Rafting gear casualty.

I’ll have several gear posts from this trip, and unfortunately this one is for damaged stuff…

BUT, amazingly,  only one item suffered on the trip!

Somehow after half way through day 3, Friday, I lost the rotating bezel marker ring out of my Citizen Eco-Drive Diver. :o:(

I had used the timer function of that ring mid day, as a friend started through some unseen rapids around a bend ( to track how long to wait before going after him if we didnt hear from him in a set time span) but since he radioed back well under that time span, I never had to check the timing…

And while I checked the time a lot for the rest of that day, I was so busy/active that I  didn’t notice when the ring disappeared… Just noticed it was gone when I bedded down for the night.

Just before I’d used it and knew it was there, we’d just hiked the 2nd half of the portage, a 1/4 mile of tight steep winding rocky gorge, where I made three trips through total…  I probably clicked it on some rocks, and if it was already loose from previous use/abuse (not like this watch has led a cushy life so far!) it’s understandable that it could be loosened more and come out later in the day.

You can see in The pic where it half laps the rotating bezel ring and the crystal. Thankfully it’s not All of what holds the crystal in! 😉  And thus I’m still wearing the watch, as is, Every day. 😆

The model is discontinued,  but I’ll still contact Citizen and see if I can buy one. If not, I’ll go to the lathe and see if I can make one. 😆

Jason, my old friend(who passed away last fall) who gave me the watch would be proud I think… I’m wearing it and using it just like he did, not babying it!  (Miss you my friend!)


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