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Most carried, Β most used item.

​Most of you will remember that my most used carry item is a flashlight, far exceeding all others, even a knife. 

Not surprising since it’s dark a LOT here in the winter, which is basically 7 months of the year, (3 hours and 40 min of daylight yesterday!) And add to that my work always has datk, dim, shadowed, odd little nooks and cranies to see into… and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, I seem to need more light in general these days. 

Anyway, I need to fess up.
There is an item I religiously carry everyday in the fall through spring, basically once I gain a jacket to easily carry it, which coincides with Dark nights… 


I’ve had that headlines for about 8 years now, and love it! I’d say it’s maybe 100 lumens on high with all three leds going. Not a lot, but it’s enough in the pitch black outside. 

I’ve worn it working construction, doing yard work, shoveling, plowing, daily my Dane tasks like hauling groceries in, or getting firewood in. (Every evening for the past two weeks in fact!) It’s been worn snowmobiling, atving, hiking. It’s been used when I’m broke down, stuck. Or when others are broke down or stuck… It’s even been a room light during power outages. From fall 60F to record setting -65F it’s taken it all

It really is a life saver, worth it’s weight in gold. 

One of the greatest Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten. Mom got it for me that year after I asked for one. I wanted a Petzl, that’s what was available locally, so figured I’d get it… She ordered this from our favorite outfitter, Cabelas. I had deffinate reservations about the brand and led style, fjgured it a cheap off the wall item with a brand name slapped on it, would be dim and useless. Boy was I wrong! 

Before I got it that Christmas, I figured I wouldn’t be getting one, so bought myself the Petzl… 

I’ve used the Petzl maybe 4 times! The Browning is brighter, better modes. Ironically, mom ended up with the other one thus last winter when we had the big power outages.

It’s been basically bullet proof for the 8 years, still looks and works as new.

For most of the year, it’s, if not my most carried, most used item, it’s in the top two!

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First ice fishing of the season!

Up at 4am, me a buddy at 530, little over an hours drive, short walk(100 yards..) to the spot, we were on Birch Lake and fishing by 7. 

Wasn’t too cold at around 0 to 5F but the steady breeze at 8 or 10 mph with gusts to 25 or 30 mph was COLD!!

An Eskimo shelter and double bottle propane buddy heater fixed that… 

in the 10 minutes from drilling the holes, till we got setup the holes started to ice over… an hour later we had it so warm in there, basically t shirt weather, we’d melted all the remaining slush from the holes… ha! 

yeah man, between the shelter, the heater, and the gas ice auget, we were really roughing it! LOL.  

My haul of rainbow trout and silver salmon. The biggest, the rainbows were a little over 12″. I’d caught about 7 total, kept 4, and my buddy let me have a couple of his, he’d gotten about 10, kept 7 or so… Not bad for first trip of the season! 😎👍👍
3 rainbows made dinner, the rest froze for later, first time I’ve ever gotten 2 meals from a single ice fishing trip!

 Also first time I’ve eaten rainbow trout; pretty dang good!  Good flavor, mild but not bland. Not as dreamy as the big Lake trout I had last summer, but still great! 

Don’t think I actually posted this knife here when I got it last month, but my new Case Cutlery 47 frame Muskrat pattern folder makes a fantastic fish cleaning knife! Long slim razor sharp blades are a dream to use. 

I normally use a Case Sodbuster Jr. but it was a little duller than I needed this time, and being already slimy and bloody, it was too much trouble to sharpen it. So I simply grabbed my recent edc, the Muskrat. 

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Long time no see, right?

Been Super busy with a new job the last three weeks, no online time at all..


Had to work Memorial day;


Memorial day after work, for a few bottles opened and fire pit starting;


Other edcs lately





At work;


Lots of painting at work, most of my gear has at least one spatter or smear on it…


Got a few new items lately, including this solar battery backup a buddy got me for my birthday. Works good… actually takes a slow charge off of solar, in a day in the sun it came up 2 out of 5 bars… but no further. But at least the solar does help noticeable, would actually make plugged in charge faster. Unlike the one I got last year that never added any on solar in a week..


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4/28/16 and 4/29/16 EDCs.

Yesterday’s EDC pocket dump from around town running errands. (Mostly buying hardware for the next step in ATV winch installation. 😆 )


And this was Thursdays’ carry for my ATV wiring adventure ☺;


And, the item that got the most use all day;  Eagletac Ti lights Rock! Anyway, this one does!

(Can someone tell me; does this next line show up as smilies? ? )


The Case cutlery mini trapper and the Victorinox Spirit got a lot of use too, but not near what the flashlight did!

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Some EDC lately.

Last Sunday;


An adventure road trip and truck retrieval day, Monday;



By far my most used gear that day (and many days!), my Knipex pliers wrench;


Wednesday to a special church meeting;


From Thursday,  for chores around the homestead;


Thursday, to church again;


Friday, to a special dinner out;



A work day last week, I dug out my model Cryo, for one hand opening convenience.



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A new gun I’ve been playing with.

Well, not exactly new… It was Dads. I’ve had it for almost 4.5 years now, and it hadn’t been fired for 5 or 6 befor that.  It was always fun to shoot, its just slow and tegious to load(IMO, and was Dads feeling too), so we never did a lot with it. 

Took some doing for me to find load datta for it… you’d think after 160+ years for this particular gun alone, cap and ball load data would be easy to find online… Not really..

1851 Navy, brass framed .36 cal cap and ball by Pietta.



I have powder(Pyrodex= Can’t get “real” black locally) left over, and caps, lube etc from my, and Dads .50 percussion rifles, but didn’t have any balls for it. looked at a new box for it, $10 for 100… Uhhm! NO!

So much for the “easy” way out. πŸ˜‰

I had to improvise a little to cast some, since my Lee lead pot is full of a wheel weight/range lead mix.. Too hard for a cap and ball revolver.  SO I dug out a MAPP torch, a small laddle, and the double cavity Lee mold, and went to town.. 15 minutes later i had re cast some un needed 32 cal balls, and some reject/rough cast 50s into about 30 36 call balls. Less than 15 minutes later 6 of them went down range into my woodpile! πŸ˜€




And as a side EDC note, that is my Skar Hanks Explorer hank used as a ball catcher/drop cloth/hot lead holder… Hanks do make great pocket dump pic dressing, and carry bling, but mine also get dirty, used and even abused.. They’re functional carry for me.


( swore I had ball for it somewhere, and later found them… And remembered why they were elsewhere… I’d ran them through a 357 bullet sizer to make “round ball” bullets for range/target/small game loads for the 357/38. 36 cal round balls being .375 in dia, make a great short ball end cylender when rin through a .359 sizing die. πŸ˜€ )

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Fish report, 2-13-16

Got me some small king salmon!

Biggest one shown here is about a foot long.  My buddy caught it, my third was a little shorter like the bigger of the other two, but they got mixed up in the cooler at the lake, and when I was sorting them, he urged me to take a bigger one home instead… I didn’t argue much πŸ˜‰


Also, the knives I used, a Queen bonestag and D2 toothpick, and my CV Case Sodbuster.  The queen I dedicated to my fishing kit last year, since it resembles a folding fillet knife, so it wasn’t really pocket carry, but if I’m fishing its there…  But it wasn’t as sharp as I thought it was, and other than cutting gills to bleed the fish out at the lake, it didn’t get much use… it took the head and tale off of one, but was too dull to slit the bellie for cleaning. Good thing I’d taken the sodbuster! It once again went through them like they had greased zippers in them!


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A little winter time prep work…

Or maybe repair work is more accurate. Some prep work for doing repairs, while preparing for the rest of the winter? 

lol. Anyway.

Another thing I did Saturday, was finally taking apart my snow plow hoist motor (it started sticking while plowing a couple months ago, would lock up and I’d have to rap on the motor to get it to let go and run again. Real pain to get out and do between passes… )

(Not that it matters but this is on topic because I used my carried Leatherman box wrench to break lose the bolts, and the 1/4 drive set that’s EDC’d in the truck to take them out. )

Yup, I think it needs new brushes….


Not bad though for about 40 years of use though .


40 might actually be a little inaccurate, but I can remember 20 to 25 years where they weren’t replaced, and I don’t remember Dad ever talking about having replaced them at all before that, or ever… He got the hoist(a Meyers E-46) around/between 78 and 80.. The date on the bottom of the motor from the factory is 11/20/74…

I’d say its at least 30 years. Heck, even the 25 years I personally remember is pretty good!

(for those that don;t know, the motor runs the hydrallic pump that pressurizes the ram to lift the plow.)

I’ve been trying to do an educated guess at a run time that might be on that motor every year, but there are a lot of variables to consider… too many I think. Figure we plow an average of 4 or 5 times a winter for our yard, which is about an acre more or less to clear, and then probably half of the years we did the road, which is about a 1/2 mile. I make probably 40 passes or lift cycles every time I do the yard, probably the same every time I do the road.

No idea what to add for when I’ve hired out to plow for neighbors the last few years.

Each cycle has to be 15 to 30 seconds of run time on the motor under load, heavier load if its colder/the fluid is thicker….

yeah. A lot of run time, even if its in short bursts.

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