Possibly the next hatchet project.

Another hatchet I’m looking at cutting down… this one is a no name hardware store special I got for about $15, probably 7 or 8 years ago…


Took a LOT of thinning the bit to get good bevels and edges, was my first axe I ever reworked.. Works great, it’s great steel, and wonder of wonders, the handle has proper grain orientation! 

But I always thought this head was really too heavy for this handle size. It either needs some lightening in the head or a handle 6″ or 8″ longer.  Thinking about re cutting the head.

Problem is, what I really want to do will modify the eye area, meaning ruin the handle, especially since it’s epoxy bedded- be a real PITA to remove it intact.. :?😯

And at that point, it makes me wonder if I should just scrap the handle, leave the head as is, and just hang it on a longer handle. 😒😓:?

I dunno. ☺  We shall see after the little ‘hawk is done, I guess.

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