A fleece for spring.

*Note; This was supposed to post in mid March…

At Christmas a buddys kids got me a $25 gift card to Sportsmans Warehouse. Took till mid Feb for me to have time to go browse.

Would you tou believe I walked around for an hour and a half before I found anything I wanted enough to get for $25 off?
Must be slipping if the ole adventurer can’t find anything to get in an outdoors store! Lol
My buddy later joked that its because i already own everything… ha.
I finally settled on a new fleece jacket. Can NEVER have too many jackets. And arctic fleece is a gift from God. I have several vests, my winter work pants are lined in it, etc.
I even have one jacket in it that I got on a closeout at Cabelas a couple years ago. But its white/cream colored. Its warm, and fits great, but the color meant it got relegated to basically Sundays only wear. And I do wear it a LOT. It’s a dire emergency if I do any, let alone dirty and messy, work on a Sunday… Otherwise I knew it’d be stained up Fast.
The ones they had at Sportsmans are made by Columbia, and as I recall they came in a heathery khaki, and a deep grey. I went with the grey. Figured it could be lightly worked in, and wouldnt show the average, odd oil spot or dirt smudge once in a while, for a long time.
But all that aside, I ended up with it for two amazing reasons. It was on clearance, being marked down once from $65 to $35. Then again to $29. So with the gift card, I paid $4 for it!
The second, is that they actually had it in 3xl, and it fit me. Just a bit snug across the shoulders, and belly, but I figured I’m losing belly girth in spring anyway and the shoulders would stretch. (Both have happened! )
Now, I’ve never had anything from Columbia for two reasons. One, all I’d ever seen was really expensive. And two, it never came bigger than xl, maybe 2xl anyway.
Come to find out they do 3xl and 4xl, and also a line of Tall up to 3xl. Huh! Wish this one was the tall 3xl, its a touch short, but not bad, and that inproves as I lose more girth anyway.
Its been basically all I’ve worn since getting it, barring really cold days, or windy days I’ve grabbed something heavier. And Really messy work days, where I’ve avoided anything still “clean”.
The size offset from the Columbia 3xl to the 4xl of the Cabelas is actually fantastic, they nest and layer PERFECTLY. I actually did some pretty cold days (-20F) with that combo over a long sleeve shirt, or dress shirt and a T, and was almost too warm. Like I said, ya gotta love arctic fleece!

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