ATV rear rack multi mount system.

Have a few items I want to be able to mount off the rear rack. So, I came up with a twin square channel receiver setup. 

Arctic Cat has something like this stock, a small square tube receiver setup on their racks, that takes modular accessories. I don’t know how similar mine is, I’ve never seen the AC system(can’t find any decent pics online), just read about it after I started.

I was going to mount these on top of the rack for one item to attach to,  then realized I could make a modular mount. 

 1.25″ steel tube. 

Then read about the Arctic Cat system and found out its below the rack… Well duh! That way you don’t lose use of the flat rack! Would not add lumps under my bags either. 


Ran out of bolts long enough, a lone chunk of all-thread in my hardware bins saved the day.

Mounted, two u-bolts, and a center mounted bolt on one end.  That bolt is 4″ up from the end, a compromise on Mount strength, and giving room for inserts. 

A piece of the 1″ square steel tube that slip fits inside.

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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Great idea!

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