Duck, duck, goose?

On the way up the river last Sunday(17th) heading out to moose camp, we kept flushing pairs of ducks on the river, that would fly ahead of us for a ways.

We finally stopped and got out the shotgun that was brought for just that.

A buddy dropped the duck, two shots at 40 or 50 feet from the boat, moving, behind it flying up river, broke both wings, but didn’t kill it.

Duck ended up under some overhanging weeds/grass along the bank… after 3 misses and 4 feed jams I put a round dead center through its neck @ 25 or 30 feet… Was aiming for its head, got its neck. Not fabulous, but pretty damn good I think for a hiding, moving, camouflaged duck, from a bobbing, drifting boat!! :D

Need to give that Ruger MKII a good cleaning again, and play with the mags… It’s been stove piping on fed rounds or just not closing on a round, or not stripping rounds from the mag, off and on for a while.

I *think* the problem is the mag springs are weakened from being loaded 24/7/365 for the last decade… Because, half the time when I clear it, the next round is down a space in the mag, not pushed up to top..

Dad had that .22 for probably close to 20 years, only ever for plinking. I’ve had it for 6 years, carried it for grouse while big game hunting two seasons, and have intended it for hiking carry for small game all year…

First time it’s ever been fired at game, and first kill for it.

Technically, that’s My fist kill of anything besides fish…

No pics of the duck, but here is the goose he winged a couple miles later. It dropped/died clean, no .22 required.


Not the exact spot, but a similar stretch of the river to where they were taken.


And both cooking, made a great first days camp dinner!! My first ever wild goose, and wild duck. Evenbetter when I got to help harvest the dinner!


Really was super tasty! Especially after the mishaps and adventure we had getting there… but that’s a story for another post. ;)

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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    That goose is cooked! 😉

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