A new Heart Hank!

Shanell at Heart Hanks had a great idea; denim backing!


I had this idea over two years ago when I was going to make my own hanks, but never got around to doing it.  Denim is extremely durable, pretty absorbent,  and still looks good worn and stained; perfect for the greasy,  grimey work I tend to do a lot of.

Thus, I jumped on this one when she posted it.  Blue denim back, with a simple, down to earth plaid from that just screams “working man”.

And, here it is with its brothers;


I’ve delegated different ones to different carry times since the beginning,  which lead to needing others… self enabling is great lol 😂

Had the purple paisley for dressy carry, and the leaves for everyday.

But then didn’t want to get grease etc from working on it, so I got the dark one(always want to call it vampire because of the dark grey pattern with the shaded blood red back) cause grease stains etc wouldn’t show on it…

But it’s so dang classy, it’s become my dressy day carry, and the purple for everyday…

BUT, again, I still don’t want to dark stain that one and the leaves one…

SO, now with the plaid and denim, it’s for work days since denim wears stains so well, the purple and leaves for general edc, and the vampire for dressy days. 

Should be golden for a while… Practically anyway… Any fancy or cool patterns she uses though, and all bets are off! 😉

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One thought on “A new Heart Hank!

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Should be golden…. Until she makes another style! 😉

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