Trailer troubles.Β 

Was taking my little 4×8 folding utility trailer to loan it to a friend… wheel bearing started making a little noise. 

Turns out it didn’t loosen up and get better after it starting sticking and dragging the tire… πŸ˜―πŸ˜•πŸ˜“ .

I figured the trailer had sat a while(1.5 years, was used one, had sat 8 before that) and was stiff, little rusty maybe, it’d loosen if I ran it slow for a ways, then I’d grease it at the end. It did loosen. When the bearing ate itself and went out. Oops. .

Stopped part way to check it since it hadn’t stuck for a ways.. Wheel wobble was terrible, jacked it up and the wheel w/ the hub slid right off, and the roller bearings fell out. 


God’s grace alone that it didn’t come off going down the road! Thank You Lord! .

I feel like an idiot, but it could have loosened and been fine, so I shouldn’t feel dumb on making a choice, 50/50 odds I figure.. 

Just not the outcome I needed. Lol. .

Do feel dumb that I never ever thought to grease those bearings till they went out… that Was dumb! πŸ˜’πŸ˜© .

So now it’s sitting at a friends place while I figure out how to change the bearings, and where to get them. 

Worst part is that I was taking it to loan to another friend… not urgent, and he’s not in a bind for it, but… yeah. .

Ain’t life grand? Lol.

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