Mid week carry(and use)


Just about the same as usual lately, except I felt a bit over knifed (yeah, it happens even to me Weston :p ) and short on pocket space so I left out the EDCF Queen stockman.



Really liking carrying this little fixed blade lately. Its a nice size, light, compact and easy to carry, but gives a nice sized handle to use and a robust blade that cuts great. It made fast work of cutting willow switches for roasting hot dogs last weekend, was like using a laser!




Skeletool opening a treat;

taking a little trip to the caribean, Mawn. 😉



So-so. Aparently a jamaican lager(or anyway this one) aint much different than the average east coast light american lager… Not really my thing. Not awful, but deff wouldn’t be my choice again. But when I do get a beer these days, as rare as that is, its nice to try something different.


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Misc for a few days..


EDC for the 5th;




Touching up a knick in the Zancudos blade.





The 6th 






The 7th 




Snowing Sunday afternoon, after about 1” Saturday night.  Late Monday about 3” and still coming down.




And,  Late Monday about 2.5” to 3” and still coming down.




My treat Sunday night. Good stuff, a new one for me. Has a great smell and overtone of flavor of a good Bourbon, reminded me of Jim Beam Black.




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New Years Eve 2013 EDC

Last carry set of the year;











It deffinatelly a dark ale, but its ‘light’ or thinner too… most dark bears are a thicker viscosity, but this one is very thin. Its color and clairity ‘pops’ in the glass, amber and brown with tomes of red in the light… like a fine dark scotch. wonderful nutty scent and flavor, almost a coffee flavor, almost a chocolate flavor but not quite either… and a finish that isn’t bitter, just lightly hoppy. Goes down great, you could drink gallons of this and never know it, its so smooth!

My second variation from Rouge, and I’ve loved both… I see a long time loyalty and addiction coming 😉





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Oct. 17th carry

Just loafing around the house today, reading and writing.






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Wells Banana Bread Beer

Wells Banana bread beer. A medium amber color beer, tastes like a slightly sour wheat ale(although it isn’t one) with a over tone of banana flavor. The banana flavor is Definatelly there, at the fore front of the taste, on top of the hops, both drinking, and as the first aftertaste, then fading to the sourish light wheat ale flavor, with a ”fruity” note left as well, but not specifically the banana. But Its not too sweat either, its banana taste, but not “sugary”, or heavy, its deffinatelly a blended in flavor. I don’t like the wheat ale like finish, but its pretty good. 



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