Parts make the world spin…

Among other things that spin. I’ll just leave these here; 

Currently trying to find a new one that I can afford. Actually, afford to ship is more accurate. 

The pivot wear;


(Bonus points awarded if you can tell me what it is 😉😎😈 )

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3 thoughts on “Parts make the world spin…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Foot pedals?

    • BZZZZZT! Nope, I’m sorry, that is not the correct answer, but thank you for calling in!

    • Seriously, good guess, I can see that in the shape. But it’s only maybe 2″ long, about 3/8″ thick… the pivot hole fits a 6mm shaft. It’s a counterweight out of the ATVs clutch… Explanation/details coming in a couple days. 🙂

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