New sight for my Remington Model 25

Got a great deal on a couple NOS(New Old Stock) Williams 5D rear peep rifle sights. This project is the adapting of one of them to a rifle it wasn’t designed for. 
The sight I got is a #141, made for a Remington 14 or 141, which are basically, 99% the same exact receiver shape as the Model 25, just a tad bigger.

The rights top piece has a curve under it to fit the top and back of the receivers, the side mount plate a clearance cut out to clear the swell on the grip frame behind the receiver.. And all of it fits the 25 almost flawlessly.

I just had to pick an exact position, figuring for receiver clearance at lowest setting(wanted it to Not sit on top of it at the lowest setting for protection from excessive recoil vibration(never mind the thing being bolted to the receiver lol) ) I also set it so that just off the lowest setting was in line with where I had the buck horn set… Which was dead on at 15 to 20 yards, probably my minimum/standard range or close to it.. I also made sure to get it level with the receiver top to get the aperture vertical so I don’t look through it at an angle.

Pick spot, Having a spare receiver for fitting things sure is handy!

Scribe guide lines on the gun,

Sharpen my blunted center punch(boy howdy that lathe is handy!)

Punch hole(little off center but who cares when you making up where it goes, as you go to begin with 😉 )

Couldn’t find exactly the right drill, so I went a touch bigger, and did a test on some 1095 bar I have.

Perfect! (Hole is only .007″ bigger)

To get the second hole in the right place, I drilled lightly through the sight base hole, at full screw hole dia, then used that divot to center the right drill. I still missed by a few thou, but the play in hole size and screw diameters on the mount made it fine… 😀

Anyway, it’s on there and looks great, if I do say so myself! 


( man that pic was a total PITA to take! Your eye will automatically center the post in the sight, but the camera won’t! Paaaaiiin to get it all aligned and the focus right, then not move it when you tap the screen to take it. Oi. Lol )
Just need to find time to get to the range and sight it in. Hopefully less than the year that went by the last time I wanted to shoot it!

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One thought on “New sight for my Remington Model 25

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Nice work! It looks great! Guess its time to head to the range….

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