Rubber Boots Rule!


As a kid I always had these,  I can remember splashing about in them every spring… But after a certain point, I never had them.

Was probably after the age where I was expected to know how to Not walk in the slush/mud/water… 😉 

But, at some point when I started working outdoors, and ATVing, 4 wheeling, etc,  you’d think I would have remembered them, and gotten some, instead of always soaking regular boots in mud and muck… Nope!  In all my ATVing and other back country adventureing as a teen/young adult, I never had them… Nor any of the time since, working, hunting etc in the fall and spring! 

Amazes me now the things I’ve done without them! 😮 Also amazes me how much easier, and drier it is With them! ;)😅

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2 thoughts on “Rubber Boots Rule!

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Like pouring concrete. That’s another good time to wear them…..

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