Porter Cable 18V to 20V battery adaptor.

Been about a month ago, I’m trying to get caught up on stuff I haven’t had time or energy to post.

Got an adaptor to run my lithium 20v max Porter Cable batteries on my 18v (lithium, not the older NiCad ) PC tools.



All assembled with a 2Ah battery and its not any(or much) bulkier than the original 18v 6 Ah.


This was my test to see if it works, and how the quality was…

The tools work flawlessly, no issues I could see in a 10 minute test anyway.

I do actually still have 4 working 18v batteries for these tools, 2 in 6Ah and 2 in 2Ah. Not bad after a decade of use.. But they’re getting tired, don’t hold up as long anymore. I could have them rebuilt rather cheaply, but I wanted to try this, its simpler and easier(probably still cheaper). This thing was $21. Its nice cast/molded plastic, well made.(I expected 3D printed to be honest… surprised me its not!) This one is actually a 3 in one, takes Stanley, Black+Decker, and Porter Cable 20v batteries. (all of which interchange on PC 20v tools anyway, or nearly so with small mods IIRC.)

Works so well, I’m going to go ahead, as I can, and get the ones needed to cross all, or almost all my tools. I’m running Kobalt and PC 20v for work, Kobalt and PC 18v in my garage, and Craftsman in my home wood shop… And they get interchanged a bit too. I have more Craftsman 20V batteries than any other, but Kobalt batteries are the cheapest to buy, so I’ll get those crossed to my PC and Craftstman tools.. Or maybe just get what I need to use Kobalt batteries on everything if needed, then only buy the Kobalt batteries unless the Craftsman are on sale(both Porter Cable lines are no longer made/available anywhere). Ill figure it out.. lol.

Got the sucker here BTW, for anyone interested.

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2 thoughts on “Porter Cable 18V to 20V battery adaptor.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    That’s pretty useful! I wonder if they make similar for Dewalt….

    • They do indeed! These days you can adapt just about any battery, to any battery! 99% of current(last decade or two) battery systems are 18 to 20 volts, some even say 24v, but they all run a stack of 18650 cells in the battery packs. Verry few have circuit control modifying current, and the battery count is all the same. If anything *usually* its the tool that has voltage protection circuitry. They all run at about 18V. 20V, and 24V is usually marketing… if it comes off the charger at 24v, it can be sold as that. But they’re only running 24v for about a minute, then you get the nominal voltage of the cells, 18 to 19. Thats why a lot of the have “max” after the number; it marketing and legal-eze naming…

      Also of note is the way the packs are assembled/wired, usually its just one 18650 that dies, and kills the whole pack… adaptors are easy if you can’t get a new pack, or want to use cheaper brand packs. But if you have the skills, simply replacing the dead 18650(s) is even cheaper than adaptors. More upcoming posts on this topic. ;-D

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