If reduced to three folding knives.

A challenge posted on a forum recently; If you were forcibly reduced, for whatever reason, to only having three of your folding knives, what would they be. And why.

These are mine. I picked based on the ones I’d want as my only three, but also to par that down, based on the ones I’d want if limited to just one knife. Made it easier to choose. Not easy at all, but easier. 😉;)

The peanut, my old and dear friend for 11 years now, and at times(some of them months, or years at a time) my only knife. The little knife that can, and does, do anything, always cutting above and beyond what you’d expect from knives twice it’s size.

The stockman, my favorite of the ones I have now, and a stockman has become my most carried and used pattern. This is a nice size, and would be well suited to be my only knife, if ever reduced to just one.

Both being my favorite traditional brand, Case, in my favorite production steel, TrueSharp(a 420 varient); it just plain works, and is easy to work with.

And last but not least, and this was a hard choice, my Kobalt folding razor knife. I wanted to call this one of my work tools, and not my EDC, to allow another favorite in the 3. ;)

But to be honest, it’s been carried and used a LOT when I have gone months without work.. And it deserves it’s place in the 3 otherwise. This sucker has taken anything I could throw at it, professionally and personally for 7 years now. It’s bomb proof, and I dare say construction proof, even Alaska proof!

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4 thoughts on “If reduced to three folding knives.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Would your choices change if it were based on a situation? Say, if you crashed in a bush plane out in the heart of Alaska, 300 miles from civilization, trekking back home?

    • Nope. Still be the same. Remember, it’s the last three folders I could ever have… Says nothing about fixed blades, saws or axes. 😉

      • AlaskaLinuxUser

        Oh, true! Good point!

        • To be a little more serious about your question though… What I carry daily is usually on average 90% identical to the red stockman. And what I leave the house with everyday is based on what I could live off of in any situation I’m likely to find myself in… So if I did end up 300 miles from anywhere with that stockman as my only knife, I wouldn’t be too unhappy. It wouldn’t be ideal, but it would work. And actually thats the exact knife I carried on last year’s hunting trip, and as far as we were up river, if anything happened to separate me from the boat, it would have been my only knife while about 75 to 100 or more miles from civilization, depending how I could travel.. )

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