MacGyver would be proud!

Redneck, macgyver, improvisation…  Got tired of my right boot being Covered in 2″ of mud after every ride, so I made a replacement for the missing mud flap between the rear fender and the right floorboard on the ‘wheeler. Out of an old GM floor mat. 😆 zipties Rule! 😎✌👊


Didn’t drill any holes in the fender or floorboard either, just the new flap, so it’s all original, IF I ever manage to get the stock part. 👍

#Usex my Queen cutlery edcforums moonglow stockman to make the mud flap. Sucker was tougher than it looked, almost 3/16″ thick, had to sorta saw it while push cutting. But mud and all, over a foot of cutting and the D2 steel blade was still razor sharp! 👍👍


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