Little woods time.

Little bit of an atv, woods time lunch stop.  Not exactly backwoods like some of my rides, this is on the far corner of my property… kinda an  extended backyard camp.. 😉


Gotta get an number/badge for the wheeler; I’m seeing doing a LOT of day trips on it this year… Honestly probably more than I’ll be doing trips out on foot, or with the truck/camper. 😎


Details; Case cutlery hobo knife, Stanley Adventure cookset, GSI Cascadia mug (handle removed so it nests in the Stanley pot, thanks BCUSA!) Coleman stove, Ramen noodles, Beretta Stampede, Pumpkin spiced hot Apple cider and onion ciabati bread.

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One thought on “Little woods time.

  1. Looks tasty!

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