A little adventuring from the last week/weekend.

Last Thursday, 


About froze to death, the high winds we had taking the 65F to 70F in the  sun to probably 55F or even 40F… And with the wind from my moving, it was downright frigid in places.  But well worth it! 36 miles total round trip, around 3 hours, dry trails, mud trails, mud roads, even some time on pavement. Lowlands, and some high country,  ice, snow and water too.


Yes, it really was a bit muddy in places 😉

First half of Saturday,


Was spent with some great friends, shooting at a little back country gravel pit (read; private range 😆😎;)) Got to shoot my Remington  model 25 for the first time, after waiting 16 months since I rebuilt it; shoots great!

Also some plinking fun with my 1952 Marlin model39 , and got to shoot a friends 338winmag Ruger mark77 rifle… hard kicker, but not near as bad as I thought it’d be, even out of such a super light gun.  Was a 30 or 40 min. drive out through the Chatanika  river drainage too, a gorgeous area I don’t get to see very often.  Good times all around!!

Second half of Saturday;


geese ducks and swans, among two or three other species I didn’t recognize are “in” at a local bird migratory stop over/field.


Always loved the look of mallard ducks, but never knew we got them up here! Aparrently we do! 😎

Also ran out to the lakes Saturday, 


spring has the ice pretty thin in places, I think ice fishing season has ended for me… 😐  Need to get a boat, so I can get out there this summer too!

Little side pond I found while out looking around by Tanana Lakes.


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