Adventure Hanx, 1.0.

Something new this week, a new hank;

But I didn’t exactly buy it.

This is version 1.0 of the Ak-Adventure hank. 😀

I’ve had the quarters of material for a couple years(like, 3 or 4), about 6 prints on 100% cotton, that I got to do my own hanks. Just never get around to it.

Took them with me last weekend for a house/dog sitting gig I did for some friends for 4 days. Figured if the dogs would quiet down (Ha!) one evening, I’d sit down and hand sew some hanks.

Didn’t work.

So, having some time to kill last evening, I sat down and did one. A little fiddly at first, but I’ve been doing more and more sewing of light leathers, and compared to that fabric is dead easy. Took about 45 min. start to finish. Not fast, but not bad. Its actually fun and really, really relaxing.

Sewed face to face, left about 1″ unsewn, and turned it… should have taken a pic of that process! Feeding a double layer of 11″ square through a 1″ open seam is…. entertaining… 😉

Where I closed that 1″ seam isn’t perfect, but it worked ok. It’ll get better. 🙂

Turned corners came out great;

Its the same size, more or less as the PhoenixHanx I have, @ 10.5″ Sq. I ended up at 10″ Sq. Hers are the size I’m used to, folded half, then thirds is the way I carry, so I wanted to mirror them for that same carry.

This would be easier and faster if I could ever get my Moms’ sewing machine moved and set up where I can use it, but then again even those things have a learning curve. And as I said, this is relaxing. So I think I’ll stick with doing them by hand for a bit. 🙂

Thinking about what I want for a true AK Adventure hank. Like maybe a micro fibre towel(think msr or seat to summit camping towels) on one side, and arctic fleece or heavy flannel on the other…

Super absorbent, soft and warm, cushy.

or fleece and denim. Soft for face etc, rougher side for greasy hands (old jeans make great shop rags, takes some texture to get grease off sometimes. )

Also like the idea of an XL version, like bandanna instead of hank sized, terry cloth towel on one side and the micro fibre camping towel on the other, a perfect Hitchhiker’s guide hank;Do you know where your towel is? 😉

(If you don’t get that reference, Google The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the books, not the movie, and towels. 😀 Fantastic books, well worth the read, in my opinion, if you like classic, contemporary sci-fi. )

The Hitchhiker’s towel, snd tgevapplied concept, is a lot of how I apply carrying a hank. After all, it is basically a mini towel.

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