town.. 15 minutes later i had re cast some un needed 32 cal balls, and some reject/rough cast 50s into about 30 36 call balls. Less than 15 minutes later 6 of them went down range into my woodpile! 😀




And as a side EDC note, that is my Skar Hanks Explorer hank used as a ball catcher/drop cloth/hot lead holder… Hanks do make great pocket dump pic dressing, and carry bling, but mine also get dirty, used and even abused.. They’re functional carry for me.


( swore I had ball for it somewhere, and later found them… And remembered why they were elsewhere… I’d ran them through a 357 bullet sizer to make “round ball” bullets for range/target/small game loads for the 357/38. 36 cal round balls being .375 in dia, make a great short ball end cylender when rin through a .359 sizing die. 😀 )

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Some more about that Marlin 39A


Thought I should at least show the whole rifle;



The rifle is really, really rough, but like I said shoots great, so its worth some work.. ITs also another one of my free from investment projects; I inherited it when Dad died, and he got it– get this– at the local county dump when they lived in the bush, some 30 years ago.. Someone had simply thrown it away! There was no but stock then, and it had a minor function issue, but otherwise nothing serrious wrong.  
Dad made a butt stock for it from some standard fir 2×6 stock(all he had at the time) and played around with it off and on.   About a decade ago he and I took it apart and found out what was wrong with it– it would always work fine except feed the last round in the mag tube. We found that the follower on in the inner mag tube was too short. Took it apart to replace it and found that some body had previously had it apart and put it in backwards… Flipped it around and it works flawlessly since. 
Thats the last work its had done.. Dad always wanted to strip it down and re-finish it but never had time. I’ve played around with the idea of stripping it down, and sending it off to be sand blasted and Cerakoted dark blue or brown for a few years, but I never have the money to do it.  I’m at least gonna start using it, and cleaning it up as time permits… And then hopefully figure out what I want to do with the finish. 













The next thing I’m doing is either drilling and tapping the top of the reciever for my Skinner peep sight, or making a bracket that mounts to the side mount reciever sight holes, and wraps in an L to the top of the reciever, to then put a peep sight on..   A Williams 5D receiver sight for this think is only about $35, but I like building stuff, and I’m broke. 😉 😀




I’m actually thinking about just using Sugru to stick that sight to the top just like that, and see how I like it… And Lets face it, its only a .22… No recoil to speak of, I doubt its ever gonna jar loose the Sugru.. If nothing else it’d be a cool test of the Sugru to see how it handles vibration/shock.  I dunno yet though.

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