Always amazes me…

For someone who is predominantly left handed

(although naturally ambidextrous for almost everything, I still prefer to do things left handed… Even if I’m better at it right handed… figure that one out! ;))

I sure gouge the hell out of my right arm a lot! :?😒😩😝 😂😂

It’s amazing the places you can fit your hands, that your hands don’t fit into, when running automotive wiring! ;)😂😒


I mean, I’ve got small hands and forearms, but I know some guys that have big meaty gorilla hands, that do automotive tech, and electronics tech for a living… don’t know how they manage not to get shredded!  

There must be like a month of “how not to look like you got in a fight with a barbed wire fence while working” type training when you go into those fields!  ;)😂

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