New Gloves!

Needed new work gloves for a job a couple weeks ago. Since I was in an auto parts(O’Reilly) that I though carried Mechanix I was gonna grab a new pair for the summer… Nope, they don’t have Mechanix. But they had these from CLC .


Heavier leather, better fit, thicker padding, but still without the padded feel, heavier and stretchy cloth, longer cuffs, But Cheaper! Than Mechanix by about $5! 

They’ve worn well too, great grip, perfect fit, verry little stretch of the fit. Good durability too, so far.

I think I’ve just swapped brands of prefered gloves! 😎👍 I get about 2, sometimes 3 months from a pair of Mechanix,  will be interesting to see how long these last.

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One thought on “New Gloves!

  1. Nice gloves!

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