Range day, August 12, 2017

Range day with a couple friends yesterday.

Very few pics, I didn’t take many, was having too much fun… 😉😆 Maybe more later, a friend took several,  if I can lay hands on them… (yes, you Weston!) 

Got to make sure of the sight in on my 30-06 for upcomming hunting seasons; still doing a 2.5″ ish group at 75 yards, peep sights, 3″ high with my hunting loads: good enough! .Also, played around with my 45colt Beretta Stampede; nice bullseye group at 75 yards! Like a 6″ group, but still, not bad for open fixed notch sights on a 3.5″ barrel, that I don’t shoot often!

 Played with a buddies Ruger Mini 14 223, (I REALLY need to finally get the 223 I’ve wanted for 5 years… such a nice light plinking round!)

And I was finally able to try some handloads I made for my 30-30 in late 2014. .30cal round ball loaded light, for small game. bunny busters I call them. Pretty accurate to 75 yards, with no sight change on the rifle, quieter than a .22lr too.  Only problem is you have to single feed them, they won’t feed into the mag tube. 

Got a couple rounds into the black(paper plate sized roughly) at 100 yards with the 30-30, also peep sighted… Been 3 or 4 years since I’ve shot that gun at all, nice to see how easy it was to get back close to where I was then(Used to make nice sub 2″ even 1″ groups at 110 yards with it… with the peep sight. 😎 )

The Remington model 25 has that new sight that you guys might recall I put on over a year ago. Finally got to try sighting it in.

Couldn’t get on paper at 50 yards, always low, even after coming up a LOT on adjustments… Was running low on ammo and patience, then got side tracked. Will have to try another day and start closer…

This is what we call 36 mile range… It’s at the 36 mile marker on my road, about 12 miles into the Chen River recreation area.. (22 miles east of me on a windy 2 lane blacktop)

It’s just 3 benches and about 125 yards max aaaallll the way up the back slope… 100 yards max applicable use unless your really ambitious 😉

My stuff, the 25-20 out. Some of you will (should) recognized that scope laying there, it’s the one that was on my 30-06 since my Dad got it new in the 60s.

 The one that had the elevation adjustment break during sight in several years ago… About drove me nuts!  Took it off and used the irons that season, then after that my buddy Swany gave me a scope to use. 

(It’s a little funny, Swany had the other scope on a .22 he used for squirrel. I used it one season and then gave up on scopes all together for serious use, and I now have it on a .22 for small game. Came full circle! )

Anyway, I now use the busted scope as a monocle/spy glass I call it, for a spotting scope at the range. I’ve even worn it slung around my neck hunting instead of binos!  The 3-9 magnification and focus rings still work great.

My buddy’s stuff, S&W 44 mag, S&W 45 auto, Ruger Mini14.. Sorry, I can never remember the model #s on the S&Ws.. 

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Spruce burls anyone?

Several years ago, a buddy bought a house here, and this was left in the garage by the previous owners. A Hat/coat rack made from a spruce tree with several burls on it, set into another Huge burl as a base.

Great concept, just not done the best way.. they’d drilled holes in the burls and stuck 3/8″ dowels in them for the hanger pegs… Not to mention it never had a finish applied to it so it was dry and dull. 

He thought it was the ugliest thing ever… I didn’t think it was that ugly, but not real gorgeous either… just not real practical the way it was made, and the space it’d take up. He was gonna trash it. I took it home.

I intended to cut it up, to get the burls for woodworking… Today, over 6 years later, it was still standing in a corner of My garage… ;):oops:😒

So I finally got around to cutting it up. 


It stood about 6′ tall. For scale, that is a standard milk crate, and the Husky saw is a 440 with a 18″ bar.  It is now in the form of several separate burls, waiting to be delegated projects. 

Got a bowl, a few kuksas (cups) and some knife handles planned from the small ones. No idea yet about the behemoth that was the base(and I swear that sucker weighs at least 75lbs, even dry and seasoned like it is!).

I went ahead and used the husky to split one of the smallest of those burls down from the center trunk, so I can start carving something. Thinking maybe a small kuksa .


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A little adventuring from the last week/weekend.

Last Thursday, 


About froze to death, the high winds we had taking the 65F to 70F in the  sun to probably 55F or even 40F… And with the wind from my moving, it was downright frigid in places.  But well worth it! 36 miles total round trip, around 3 hours, dry trails, mud trails, mud roads, even some time on pavement. Lowlands, and some high country,  ice, snow and water too.


Yes, it really was a bit muddy in places 😉

First half of Saturday,


Was spent with some great friends, shooting at a little back country gravel pit (read; private range 😆😎;)) Got to shoot my Remington  model 25 for the first time, after waiting 16 months since I rebuilt it; shoots great!

Also some plinking fun with my 1952 Marlin model39 , and got to shoot a friends 338winmag Ruger mark77 rifle… hard kicker, but not near as bad as I thought it’d be, even out of such a super light gun.  Was a 30 or 40 min. drive out through the Chatanika  river drainage too, a gorgeous area I don’t get to see very often.  Good times all around!!

Second half of Saturday;


geese ducks and swans, among two or three other species I didn’t recognize are “in” at a local bird migratory stop over/field.


Always loved the look of mallard ducks, but never knew we got them up here! Aparrently we do! 😎

Also ran out to the lakes Saturday, 


spring has the ice pretty thin in places, I think ice fishing season has ended for me… 😐  Need to get a boat, so I can get out there this summer too!

Little side pond I found while out looking around by Tanana Lakes.


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Action plate added to Model 25

As far as I can tell, this problem wasn’t a error in my build, its a flaw in the original action design… With not enough cartridges in the magazine to have positive spring pressure on them, there is no pressure on the cartridge stop, and it swings free.. if it swings far enough, like if the gun is turned on its left side, the tail swings out too far and lets the inner end drop too far in its channel, preventing the action bar from sliding. And jamming the action.  

So with 2 rounds or less in the gun,(one chambered, one in the mag) or any time there is just one round or less in the mag there is no spring pressure on the stop, and it swings free…  Fully loaded its fine and can’t jam up.  But if your not holding the gun just right, the last round won’t cycle to chamber…

Its easy to fix when it happens, just turn the gun right side down so the stop gravity drops into place, or reach up and press it in with my trigger finger(easy since I shoot left handed, would be a pain for righties). Easy to fix, but it’d get old reeeeaaaallly fast if you were emptying the gun FAST eother for fun shooting, or at a threat…  Although it would tell you instantly your down to one round… but it’d still be a P!TA IMO.

So, I drilled and tapped a couple holes, and added an over travel stop plate over the cartridge stop tail to prevent it from swinging past flush on the receiver, and jamming the action. Now it cant jam and prevent the last round from cycling/chambering.

Brass because its easy to work with and generally looks nice 😉

Need to get a couple different screws eventually that have a lower profile head… but these work fine.

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Vintage 1926 Remington Model 25 adds.


Thought this was interesting, adds for the M25 from ’26, three years after they came out in ’23. That 25R carbine looks awfully familiar 😉




Rem-25-1926 Advertisement-1


Rem-25-1926 Advertisement-2





Second-Rem-25-1926 Advertisement-4


Second-Rem-25-1926 Advertisement-1



Second-Rem-25-1926 Advertisement-2



Second-Rem-25-1926 Advertisement-3







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A Vintage Trio

My three oldest knives.

Dug these out while I was thinking about getting a vintage 1930s knife to pair up with that Remington Model 25 rifle. 

The youngest, Robeson jack knife made between 1940 and 1964. Pretty rough, and well used, but still servicable.  50 almost 51 years old at the youngest..  Its pretty rough, but still verry useable too.



The middle in age, a 2 blade serpentine jack, marked “STA-SHARP”, a premium Sears brand made on contract by Camillus between 1924 and 1941.  Of the three this one is in the best shape, I got it in “new” Unused, mint, pristine condition on 2008! Its been used a bit since then.  At the youngest it is 73, almost 74 years old.



Then while looking at those, and browsing vintage Remington knives from the time perriod of the rifle(figured that would be fitting, a Rem knife with a Rem rifle 😉 ) I suddenly remembered this one that I got a few years back; The oldest of the three, a Remington R663 “Large Sleeveboard” jack. The tang stamp on this one was used from 1924 to 1933, but the pattern itself wasn’t verry popular and was discontinued in the early 20s.. About 1925 is the newest this knife can be.  So its 90 to 91 years old right now.



Family photos;








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Model 25, 25-20 Part… what are we up to, 9 total?

Blued and 99% finished!




 Just need to mount a simple but plate(need to scrounge some brass plate wide enough for it first), and some sling swivels, and she’s done!

This is about 4 applications of the blueing, as per the directions, with propper cleaning and de-greasing before and after each coating. It took a LOT better than the last time I put this stuff on a gun barrel.

  It took, and was getting darker with each application, but I honestly got tired of the process and stopped.  Wasn’t sure of the darkness I left at first, but it actually “cured” some over night and got a little bluer, and I really like it.

I’m really liking the mottled almost case hardened look to the receiver!

Its a nice less than clean look for a vintage gun. Hides the old  pitting from rust in the metal pretty good too.  From more than a foot away its fantastic, its just up close or in certain light that it looks really grey, it really is a mottled blue tint in most light.

This first pic is a 95% true representation of how it really looks at first glance; blue and dark, but mottled.

















The barrel finish, I’m not so sure of, but it grows on you. I MIGHT put another coat or two on the barrel. Might not too. 😉  The barrel is decidedly greyer than the receiver, but like the receiver, from more than a foot away its fantastic, its just up close or in certain light(like a camera flash) that the grey stands out so much.  








I did it in parts, and hadn’t done the trigger guard/tang piece yet, so I went ahead and assembled it as is, and I really like the contrast! SO its staying “in the white”, and will just get a protective coating of wax/oil to stem off any rust.   The action bar where the loading gate is was the same way, hadn’t gotten to it yet… Not sure if I’ll try to blue it. Its OK as far as contrasting looks go, and it is a high wear area anyway with the loading gate on the front, and the cartridge stop ridding on the back, I have a feeling most of this type of blueing will wear off of it pretty fast anyway.


The stock came out great too, up to 10ish coats of True Oil… Its sealed real well, and just starting a slightly gloss sheen but still pretty matte. I like it. Its sealed and protected, but not glassy and has a good vintage look. Fits the gun nice.(even on a brand new rifle I wouldn’t really want glassy full gloss anyway!)




I’ll be putting a couple coats of a good wax finish on it to harden it up a tad for further weather protection, and call it good.

Now all I gotta do is get some range time!

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Scope mount for the 25-20?

Was fooling around a couple weeks ago with parts I have here, and realized that the scope rail off of my Browning SA-22 will fit on the Model 25. 




If I cut a dovetail at the right height in the bottom of the rail to match up to the one in the barrel, mounting can be as simple as driving a dovetail blank through both of them. And if I miss all of the holes in the rail, it will still be useable for the SA-22! 

Not sure I really want a scope on this rifle, but at least I have the option available.



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