EDC update and concepts from this last week.

Atving, hiking, bush bumming, and also round the homestead and town too, over the last several days.




Its very, very, VERY rare anymore for me to wear a gun when not in the woods.

But I get lax on carrying a gun in the woods in the winter with snowmobiling,  since the bears are sleeping, and the moose/wolves etc tend to hear you coming and avoid you… And it’s too much trouble to carry in the back woods for 2 legged vermin; they’re few and far between out there.

So sometimes in the spring it takes me a little bit to transition back to remembering to take a gun.

Little over a week ago I was out for a ATV ride, that took me through the edges of fairly remote wilderness that is just behind our ridge.  Ridding along looking into the valley on one side of the trail, I caught movement in my periferal vision on the other side of the trail: a large mass of brown in motion…

I naturally slowed down, and did a fast “about face” type look that way, but nothing was there, nor visible as far as I could see off the trail that way (quite a ways actually, but my experiences with game seeming to magically disappear into thin air; their ability to hide and blend in, tells me there still might have been something there). 

First thought I had was “damn! I’m not wearing a gun!!”    I should have been… large oversight on my part, especially considering I had planned to be in that area before leaving the house.. 😳 Whoops!

No idea what the big brown movement I saw was. From its size and color, it could have easily been a moose or grizzly bear. Or it could have just been the edges of my periferal vision blurring the brush too… Only God knows.

But at any rate, it was a good reminder for me to start going armed in the back country again.

So anyway, every day out since, even just around the neighborhood or out in the back woods, I’ve worn my Beretta Stampede in .45Colt.  It’s a little on the weaker side when it comes to brown bears/grizzlies,  but I don’t carry or use this gun much, and I felt like doing so for a while… I figure 6 holes of Any caliber in anything I encounter is still a world better than No holes.. ;)😆


After another one of those trips out mid week, I suddenly realized what else my carry was missing this week. When sylvanbowyer on Instagram liked(thanks!) the previous days edc post… All my woods time, atv or not, a trail to follow back out or not, I should have a compass on me! Thus, yesterday’s carry included my Trunord compass in the sweet case Slvanbowyer made for it. Even got used once when I was curious of my exact direction. 👍😎

Also discovered one evening that the face of the Trunord is GITD (glow in the dark )


(A comment to my buddy Weston; if I had a pic for every day, you would note, that other than adding the compass, my cary didn’t change for the week! 😆 )

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4 thoughts on “EDC update and concepts from this last week.

  1. Tammy

    Yeah, intrude in an animal’s habitat on your recreational ATV ride and then be prepared to blow a hole in it should it behave in a way God intended. Stay cool, “Adventurer”

    • Ince i was born on this plannet the same as any other animal, it’s also my natural habitat, and defending my life if attacked is also as God intended.

    • Since I was born on this planet the same as any other animal, it’s also my natural habitat, and defending my life if attacked is also as God intended.

  2. You can’t go wrong with a compass, as long as you know how to use it!

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