4/28/16 and 4/29/16 EDCs.

Yesterday’s EDC pocket dump from around town running errands. (Mostly buying hardware for the next step in ATV winch installation. 😆 )


And this was Thursdays’ carry for my ATV wiring adventure ☺;


And, the item that got the most use all day;  Eagletac Ti lights Rock! Anyway, this one does!

(Can someone tell me; does this next line show up as smilies? ? )


The Case cutlery mini trapper and the Victorinox Spirit got a lot of use too, but not near what the flashlight did!

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One thought on “4/28/16 and 4/29/16 EDCs.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Yes, it does show as smiles on my phone.

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