This week’s EDC.


My edc for the past couple days. And this isn’t a “my knife only” post… this is a full pocket dump post. It’s all I’ve carried.  Victorinox Rambler, my favorite of the small 58mm swiss army knives. 

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2 thoughts on “This week’s EDC.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    “They call me the rambler, yeah the rambler. I roam from town to town…” Good song, great name for a knife, and what looks like a slow or uneventful week. Need those every now and then to recoup from the busy ones!

    • Wow, Weston knows an Edie Rabbit song! One of my favorites too. A song which thanks to him, I will now have stuck in my head for days, no doubt, lol.

      But yeah, slow days. Slow week. Heh, slow, rough month actually… Been either too tired, too sick, too stressed, or too cold (usually all four) to do much of anything for weeks… But it’s all good, it’ll all come back around to the better side again soon, I’m sure.

      Can’t complain! After all, I’m still on this side of the (snow &)grass. 😉

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