First good snow of the season! 

My drive home Friday. Fun.😒 (actually it is in a way…;) ) 

Wed. Through Sat. We had a bit of a blizzard at times, and generally just steady snowfall.

 Some places there is just about 4″of fresh. Some places I’d swear I saw close to a foot of fresh. Most places I’d say got about 7″, most of it from mid day Thursday to mid day Fri. 

I ain’t complaining!! We NEED it! It’s been a horrendously Dry fall and winter so far here. This is at least 2 months late. 

Heck, we have MAYBE a foot Total in most places. 

This video doesn’t exist

(Yes, a first for this blog, a video!)

Short section of the drive up our road. So maybe I was a bit off about driving home in the snow..;)😂😇 I really do love it though!! ❤👍❄❄⛄

Sounded like this evening someone else plowed this. Hope they did, I was going to have to wait to do it on Monday, but I didn’t really want to fool with it And my driveway/yard in one day. 😉 Either way though, yall should see plowing pictures Monday or Tuesday. 😎

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