Almost ten years, still going strong!

My trusty silver dollar holster from simply rugged holsters.


Little scuffed and worn, but still going strong!(10 years even this fall/Dec. At the latest- I bought the revolver that October, right after the AK PFD permanent fund dividends hit, ordering the holster custom made soon after, and I *think* I received it in Dec, just before Christmas,  or early Jan. ’07 just after the holiday rush. Something like that.)

When new you could invert it and shake the crap outa it, and not drop the gun… Now you only get one good shake, (partly my fault, from modifying the fit/molding by using it for my Ruger Security Six off and on for a few years; it was originally molded for the standard Colt SAA/Peacemaker shape). But straight gravity only, no shake, still won’t drop the gun from it!

Still fantastically secure with belt tension on it too, for either gun, the Ruger or the Beretta.  Originally ordered with the extra cross draw hole, so I could carry it left hand draw SOB(small of the back), but now it spends it’s time right side strong side pull, along the way i learned how un comfortable SOB of a full size gun can be…

It probably has at least a few hundred miles on it from hiking, snowmobiling, atving, hunting, and boating the Alaskan backcountry. and some time as city concealed carry too. 

I had it on 16 hours straight Saturday, and it was comfortable and secure all day, both concealed and carried open, in trucks, woods walking, and around town.

One day last summer I had it on for 10 miles of hiking, No trails, up some slopes you wouldn’t think mountain goats could climb,  across them, down them, woods, swamp, tundra… Creek crossings and ponds too.. It kept my Ruger 357 comfortably secure and in easy reach the whole hike.

Here she is concealed, the “pancake” profile hidding the gun well.


As you can see though, that shirt is a touch too short to conceal it 100%, so, by AK CCW laws, it was illegal worn that way. (AK carry laws require either 100% concealment,  or 100% “open” visible carry… ANYthing in between is out. So, I open carried for the time I was in town that day.  

It’s actually strange,
I’ve Never been 100% comfortable carrying a gun out of the woods/in towns etc… Was always self conscious and jumpy… it’s one reason I stopped carrying (for a few years in my early 20s I coNcealed carried almosy all the time), either concealed or not…

But, all day wearing it open Saturday I didn’t give it a second thought, and it didn’t bug me. I was conscious it was there yes, but not “self conscious” or nervous…  I never worried about comment on it, or about bothering anyone either. That’s odd for me and open carry.

(Honestly its not likely in this town to ever get negative feedback on a gun, even if I did care to wonder about it… So many people here are registered CCW permit holders it’s not even funny; iIt’s like 80% of the state population…

And the permit is Not required,  so ya gotta figure at least half of the other 20%  is like me, and carries without it.  I’ve actually noticed that open carry is getting rather common too- more than I used to see anyway. )

Amyway, just found it interesting, the change in my own mental reactions and comfort when wearing a gun in social situations/populated areas. Will I start carrying all the time again? I highly doubt it. It will probably stay a random “when I feel like it” thing.

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  1. 10+ years! That’s some great craftsmanship!

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