A CEO @ Work.

CEO is definitely getting used at work. Its replaced the CRKT Minimalist as my work knife (minimalist was out anyway since my neck is screwy and any weight even that knife bugs it).


Been cutting sheetrock, spray foam (even when wet, thus the hard residue on the clip that will probably be there forever), vapor barier, fiberglass insulation. I use it as a poker, pointer, small chisel, and yes a super light duty pry tool..


Thats expanding spray foam residue and black death** among other things.


The tip 3/4″ or so needs sharpened now probably from scorring sheetrock, the rest is still laser sharp.

I think that’s why its getting so much use, its one handed and easy, and fast! But unlike most any other modern folder it is a thin narrow laser blade.

I’m realizing that thin narrow laser blades are a good sized factor, I think so anyway, in my use of trad. folders. And general distaste for modern knives. Just didnt really know it cause I’d never had that kind of blade in a modern folder till now.

Closet I’ve ever had before this was my Ontario RAT, it was thin light and sharp, but still a relatively wide blade. It got this kind of use working for a while, but then I got away from locking one hand knives again.

My Kershaw Cryos’ always go this kind of rough use, and by no means were they a sharpened crow bar, but they were compared to this!

Anyway, I find it interesting and surprising how much im using this thing.

On the flip side too, because I haven’t worried, ok maybe once, when i knew I was being stupid, about breaking this blade…

(**curtainwall/ acoustical, amd vapor barier sealant… has that nickname because it NEVER sets up/ stops being sticky, and is a bitch to get off of anything.. like your hands. Acetone will take it off easy… gasoline would too. But they’re not real good for the hands ;) I actually found that you can scrub small spots off your hands with sanitizer gel and a paper towel… but it takes a Lot of sanitizer to do it… ). I’m actually not sure thoygh why it has that rep, and spray expanding foam doesn’t. Black death is 10x easier to get off than the residue from that foam is!! I know. I’ve managed to get both all over me a few times on this job.. lol.

I got the specks of foam inside the lock bar on the knife once… grabbed a towel and pick and got that out FAST or this thing would never close again without a solvent bath (and I’m not sure even acetone will take that off!). And im not looking forward to evervtaking this knife apart… I’ll never get the perfect action back I’m sure! )

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One thought on “A CEO @ Work.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Running it through the ringer for sure on this job!

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