Mud anyone? 

So, for the record, Yes, I do ride the thing, not just build stuff on it! 😉😎👍
Had to go out and test the new mud flap, and make up for my Saturday(had planned a day of riding,  but ended up going to help some friends with a few things instead).

The new rear mud flap works great, just as well as the stock one on the other side, which really is pretty good!

On the other hand, the front tires throw a LOT up past the sides of the fenders. Especially at full bore in deep muck! Front fenders need fender flares, or mud flap extensions… something.  

But, had a lot of fun, even if it was Messy! 😉

really amazes me what this thing Will go through!  Most reviews from when these wheelers came out have them as underpowered for their size/weight. 

But I’ve found it to have a LOT of power! Specs compared it has more bottom end power than the old Bayou 300s, and 400s, and those would crawl through almost anything as long as you had ground clearance to do it… This one’s the same, I’ve yet to completely bog the wheels down to where they won’t turn!

This was after the first big mud hole I found that I couldn’t get through.. Couldn’t go through it forward, got high centered, then couldn’t back out. Had to rock it and crank the steering around a lot to get traction for a slow 4′ backwards before it wouldnt go any more.

 Still had great traction foreward, did that routine 3 times, before I drove it up over the ruts sideways, with a 4 point turn across the ruts, and back out the way I came.. So I wasn’t ever really “stuck” . 

Guess I should have zipped that revolver all the way in… 

stopped to see a friend close by for a while, then I tried that hole again on the way home… Straddled the ruts this time and powered right through. 

This is about 1/4 mile firther down that trail. REALLY stuck this time, high centered and deeper ruts so I couldnt rock it enough to grab traction and pull out.

What I’d just been through… 

For the most part burried, just barely over the floor boards, 3/4? Way up the tires. 

After I finally let the wheel spin stop, I almost couldn’t get them to turn again! Stuff was thick and gloppy, had great suction to it. BUT I did say almost! Motor is torquey! (The front locker doesn’t hurt! 😉 )

After I winched it out. 

And you thought the front of it was muddy in the pics up top from the first spot! Ha! 

Made the 3 hours I spent earlier in the day re-wiring the winches with new contactors, a new switch, really routing wires etc. All worth it!! 😉😆😎👍👌👌 (more on the wiring job later!)
It’s actually funny, I’ve had the front winch on it over a year, year and a half, and I’ve never used it. Get the rear one on less than a month ago, and I already had use of it. 😆

Of course, if it wasn’t for having just fixed both winches, and knowing I had them to get me out, I’d have never been on that trail trying my luck at those boggy areas. 🙂



I’ll have to go try that spot again sometime soon, when it isn’t late(was 930ish pm) and raining… When I can try it a few times in a row. 

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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Now that’s what I call mud! Fun!

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