Flashlight fobs.

Going through some things I had out to setup a keychain a fewcdays ago, and decided to finally fix this lanyard.
Got it in a passaround box a couple years ago as I recall. It’s a cool setup, a classic hangmans noose.
But I never really used it much ’cause its so long in the tail. Best it ever got was a few weeks on my bike keys, to pull them from the bottom of a pocket… but I didn’t like how long it hung when using the key..
Anyway, looking at it and a zipper pull I had with a glow in the dark end on it–also from a passaround box– that I’ve never used, and thought what the hell? (Why not?)


Loop from the zipper pull on top, new lanyard turned fob, and what I cut off on the bottom.
Sucker glows nice!


Honestly didn’t know what I’d do with it, but it had a much better chance of finding use now than before!

Fast forward to yesterday.
Recently when I got this little 1xaaa 5.11 Atac light from another passaround box, I had to find a way to add a fob for pocket retrieval.

With it, the same as another light I’ve had a while, it seemed the only option was to just hook the pocket clip through a split ring on the fob. It’s an easy pull from the pocket, and the pocket keeps it in place when cliped.

The problem is that in use, it slides down the clip, and can come off, and sometimes takes extra care to position it when clipping back to the pocket… A pain in the butt.

After a few variations I settled on this, the same setup but with a micro ring as a keeper through a hole in the clip, so the fobs ring can’t slide down.

Works perfect, and made me wish I could do that with the other light– but it has no holes in its clip.

Wait, I can fix that!
Drilled one hole dead center, and instead of the keeper ring, just put the fob ring throughit. The hole weakened the clip strength, so Ihad to bend it in a little maybe 1/8″, increase the pre load tension, works fine again now.


Great place for that shortened up fob/lanyard from above too.

That light is a single mode, 2xaaa from Bushnell, not super bright, but really handy, one of my favorites. As I recall I got it in a secret Santa here a couple years ago. Should be even handier now!

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Friday the 13th EDC. 

My carry for a possible snowstorm, and a birthday party some friends threw for my Mom. 

I apparently felt a little Blue yesterday 😉 I need a blue 550 bracelet, multitool, and flashlight to round it out… lol. 

  • Pheonix Hanx (formerly HeartHanks) blue stained glass “take me to church” hank. 
  • Case Cutlery Navy blue Muskrat. 
  • Bullet  Space Pen.
  • Leatherman Wingman. 
  • Cerelean blue diamond plate Zippo. 
  • vintage Marlboro moneyclip.
  • AMW 550/leather bracelet.
  • Jetbeam BC10.
  • Seiko “5” automatic.
  • Custom copper tags/AMW tag & beads.
  • Write Notepads & Co. Royal Blue limited edition notebook.
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A new hobby or two…

Well, I’ve gained two new obsessions hobbies this last week.

First, is Knots.

Yup, knots. 🙂

Big rafting trip comming up in June, and I’m getting into canoeing as soon as spring hits, but I realized that i have no idea how you securely tie up a boat… and make it easy to untie. Learned that on last falls hunting trip, actually. 

So, a knot book, and some 550 cord, and I’ve already learned about 4 or 5, and have a list of several more I’m practicing.  I can now be found with a 4′ chunk of 550 in my pockets most of the time, so if I have a spare few minutes, I can practice the ones that are being harder to memorize. 🙂

I’ll post a list of what I’m learning later(got it wrote down, but not handy), but any recomendations of anything you think would be handy for me, are more than welcome. 🙂

Oh yeah, almost forgot; In that, for the first time after years of trying off and on, I FINALLY tied a monkey fist!


The other new hobby is ice fishing. I’d actually been out to try it once before, but that was last spring and it was well over freezing, and the ice was LOUD… Guy I was with had never heard it that loud there, so we got off the ice fast.  Only got about 1/2 of fishing then.   Yesterday though, I was out with another new friend for about 5 hours, and learned a lot. Also caught my first fish since I was 3 years old!   6 or 7 catches later, and two nice 9″ lake trout that I brought home for dinner, and I’m hooked!(no pun intended)



My edc for my ice fishing Saturday;






And what got a Lot of use; Skeletool for pulling hooks/releasing fish, and the CV Sodbuster for cutting bait, and dispatching/cleaning/butterflying the fish.   Sucker worked like there were zipper holding those fish together 😉 smooth and fast.


That Sodbuster was the only blade to touch those fish from lake to plate. 😀

On the way home, I stopped and got my own ice fishing rig, a cheap rod/reel, and some lures. 😀  Gonna go through my gear, put together a dedicated knife and multitool, some cord, fire kit, etc for a fast grab kit to keep with the rod so I can head out fast any time.   

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3-18-15; Spring!

Been busy, not much time to post stuff. Most of this last week has been epic warm weather, in the upper 30s officially, ambient here at the house in the 40s, and my record so far in the sun on my deck at mid day was 56F… Spring has sprung!  I’ve been out in it almost every day, enjoying it. Went snowmobiling 3 days, one day a buddy and I went ice fishing(first for me, never done that before). 

March 18th;


Some trail fun;






what happens when you run out of room to make a hair pin turn cutting trail in deep snow where there hasn’t been a trail yet, and slow down too much to figure it out;

Not sunk deep like it would be in powder… These temps have the snow wet and sticky, so it supports the maching from sinking, but it also grips it like concrete… just as stuck either way.



Had o un-stuch that maching twice that day, and even though I cheated and used a truck to pull it out both times(had to use 50′ of straps to reach it for one on them!) its still a lot of qhysical work, mainly hiking back and forth in the deep wet snow… And after ridding, and working on that I was pretty well spent, I decided to heck with everything and spent some time here; just enjoying sitting in the sun.



Vic Spirit got some use undoing knots that were pulled tight when towing;




Early in the day my EDCF stockman got used to slit the leather cover on my Reeves hatchet, to take a 550 cord bandoleer/belt through it so I could carry it ridding;







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New neck chain.

I had all these little items typed up in one post this morning but Firefox the Blogjet locked and crashed and I lost all of it… So your getting them singly as I can re-compose them…

Put a new chain on my neck rig last night. I made up this chain sheathed in 550 a few months ago, but never got around to using it for anything. The 550 on my current chain was getting pretty dirty after several months of 24/7 wear a few months back, and even worse now… Finally got bad enough that I thought it looked a bit too tacky. Both are reflective white 550. I’ll strip and re-sheath the old one as soon as I have more 550 to use, so I can still have a backup/second chain.


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Rhino Skeleton Knife.

Let me introduce you to the Rhino Skeleton, a small pocket fixed blade.

I recently found an old fixed blade palm skinner that I made about a decade ago.

Took the cocobolo scales that had warped(being unsealed, and 1/8” thick in a humid basement wasn’t good for them I guess) off of it. Re-edged, cleaned, and wire wheeled it for a satin finish.

Then carved out the handle playing connect the dots with the pin holes, skeletonizing the handle. Added some scallops around the handle edge for grip, and to hold a paracord wrap, de-burred and rounded it all off to soft edges. Made a simple leather pocket sheath for it too.  Blade is 3/32” 1095.  

Almost re ground the blade into a drop point, but I like the long belly for slicing, it worked wonders on the leather while making the sheath 😉 So, I left it a trailing point.(has a rhino horn kind of shape to it, thus the name)

Had thought about a simple wrap on the handle, but a cobra seemd like it would add grip better, and add a bit more thickness to help keep it in the sheath better. Worked good!


All together it was a nice way to kill about a half hour in the shop before dinner yesterday.










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Used EDC to make a 9mm fob for the new RAT

Used Spirit awl to ream out the primer flash hole on a non re loadable 9mm shell, RAT to cut accessory cord, Zippo to melt cord end. Only thing I used that wasn’t my EDC was my Lee reloading press to seat the .357 mag bullet(158grain JSP) 😉


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Updating neck carry, today.

Going from the Gerber Paraframe, to my Case Peanut, in the Kydex sheath I made for it, and carried it with a few years ago. Nothing wrong with the Gerber, its a great little laser of a knife…. But as they say, variety is the spice of life. 😉







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