New custom knife!


Got a new cutter! did a 10 year anniversary giveaway, and I won this Bill Akers backwoods custom knives custom! :o:o:D😎😍

No idea what the steel is, but the wood looks like stabilized boxelder burl. Gorgeous!!


Ive bee making knives off and on for about 12 years, and in that time I’ve held and owned some great pieces by some great makers… And I gotta say, this guy does some fiiinnnnee work!

This knife ranks up there pretty high in what I’ve seen for overall fit, finish, and design!  I think it’s gonna upstage the one I was making myself for woods and hunting carry this year! 😎

Ive had it almost a week, been wearing it for a few days. At first I wasn’t too fond of the bulk on this sheath, the way it’s made in two pieces, thick and wide for the screws.

But now I’m glad it’s made the way it is!

As it came, with the loop at the top most position, it stuck down pretty far when sitting, and jammed in my truck seat(among other chairs/seats), twisting my belt/side. I moved it up a notch, so it doesn’t stick down as far.


Got me a great balance, less binding on the bottom end, almost none in fact, but didn’t raise the handle far enough to jab/poke at my side like most high ride handles tend to. Bonus is with the handle exposed further above the belt loop, it’s easier to draw. Wins all around. ☺

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One thought on “New custom knife!

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    That is a nice knife!

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