Higher Work?

Got really really tired of everything being too low to work on, even sitting down…

 I do have a hydraulic motorcycle/atv lift, but it goes under the frame only, isn’t really stable for this type of work. 

I’ve also done stuff with it on my wheel ramps before, about 9″ of lift, but that’s still a PITA at times. 

Thus, my redneck Alaskan ATV lift.

My two old truck boxes (one a Rubbermaid chest, I wasn’t sure if it would take it, but it seems to not care about the weight! ), some scrap 2×12, and voila 16″ of lift! 

Front box being wider turned out great, didn’t plan it, but it’s enough to straddle and sit on, or stand on if needed.

Should have took pics of the first try getting it up there… Used my wheel ramps and one turned over after the front wheels when up… Was awkward getting it off at an angle with no ramp under one side. Lol. 

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2 thoughts on “Higher Work?

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Yeah, that would have made an interesting picture! 😀
    Nice setup! Probably helps not having to practically lay down to work on everything.

    • Thanks!

      Laying down might not have been as bad…

      It was more of a ungangly mix of a hunch, a crouch and a squat; Neck, back and knee killer anytime its done for more than 15 seconds! 😉

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