Court house carry.

Had to drop off some paperwork at the local courts on Friday… I hate going placed with security checks.. 
Such a PITA to make sure your not carrying anything that won’t pass… And you feel like such a fool doing the “EDC Macarena” (90s flashback anyone? ); Which is the process of patting yourself down, checking every pocket 4 times over, for knives, guns, baseball bats, scissors,  or any tools… etc.  Ugh.  

Anyone that’s ever lost a pocket knife or lighter to TSA at the airport when you don’t have time to go back to your car, or Noone close by to hand it off to, knows what I’m talking about… Such a drag. 

You do realize if the let Everyone with a firearm into these places, they’d be safer than with no one with a firearm? 

Erg. Nope, not starting that rant Here. I start and I’ll go on for days. Neverending that sentence. 


I even left stuff I normally carry home, and didn’t wear my big coat, to avoid forgetting I had things on me.

 All of that, and I actually did forget I had my flashlight(it’s not pocketed, I belt loop clip it). Found it half way from the car to the door.. Given how cold and snowing it was, and I was so close, I figured what the heck, try it. 

Amazed me actually,  it went through fine. Amazing because at 370 lumens on high, and that’s not rare in good lights these days, even in broad daylight, at less than 15 or 20 feet, this sucker Will blind you. But I’m not argueing! 😉 😎

Here is what the rest of the days carry was, adding back my Victorinox multi, Case folder, and vintage 1985 slim Zippo.  

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One thought on “Court house carry.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    You got that right! They won’t let a water bottle through the TSA, let along metal objects….

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