Meet Cloud Dancer

Been making a few cutters again lately, thought I’d show this one off before it leaves for its new home today.

AMW Utility EDC Model #1. 
Making several more of these soon I think, turned out the be a great size/grip, I’m having a hard time parting with it!

It’s an older blade I ground but never finished something like ~10 years ago. 3/32″ 1095. Swirly blue and white acrylic, thus the name. The translucency and chatoyance in this stuff is great! Has depth that sparkles and shifts as you move it… Wish I had a lot more of it! 

First handle I’ve fit for a while, little rusty but it’s coming back! Not my best handle job, nor blade finish, this one deff fits the rustic user category ;)

My best kydex job Ever! Suckered is easy to draw, but Really clicks in hard and loud. Might try to post my video of that soon… maybe.




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One thought on “Meet Cloud Dancer

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    That looks great!

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