MYRIANN Tempered Glass Screen Protector, After 3 Years.

About three years and 2 weeks ago I got a tempered glass screen protector for my then new Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. A cheap one.

Its great! Clear and touch sensitive, can’t tell any diference in using the phone. Easy to clean, and so far I have yet to mark, scratch or stain it, and I’ve been on a messy construction/remodelling job site all week.
It was easy to apply, with a glasses cleaning cloth, the included alcohol wipe, and antistatic dust collector cloth… peel the back, press it in place, and press the center, and the adheasive magicaly self levels out all the air bubbles… It wasn’t even a one time deal, the adheasive will lift, and allowed me to move it twice to get the best fit, yet its still on there solid if your not trying to move it.
Now, it doesn’t fit Exactly right. Its a touch too big at the top and botton edges, and since my phones screen sits in a recess with a lip around it, the top edge of the protector is held just slightly above the surface of the screen… But its and area like 1/8” wide, but maybe 1/4” long above the speaker… Big deal

The same goes for the 1/8” wide bar that crosses across the bottom below the buttons, for like 1” its off the screen. Again, who cares?
Both spots are only sitting about half way up that lip, and because of the lip itself nothing can get under the protector in those areas, so it doesn’t matter. Otherwise its a perfect fit.
Here is the card that came with it, for the item/brand info if anyone is interested. This was like $6 shipped.


And amazingly it’s lasted all thee years. Mostly;


My phones screen by comparison is immaculate! Not a mark or speck on it!

I’d say that cheap $6 screen protector definitely did it’s job, and I more than got the good from it, and beyond the investment!

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Recovered slugs.

Recovered bullets from shooting Saturday. 

On the right a 210 grain JHP, or what’s left of it, from my 41mag. On the left, a, as I recall, 240 grain JHP from a 44mag. Might be a 220 though  (a friend’s gun/ammo). .

Both went into a heavy dell computer case, and through a DVD drive sideways, and stopped against the inside of the steel case(denting it deep), @ about 25 yards. 

 The 41 mushroomed out to 0.725″ average, 0.800″ on one axis… The 44 went to 0.600″ average. 

The 41 lost a lot of mass though. I need to weigh them both when I get a chance. 

The other smaller one is the lead core from a crappy russian TulAnmo surplus .308win that had 165 grain JSPs in them… It went clear through the computer tower, possibly through a hard drive or DVD drive, and a couple inches into a wet punky cottonwood log. Not much left of it, jacket totally gone, Really stripped the lead off too.  But it did manage to mushroom to about 0.40″

The 41 was my Ruger Blackhawk, the 44 a friend’s Ruger Redhawk, and the 308 another friends Rock River Arms M16 A4. 

What we were shooting at, after all was said and done;

One of these trips I need to take along a truck bed full of old phone books and newspapers, some cans of water and do the boxes of wet newspaper concept. Along with my cronograph, do some more serious velocity and expansion comparisons. 

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A first since the 80s!

A current trailer plug on my truck!

Been spliced into twice before, but no added plug on it now, and I don’t remember the factory one being hooked up either. 

I didn’t want to cut into the old splices since they’re solid and transferring power past them, and cutting them out runs me short on harness length… I’m lazy. Someday I’ll clean them up.  I added a splice where I could. 

Temporary mount till I find my die grinder, and can open up the hole in the bumper (why on earth do these plugs have to be 2″ in diameter!??!) Hole was from the small factory plug, that wasn’t hooked up. 

Proof is in the pudding they say… this time it’s in the trailer! 

MacGyver would be proud… lol. How to hold the brake to check tail lights by yourself.

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Midnight in the garden of good and….

….Electrical problems. Which are very close to being evil! 😉 :p

Not what you wanna be doing at midnight(yes, it’s that light here at exactly 12am! ) …

 Wired in new trailer wire plug on my truck(1st time it’s had a current/useful trailer plug since the 80s !). Got all done, works great, then notice I have a truck tail light out. 

Uhuh. Trailer lights still ok. Hmm. 

 Check bulbs, ok. 

Start tracing/probing for power before my splices, and after… at the socket… good past the splices for 4″ I can see, nothing at the socket…

 Normally I’d have ignored it for a day or two till I could trace the 4′ of remaining harness. But I had to be in town to the trooper sub station/dmv in the morning. Uhuh, not doing that with a light out. 😉

 I cheated and spliced in, and ran a new bypass wire for the tail light on that side. 😉😈😇 

I’ll go back and pull the old wire and see about sheathing this one later when I have more time. 

I hatecwiring/electrical/electronic work. Although ironically I find it very interesting and intriguing! And amazingly I’m getting passable at it. Ha!

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Darth Vader’s voice and why imperial stormtroopers can’t shoot straight – YouTube


(Yes, I could embed the video, but I have absolutely no idea how to do it in this app… Just live with it, and take another 3 seconds from your life, I  doubt you’ll miss them, and click the bloody link;)😛)

Lol, well, there’s That explained, finally! ;)😂

I found this guy for something completely unrelated,  but just had to share this, it’s so funny!  Yet… Really rather plausable. And amazingly, the voice techniques sounded good!

The guy is a bit odd… Especially if your overly American… But his vids are good,  some really valid, and entertaining points on most things.

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Some new toys.

To go with my phone.

Bluetooth earbuds, and a solar panel back up battery/charger.


The earbuds were the second to cheapest thing on ebay… real scietific choice, right? 😉 For sub $10 shipped, I figured I couldn’t really go wrong. They work great too, fantastic range, and great sound. On’y issue I have is that the smallest of the three rubber tip sies is still a bit big. I’ll be stealing the ones I really like off of my Nook buds, hopefully they’ll fit the Bluedio speaker nubs..

I started to get a solar backup battery that I saw on Instagram… but googling for their site I found the same thing, same capacity etc somewhere esle for less than half the cost. No brainer 😉

I’d been wanting a backup for my woods trips, where I use the phone in GPS lock for mapping, distance tracking etc, and obviously for a camera. But GPS EATS battery power. A couple hours hiking can eat 75% of a full battery on GPS mapping. Dead phone for the rest of the day is a pain in the butt, especially if you actually do have signal, and might need it for emergency use.

So a backup battery to carry is a great idea; A solar charged one even better, theoretically giving infinate re-charges on extended trips away from power.

It charges by solar panel, or micro USB input, and has two USB outputs to charge two devices at the same time. So far so good, although I have yet to carge anything from it.

It charges by solar automatically, I find it laying randomly in the truck or at the house with the charge light on, even under artificial light!  I even found that it will charge from the light of my BC10 flashlight!

The power loss has to be epic there, going from a LiFePO4 rechargable CR123 out at 320 lumens, into the solar panel and back into a battery… But I guess it is nice to know that at some point I could get device power from the light… maybe.(I doubt it honestly… I’d bet that the loss is so much that you could run the CR123 dead and not get enough power into the other battery to power on my cellphone. I’ll have to try it some time.)




Another nifty feature, a built in LED light;




Its not much, but in an emergency, when your going to backup poser supplies to begin with, ANY light source can be a God sent blessing!


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Fixed my cell phone case!

Taking the front shell off of the case and having the phone on with a good data connection and signal, and then laying it into the back half of the case would kill all connectios in a few seconds. 

Remove from the case half and connections would restore in a minute or two.

Reverse/Repeat that operation, and the results would repeat each time.

So, it was either part of the large back pannel covering something in the back of the phone, or something covered by the rubber edge guard.

Before, I had found that if I just uncovered the top end of the phone, prying the full case open just enough to take the rubber off that end, I could get signal and data.  But that actually exposed a fair bit of the back too, although not super open, it made a tunnel/air gap where it was exposed…

I had been doing that though, exposing just the top because the top end of the phone has a teeny tiny, wee little sticker on it that says “DUALCOMM4G”  and I figured it has the 4G transceiver close to that spot.

(as a side note, NO diagram or manual that I could find anywhere on the net says or shows anything about where the antennas are on these things… Or do they even have an antenna anymore? or does the whole thing just eminate/absorb the signal?? )

The problem was, I could Either cut the top end of the rubber off and expose that end, OR cut the back panel out leaving the rubber bumper loop. Not both. And thus not one, then the other, so I had to chose right the first time.

Turns out the construction of the bach is rather robust plasic that a utility knife wouldn’t cut, and power cutting it I knew was going to make a melted mess. And cutting the rubber around the edges of the plastic back wouldn’t leave enough gripping the back of the phone to hold it all together after cutting…

That solved that choice.

So, I cut a generous, but also carefully selected section off the top end of the rubber, leaving a back ridge, but exposing all of the end area.

How it looked more or less before cutting, (this is actually the bottom end, since I forgot to take a ‘before’ pic of the top end)



And the area I cut out;








It still fits good and tight over the front peice, and holds it pretty secure, almost the same as before. Close anyway.  And the BIG improvement being that it worked! I now get good signal, and can get a good data connection from inside the case!

While I was at it, I also cut the built in screen protector out, ironic as that is since I got this case to begin with because it had that feature…  But the case just makes the whole phone too big for everyday use and carry. 

I need to be able to quickly and easilly put the case onto the phone without having to thoroughly clean the inside of one screen and the outside of the other first; To keep from trapping dirt etc between them, that could scuff or mark the phones’ screen(and be anoyingly seen in use too)

With a good screen protector installed directly onto the phone instead of in the case, I can use it without the case for the average days. And then days with rougher activities planned, simply snap the case on and go. I’ll probably end up with the case carried in the truck most of the time, to be able to add it onto the phone mid day if I need to.



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New piece of gear; Supcase Unicorn Beelte

Finally got a case for my new phone. I actually manged to keep the phone rather clean and un marred for almost a month, but dirty greasy work days were driving me nuts… Greasy, grimey hands and and expensive screens are not a good combo.

Yeah i know, I bought the Active version of the S5 for its durrability and waterproofness, and now I stick it in a case anyway… But I figure for some of the things I do, as much protection as I can get on a $700 piece of pocket computer, the better! 😉

Took a lot of digging around to find a case with a built in screen protector, since I didn;t want a gap between case and screen edges to seep stuff into, and also it seemed pointless to buy a case AND buy a sepperate screen protector…  Pointless for an expensive plastic box to not at least protect All sides of the phone! 

Also, took some digging to get that feature in something reasonably compact, and afforadble, AND in a color and style I could stand.

I actually ended up not finding a color I wanted in the case I liked, so I went with the next best thing; White. I can mask the screen and the rubber border and go at it with the air brush and do anthing I want to it! 😉

So anyway, here is the Supcase Beetle Unicorn(serriously, who names this stuff?? )

I ended up paying $30, only moderately less than what I considered too much to pay for THE popular “bulletproof: case, the Otterbox at $35… But, thats how it goes sometimes…lol.

And besides that, a couple things I’ve read say that the Otterbox for my phone Does Not have a built in screen protector. I dunno for sure, thats just what I’ve read. Wasn’t a deciding factor though, I read that after getting the Beetle.

The only thing I didn’t get that I wanted, and as far as I can tell isn’t available with Any case, is a cover over the camera lense… So I’m still babbying the thing at times, to make sure not to scratch or muck up the camera. But its still a lot better than wondering about the whole phone!

Just gotta get used to the added bulk in my pocket, since I had Finally gotten used to the bulk of the phone itself.

Stock photo, since I can’t take a pic of the phone With the phone… Lol.


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